• Published 11th Mar 2012
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My Little Wesker - Iamdanny0

After Wesker is defeated, he finds himself in a strange land. A strange land known as Equestria.

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Albert Wesker, the Fashionista and the Flashback

Albert Wesker, the Fashionista and the Flashback

A clearly enamoured Spike opened the door to a pure white unicorn with an expertly coiffed purple mane, breezing past the purple dragon whilst levitating two books in front of her as her horn glowed with a otherworldly aura. Magic in action, Wesker thought, it wasn't quite as groundbreaking and spectacular as he'd anticipated but perhaps telekinesis was a basic, entry level spell.

"Twilight, I must thank you for these excellent..." She stopped and gave Wesker a cursory greeting before taking in his appearance, mild approval at his mane degenerating to disgust at the state of his hooves, "I'm so sorry to interrupt, I'll only be a second." Wesker gave a slight nod, managing to avoid outwardly conveying his irritation, and gestured idly towards Twilight. "As I was saying, thank you so much for these excellent books, they gave me some wonderful new dressmaking ideas."

As the two chatted away, Wesker considered the newly arrived unicorn; a dressmaker? Wesker didn't really know how to feel about that, it seemed like such a frivolous waste of effort but then again, it was a living. Still, he had to question the provenance of such a business when not many ponies seemed to wear clothes. Another factor that instantly did not endear her to him was the fact that she reminded him wholeheartedly of the trophy wives exclusive to the higher ranking members of Umbrella and Tricell, wittering on to him about their latest handbag purchase and their borderline inbred, brattish children whilst he resisted the urge to unload his handgun into their face. Obviously he might have been acting unfairly, as he'd formed this judgement within around ten seconds but his instincts were seldom wrong.

After Twilight and Rarity had discussed the various beneficial points extolled in the returned texts, a subject which clearly intrigued Rarity far more than Twilight, the white unicorn allowed them to drop onto a side table, where they were allowed to rest for mere seconds before a flourishing Spike whisked them away and set off to return them to their rightful place.

With this, Rarity turned her attention back to Wesker, "Again, I'm terribly sorry about that. My name is Rarity; it is a pleasure to meet you, Mr...?"

For some pathetic reason, Wesker felt the urge to correct her with 'Dr' but managed to resist undertaking the passive aggressive swipe, mainly due to the fact that his doctorate meant very little when he was an equine, "Wesker, Albert Wesker." Time to see how correct his first impression was, "The pleasure is all mine, Lady Rarity." He heard the little dragon hiss almost imperceptibly but his attention was focused solely on the snow white unicorn and awaiting her reaction. Rather than preen and act as though this 'chivalry' was her god-given right, Rarity blushed a little and smiled coyly at Wesker. That was a promising sign, perhaps she wasn't as stuck up and insufferable as Wesker had assumed; that or his stunning good looks had rendered her dumbstruck.

I would assume it was the former, Albert.

"It's so rare that one meets a true gentlecolt in and around Ponyville." Wesker's keen ears caught an indignant grunt from Spike and this caused the corners of his mouth to turn upwards very slightly, "May I ask where you've joined us from?" The blond pony's keen mind had already anticipated the likelihood of a question along these lines, which made it all the more infuriating he'd have to resort to an unimpressive lie.

It would've been much easier, had he been able to study the geography of this world, to tailor his answer to claim he was from a far away land. As it was, he settled for: "I'm afraid that when I awoke in one of Miss Applejack's fields, I had no prior memories. All I know for sure is that I'm certainly not from around here."

Understatement of the century there, Al...

"My word!" Rarity exclaimed, "No memory of your life previous to a few days ago? How horrid."

Wesker raised an eyebrow, "If it was so easy to lose then I have to assume that it wasn't worth holding onto." He remarked drily, earning a titter from Twilight and a confused look from Rarity. Indeed, it was remarkable how easily it felt like he had shed the skin of his previous life, he felt like a phoenix, reformed from the ashes of death.

Remember that one Albert, I daresay it will come in handy for another dramatic monologue when your sanity entirely slips away.

Rarity then made an 'oh' sound as a thought occurred to her, "I should let Pinkie Pie know that there is someone new in town, she does love to meet new ponies." Wesker's mildly alarmed look elevated in severity when she added, "She'll probably round up everyone in Ponyville for a big party to welcome you."

Wesker's world famous unruffled demeanour was in danger of slipping as he nervously ran a hoof through his mane, "That really won't be necess..."

