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My Little Wesker - Iamdanny0

After Wesker is defeated, he finds himself in a strange land. A strange land known as Equestria.

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Albert Wesker and the Unexpected Visitors

Albert Wesker and the Unexpected Visitors

Author’s note: Thanks to everyone who’s been reading, reviewing and commenting, you rock my world.

Wesker and Twilight exchanged amicable conversation for a few more minutes before Nurse Redheart shooed the lavender unicorn from the room and turned to the former human. “Okay Mr Wesker, I’m just going to examine your vitals in order to get an idea of your general health.”

Wesker removed his shades, placing them gently on his bedside cabinet and letting out an exaggerated sigh. He fixed his gaze on the pink-maned medical pony, “Is this really necessary? Don’t you think my condition would already have worsened had I been suffering from anything serious?”

The nurse matched Wesker’s stare, “In my line of work, I find it wise to assume nothing. You may feel fine but that’s no guarantee of well-being. Twilight told me you were highly intelligent, surely you know that I’m going to release you until I know that there’s no risk of you endangering yourself or others with any possible disease?”

Wesker slumped in the bed, “I knew, I just thought it was worth an attempt.”

Redheart rolled her eyes before retrieving a stethoscope from the pocket of her uniform, “Well, nice try Mr Wesker but you’ll be subjected to a full examination before I allow you to just walk out of here.”

Wesker bared his teeth faintly, “Subjected seems an appropriate choice of words.”

“Hush you and let me do my job.” The former scientist begrudgingly complied, wincing only slightly at the feel of cold metal on his bare chest area and watching blankly as Nurse Redheart counted the heartbeats. “Heart rate: Normal.” She then moved around the bed slightly and placed the amplification device at the top of Wesker’s back, parallel to his lungs, “breathe in please.” Wesker complied once more, eager to escape the dreary prison he was trapped in. “Breathing: normal, you have a very healthy set of lungs Mr Wesker.”

Wesker ran a hoof through his blond mane in mock relief, “Well Miss Redheart that certainly counteracts my theory that I am allergic to oxygen, thank goodness.”

Redheart narrowed her eyes, “Yet we have no idea whether you’re allergic to being bludgeoned by a stethoscope, shall we test that too to allay your fears?”

The blond earth pony raised his hooves placatingly, smirk firmly in place “Whilst I appreciate your concern, I believe I shall have to live the rest of my life without knowing whether or not I do.”

The pink maned earth pony smirked at Wesker in return, “Not if you keep antagonising medical personnel.” Wesker arched an eyebrow but remained silent, raising a wry smile from Nurse Redheart. “Can you cough please Mr Wesker?” Wesker made no attempt to hide his impatience but obeyed nonetheless as Redheart frowned in concentration, “It appears all your vitals check out.”

Wesker retrieved his shades from the bedside table and went to exit his prone position on the bed, “Fantastic, it’s been a pleasure Miss Redheart.”

The medical mare sighed and put a hoof on the blond pony’s chest, pushing him gently and firmly back onto the divan. “We’re not finished yet, Mr Wesker. I just need a blood sample then if the test results come back clear then you’re free to go, though it would be appreciated if you came back to see me tomorrow.”

Wesker angled his head to the side, “How could I resist, dear heart?”

Redheart gave a small smile whilst retrieving a needle from another cavity in her white coat, “You can’t charm your way out of this one, Mr Wesker.”

“A pity.” The removal of his blood via suction was relatively rapid and painless; once it was finished he shot an inquisitive look at the nurse, “When will the results come back?”

Nurse Redheart grazed an absent-minded hoof across her chin as she pondered the question, “Before noon, hopefully.”
Wesker froze. “Sometime in the next four hours then?” She nodded, “I have to spend four hours here?” She nodded again, a flicker of irritation passing across her features. He sighed wearily, “The wonders of modern medicine.”

She rolled her eyes again, “Just be grateful I used a needle to extract your blood.”

Ha, she zinged you Al, she zinged you good.

With that she bid Wesker farewell, reminding him that he could contact her should anything be amiss by pressing the red button on the right hand side of his bedpost and that he certainly shouldn’t try to escape. Once she had departed, Wesker picked up one of the books that Twilight had left: ‘Elements of Harmony: A Reference Guide’, hopefully this would while away the hours until his blood test came back clear and he could leave this awful place.

Yes, it’s clean and safe. How awful, Albert.

The blond former-human ignored Critical and settled down with the weighty tome:

Just then, a voice echoed from the hallway. One which Wesker recognised... “You say he was just in here, Nurse Redheart? My thanks.” Rarity materialised in the doorframe, shadowed by Fluttershy, “Darling, we heard what happened and decided to pop in and see if you were all right. We were worried sick, weren’t we Fluttershy?”

The yellow pegasus smiled timidly, “Yes.”

