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My Little Wesker - Iamdanny0

After Wesker is defeated, he finds himself in a strange land. A strange land known as Equestria.

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Albert Wesker and the Search For Answers

Albert Wesker and the Search for Answers

Author’s Note: Sorry about the massive delay, people, university has kept me very busy I’m afraid. This chapter may seem a bit convoluted or pointless but it’s important to see Wesker’s thought process in action, he thinks very differently from myself and so I need to ‘get under his skin’ as much as I can. Sorry if that sounded a tad pretentious but hey, it’s your fault for encouraging me. :P

Nurse Redheart looked at Wesker’s startled features with a certain degree of confusion, “Did you not know? Those six ponies are quite famous around these parts, stopped Nightmare Moon when she returned last Summer Sun Celebration. They’re not really the type to brag though.” At Wesker’s sceptical counter-stare she relented, “Apart from Rainbow Dash.”
Wesker frowned as he considered the implications of this revelation; did that make his newly met acquaintances superhuman?

Superpony, Al...

Whatever, he was far too busy to contemplate semantics. What exactly was the source of their power? Was it simply the elements of harmony themselves? Could he harness that power for himself? Would he even be capable of utilising these elements? There was only one way to find out more, the very book he was holding. He was so enraptured by his musings that he hadn’t even noticed a slightly unnerved Nurse Redheart leaving the room. He drank in the knowledge contained within the pages of the tome; for the first time since his arrival in this bizarre land, Albert Wesker had a true purpose... he was certainly not going to allow it to elude his grasp.

A couple of hours or so later, Wesker had only a slight increase in his understanding of the Elements of Harmony but he had a potentially crucial puzzle piece in that he vaguely understood what Dark meant when she said she was created by ‘The Discord amongst ponies’. This Discord character was the physical representation of chaos, which would explain Dark’s vested interest in disrupting the harmony of Equestria. Apparently this Discord was defeated by the princesses Celestia and Luna both using the elements of Harmony in tandem to vanquish their foe and create a regime of peace in Equestria until Luna rebelled and was sealed in the moon, again by the fabled elements. It was abundantly clear to Wesker that whatever forms this mystical power took; its potential was incredibly high. Unfortunately, from what he could deduce, it seemed as though one had to represent the elements which comprised harmony itself: Loyalty, Honesty, Generosity, Laughter, Kindness and a mysterious sixth element which apparently only revealed itself once the other five were aligned.

It appears unlikely that one such as you would be worthy of controlling such power, Albert.

Wesker lowered the book with a sour expression on his face. If those were the components of one’s character needed to utilise them then the elements of harmony would no doubt remain beyond his reach for all eternity. He resented having such a tantalising promise of power ripped away by his inherent character. What was the point of bequeathing such a potent weapon to those who probably had no disposition towards using it? He would care to venture that the only time the elements were utilised were in the defeat of those who actually had a little ambition beyond banality, it angered him. What a waste of potential; nothing aggravated Wesker more than wasted potential.


Wesker rolled his eyes whilst examining his book, the reminder of that particular moment of insanity was certainly not appreciated.

Apparently, these elements had been used three times and this book only documented two of the occasions, making him realise that the occurrence which Fluttershy mentioned must have taken place fairly recently.

His confinement in this bland place took on a new level of irritation; he needed to ask his six newly met acquaintances about these elements of harmony as soon as he could. Wesker came to the logical conclusion that he should ask either Twilight Sparkle or Fluttershy first, the former would have the most complete and intelligent summary of what exactly occurred and the latter would be far less likely to react to any pressure he exerted in gleaning facets of the story that he was perhaps not meant to know. It was fairly simple for Wesker to ascertain which ponies corresponded to which elements, in particular the insufferable Rainbow Dash’s Loyalty, and Laughter, which needed no real rumination. He assumed that the meek yellow pegasus represented Kindness, the rough-and-tumble farm pony was indicative of Honesty and that the fashionista was the embodiment of Generosity. This left Miss Sparkle as the bearer of the mystery element, the most powerful and unknown of all six... That certainly aided him in deciding who to visit first.

Because you just want to know more, right Al?

A cruel smirk tickled the corners of Wesker’s mouth.

Right, Al??

It wasn’t unreasonable to say that the former S.T.A.R.S. captain simply wanted to know more, he merely wished to use that knowledge at a later date, for his own purposes; the prospect of having the power to rise above his ludicrous current position was tempting to say the least. Perhaps he had been brought to Equestria for a purpose, attaining these elements would certainly raise him to a position rivalling what he had hoped to achieve before his demise.

Ever heard of hubris, Al?

Wesker sneered; his death was not the result of poetic justice or ‘karma’, he had not perished because he had overreached his limits. His death was the simple result of carelessness and his own megalomania, a mistake he would not repeat. Furthermore, the power he could glean from the elements seemed infinitely more immaculate than what his ascension to would-be godhood promised; perhaps these elements were what made Celestia immortal? Perhaps that same attribute would be bestowed upon him once he obtained them for himself.

If you can, Albert. It seems it would be wise to develop your loyalty and honesty.

Very unlikely... there was a route around that issue, he was sure of it, this world was so bland and its denizens so inherently kind-hearted that he could easily run his machinations without fear of interruption, it would be effortless compared to the non-stop suspicion he faced whilst working at Umbrella. All his covert operations would be meaningless, however, unless he found out exactly what it was he needed to do to gain the power which lurked tantalisingly close and that in turn involved leaving this accursed hospital! He lowered his book once more, confident that he had gleaned all he could without further illumination from certain Ponyville citizens. He glanced up at the clock which ticked so slowly that Wesker almost interpreted it as insolent, did it not realise that he had vital things to do and important places to be? It was around half past eleven and his blood test results had still not returned, the only way he would deem that acceptable is if Rainbow had had some sort of accident and was being attended to in lieu of him. Sadly, it appeared the universe to oblivious to his continuing wishes for ill health on the pegasus’ part and so he scowled as he leaned back in his hospital bed before a thought struck him... what if his blood tests revealed that he was not meant to be in this land? What if some anomaly showed up and revealed him for what he was? Even the best case scenario would involve Nurse Redheart wanting to keep him around for further tests to try and ascertain what made him different from other ponies; he doubted that the truth would be taken well. Torches and pitchforks came to mind... he was an alien essentially.

How is that different to what you were before you died, Al?

That did nothing to assuage his fears, when someone found out his true nature before he came to Equestria they either dealt with it or he killed them, an option which was sadly lacking in this world... or was it?


Yes it was, he lacked the astronomical abilities he possessed before, he would probably get tired after he’d got into double figures of pony corpses. Weight of numbers had him undone.

Sheesh Al, I thought we’d gotten past this whole psychopath thing.

He preferred the term ‘ruthlessly efficient’ but society liked to hit the panic button and label things that didn’t conform to what it demanded. Regardless, he had a problem, these tests could curtail his time in Equestria or, at the very least, make it incredibly difficult. This was the reason that Wesker tensed violently as Nurse Redheart suddenly appeared in the doorway. She looked at the former S.T.A.R.S captain with a mixture of confusion and concern.

“Are you all right, Mr Wesker?”

Wesker cracked the joints in his neck, mildly embarrassed to have reacted so strongly, “Indeed, you merely startled me. I assume you have the results of my blood test?”

She nodded once, “Indeed I do, Mr Wesker.”

To be continued...

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