"Oh, don't be so modest, you deserve a little get together, how else will you meet everypony?" gushed Rarity, cutting across the flustered ex-STARS captain, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Albert." "I'm sure Pinkie Pie will let you know when and where her little soiree will be, I'm just off to have a little chat with her now. Thank you again for the books, Twilight. Toodleoo," With that, she breezed effortlessly out of the library, humming a little tune to herself as she left.

The adoring gaze of a certain purple dragon accompanied her every step of the way until the door slammed shut; He then turned his attention to Wesker, disturbing infatuation still visible in his eyes, "Isn't she wonderful?"

Wesker shrugged and spoke whilst casting a sidelong glance at Twilight, "I prefer the intellectual type myself." He finished this statement with a devilish grin at Miss Sparkle, feeling validated when she blushed a magnificent shade of red; he was a terrible pony, he just loved doing that.

"Erm...I...you... We were talking about books on magic, weren't we?" She managed to stammer out, god help him but Wesker recognised the reclusive, socially awkward library types when he saw them and she reminded him handily of the one person he'd ever called 'friend', William Birkin, when he'd first met him as a 17 year old boy. Being assigned as Wesker's lab partner had made Will... a bit more boisterous, Wesker chalked it up to the discoveries they were making at Umbrella boosting Birkin's self esteem, as well as the influence of his childhood sweetheart, Annette. Will tended to think differently.

June 1978, U.S.A.

"It's because you're a total ass, Al."

Wesker's nose wrinkled, "Whilst you do take every opportunity to say that, can you explain how it links in to what we were talking about this time?

Birkin paused in mock thought, "Well, aside from the fact that you need to be told it as often as physically possible...?" Wesker rolled his eyes as his fellow scientist continued, "It's because you are goddamn terrifying." Wesker smirked and pushed his sunglasses up to the bridge of his nose, causing Birkin to have his turn of eye rolling, "You're a bully, Al, if I kept acting the victim like I did a year ago, it'd never have ended, that's why I've changed so much since you met me."

"I'm not a bully." Wesker muttered indignantly, "I'm sharp witted."

"Yes." Said Birkin, like he was talking to a very small child, "And you use that sharp wit to bully people." He looked around conspiratorially, "I'm the only person in the whole research centre that isn't terrified of you, well besides Marcus, obviously but he's too busy paying attention to my amazing work to be scared of you."

Wesker took a sip of the Umbrella cafeteria's coffee with a grimace, "Clearly holding onto your lunch money is not high on your list of priorities, is it Will?" This caused Birkin to break into uncontrollable laughter and the sight of Will in hysterics caused a genuine smile to spread across Wesker's face, a sight which other Umbrella employees had a betting pool on, as to whether or not it actually existed.

Once Birkin had calmed down and wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes, he spoke up, "Hey, if we can get funding for a project of our very own then we'll have breakfast, lunch and dinner money everyday for the rest of our lives!"

Wesker delicately arched an eyebrow, "Never thought you were just in it for the money, Will."

Birkin waved a dismissive hand at his blond friend, "That's just the means to an end, we can achieve things previously thought impossible to science. We can..."

Wesker sighed as his friend rambled on, he didn't need another William Birkin monologue on how he was going to do so much groundbreaking scientific research that the world would bow down to him but the younger man's enthusiasm and ambition had a powerfully tangible effect on Albert Wesker, a man previously content with just becoming a head researcher at Umbrella. He distinctly remembered saying a silent thanks to Birkin as he gained control of the entire Umbrella database in 2003 and he believed that Birkin's attitude, and eventually memory, was the driving force behind all his actions from 1978 onwards. Until he found out about Spencer's manipulations...

Present Day, Equestria

Dead. Will was long dead. It was unusual of Wesker to reminisce and look back on events with any form of regret, he always had the internal drive to shrug off the events of the past, but all of a sudden, it felt like his only friend had died all over again. With the unexpected reminiscing that had just taken place, Wesker realised that he hadn't caught any of the titles that Twilight Sparkle had picked out for him on magic.

"I apologise, Miss Sparkle, my mind was somewhere else entirely, could you repeat the titles of the books?"

Twilight nodded with a faint smile but as she opened her mouth to respond , she was cut off by a fantastic crash which caused Wesker to take a cautionary step back as a pink blur flew through the library's front door shouting, "HEY TWILIGHT!" Wesker eventually realised that the pink blur was in fact a pink pony with a bouffant, darker pink mane and balloons as her cutie mark.

"Hey!" Ah, the pink blur was addressing him, "Ally, Pally, Wally, are you ready to PARTY?"

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