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A Cozy Glow-hating brony is fooled by the nefarious filly herself into switching bodies, now he's the one locked in Tartarus while she's causing havoc in his world. Uh-oh. Also, nopony believes him... because he's Cozy Glow. Makes perfect sense.

Get ready for a wild, weird ride.

Featured from 9/11/18 to 12/11/18

Chapters (13)

Cover art courtesy of Taggerung

And yes that's Geralt in Equestria Girl style for infinite justice

Note: Familiarity with The Witcher series is probably not necessary for enjoyment of this fic. There are a lot of references to events from the books (Especially Sword of Destiny), but the important ones are explained anyway.

Geralt of Rivia had a complicated life on The Continent. Navigating difficult political situations, getting shorted by his clients, slaying monsters, and living as an outcast had made things challenging for the witcher.

But now, Geralt has found himself in a foreign land, with foreign customs and behavior. Seeking to do what he has always done – find witcher's work slaying monsters – Geralt is about to discover just how simple things can become. And how challenging the simplest of things can really be.

Friendship. I'm talking about friendship. It's simple, but it's challenging, get it? Don't overthink this. The comedy and random tags exist for a reason. Also, sex tag is for references to sex, not because of actual sex. Get your heads out of the gutter.

Chapters (11)

After an accident in his Grandmother's attic, Silver found himself stranded in a world unlike anything he had ever imagined. Finding himself trapped in this new place, he has no choice but to learn to adapt and grow. Wings, magic, and cities that float high among the clouds are only some of the adventures he'll be faced with on his journey. But wondrous sights and new friends will not replace his old ones. Will he find a way home, or will he be forced to live out the rest of his days with home as nothing but a fading memory.

Chapters (24)

The Life Aura Center is one of Equestria's top medical research centers, the producer of spells and medicines that have cured many once-fatal illnesses, and they continue to produce quality technology and cures. No one wants to think that they're doing anything unethical, but Celestia has her suspicions, so she sends Twilight to investigate.

One symbiotic pairing with an alien later, Twilight realizes Celestia was right to be suspicious. Now, working together with the strange creature inhabiting her body, Twilight will have to expose the center's shocking truth. And not get killed in the process. It's gonna be a wild ride.

Now with an audio reading by Mr. Snarky on YouTube! Please give him your support!
Part 1 Chapters 1-4
Part 2 Chapters 5-12
Part 3 Chapters 13-19
Part 4 Chapters 20-25

I also have a Discord! Rather quiet right now but feel free to join if you wanna talk fics or just ponies in general! Ask me for the link if you want in, I had to remove it because of too many spam bots.

Chapters (25)

After a human wakes up to find that he's changed species and gender, he/she ended up spending a decade as an adventurer and after gaining a reputation as a member of a well-known group of explorers traveling the world. They have decided upon their next destination... Equestria.

But what led this human turned Dragon to this point?

This is the story of Flare Blacksmith, dragoness, traveler, Explorer, and did we forget to mention that she has a strong resemblance to a certain baby dragon named Spike?

This story is heavily inspired by the longtime favorite of many, Ten Years Gone, by Some Other Guy.

This is a prequel to a upcoming rendition of ten years gone called Ten Years Redone

I fully admit that the initial concept is not mine, and that some chapters have similarities to the original. I would gladly contact the author of the original if not for the fact that he has completely disappeared, and hast not been on the site for quite some time.

Artwork is not mine, source is unknown, All credit goes to them and I would be more than happy to accept a more original variation.

(Mac349: Mythic Void: Boldish42: official editor's and proofreader's)

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Sunset's Crowning Achievement

The last time Twilight saw Starlight Glimmer, she threatened to kill Rainbow Dash when she was just a filly and ruin Twilight's life by going back in time. Only, when she failed to find Starlight in the past and returned home, Equestria wasn't a ruined wasteland, Ponyville was a lot bigger than she remembered, and all these new ponies in the castle were talking about some big pony they call Empress.

Chapters (5)

After the defeat of Pony of Shadows, Somnambula returned to her old village. She doesn't quite feel at home in this new world where she feels out of place and where almost nothing is familiar to her.

Turns out that the sphinx hasn't changed much either, and can really hold a grudge.

Chapters (1)

In a boundless multiverse there are equally many stories to tell. While planeswalkers across time and space compete in epic struggles for their own ideals, the ponies of Equestria have many tales of their own to share.

A series of short stories in the My Little Planeswalker multiverse, set between the events of Twilight’s Spark and Shattered Sunset.

Chapters (18)

This story is a sequel to My Little Planeswalker: Shattered Sunset

Upon returning to the human world, Sunset Shimmer finds Canterlot City twisted into a biomechanical hellscape, with all living things transformed into grotesque mockeries of their former selves. Led by the human Starlight Glimmer, the forces of Phyrexia loom omnipresent over all aspects of life.

Joining her six closest friends, Sunset is now faced with a seemingly impossible task. Can the magic of friendship find a cure for phyresis, or will the world be forever doomed to compleation?

Chapters (12)

I woke up wearing a vertically split red and purple suit.
My accent has changed into a thick Scottish one.
Things happen when I say stuff.
There's ponies outside my windows.
And to top it all off, I have the strangest desire for cheeses I've never heard of.

If you can't work out who I've basically become from this and the cover-art... I can't help you.
Well... I might be able to help you. But I won't.
Come back later and I might have changed my mind.

Rated Teen for humour and references relating to sex and gore.

This fic is proof read by my friend and fellow author Kaneki_Ken-Ryu
Please go check out his own work.

Chapters (2)
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