Wesker repressed the urge to sigh; he had never had visitors on the few previous occasions he had been in hospital, even his own parents hadn’t deemed him worthy of a visit when he’d nearly blinded himself. It seemed as though he should be grateful for the two mares checking upon his well-being, anxiety over his condition from others was not something he was accustomed to. “Well you needn’t concern yourselves; I am sufficiently healthy and merely need to wait for my blood test to confirm this.”

Rarity scrutinised Wesker closely as Fluttershy cringed lightly at the mention of blood, then the marshmallow coloured unicorn delivered her verdict, “You certainly look well enough, though I suppose it doesn’t hurt to be careful.”

Wesker nodded half-heartedly in agreement as Fluttershy was fretting over the minute pinprick on the blond pony’s front leg, “Ooh, they took your blood? Did they use a needle? Did it hurt? Are you okay? I hope you’re okay.”

Wesker glanced from the almost unperceivable blemish on his skin back to the shy mare’s concerned features, “I’ll survive, Miss Fluttershy... somehow.” He noticed the Fashionista still examining him and raised an eyebrow in her direction, “Can I help you with something, Miss Rarity?”

The unicorn gave a sheepish grin, “My apologies Albert but what exactly happened when you ran out of the party? Both myself and Fluttershy are all at sea over what went on.”

Wesker pushed his shades up to the bridge of his nose, “I’m not entirely sure Miss Rarity but without wanting to go too far into the intimate details, I deposited the contents of my stomach into the nearest foliage... Then I lost consciousness.” He cocked his head to the side in consideration as Rarity attempted valiantly to hide her disgust at the idea of vomiting, “I suppose the method of my arrival into Ponyville is unknown, perhaps I hit my head with considerable force and garnered concussion. It would certainly explain both the amnesia and the vomiting. I also assume the amount of sleep I recently achieved will have helped with the recovery process.” The former S.T.A.R.S. captain felt proud of himself for coming up with such a viable excuse so rapidly, his intellect was still as sharp as ever.

Shame your lies won’t achieve anything anymore, Albert.

Wesker frowned.

Short term goals, Al.

Short term goal: Don’t get run out of Ponyville by telling everyone about the shadow creature in your head. It seemed perfectly logical. Luckily, Rarity and Fluttershy both seemed receptive to his theory until the pure white mare frowned as a thought occurred to her, “Do you know why Rainbow ran out after you?”

Wesker carefully avoided a sneer at the mention of the multi-coloured pegasus’ name, “Miss Rainbow was merely checking that I was well.” The shy pegasus and the dressmaker shared a look, “Does that seem so improbable?”

“Well... it’s just that...” Fluttershy stumbled over her words as she attempted to remain diplomatic.

“The two of you didn’t appear to get along all that well.” Rarity finished for her, Fluttershy giving her meek agreement.

Wesker ran a hoof through his mane as he considered how best to phrase his reply, “We may have our differences of opinion during the course of the party.” He valiantly ignored the looks of disbelief he was getting from his present company, “And we may have had a... disagreement before I succumbed to whatever mystery condition I previously had but we had reached an accord.” He paused as he attempted to find a follow-up point, “She went to get help when I collapsed, did she not?” The fact that the pair of mares looked stunned at the idea that anypony would leave somepony, even somepony they disliked, to suffer suggested to Wesker that he was in a world far more innocent and peaceful than the one which he had loathed so much before his untimely and, in his opinion, tragic death.

Rarity looked beseechingly at Wesker “You didn’t actually think that Rainbow Dash would leave you in that state, did you Albert?”

Wesker remained impassive but internally cursed for even mentioning it, “Of course not, Miss Rarity, I was merely making a hypothetical point. How is Miss Rainbow?”

Fluttershy still looked ill at ease but Rarity seized upon the chance for ‘gossip’ with unnerving enthusiasm, leaning in towards a taken-aback Wesker “Well, she seemed glad that you were going to be okay when she found out. Though, if I were you Albert, I’d be careful.” All of Wesker’s finely tuned instincts were practically vibrating with tension as he waited for Rarity to continue, “Her and Pinkie have teamed up to prank the good people of Ponyville, I doubt even your recent illness will make you safe from them.”

The former human just about managed to avoid letting out a sigh of relief as he smirked, “I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for them, though I doubt Miss Rainbow would risk another prank on me.”

Rarity and Fluttershy giggled lightly as the latter went to speak out in agreement, only to be interrupted by the arrival of a medical pony whose presence was sudden and unannounced, “Right.” She began, “That’s half an hour, until we get Mr Wesker’s blood test results back then we have to minimize the chance of any disease passing to anypony else. “

Wesker bid his visitors as fond a farewell as his inherent personality allowed before hefting his book to eye level, Fluttershy turned as she walked from the room and clocked the title of the volume that the blond earth pony was indulging in, “Oh the elements of harmony, feel free to ask any of us about them anytime, we all represented a different one when we defeated Nightmare Moon.”

Wesker made a non-committal noise of confirmation and his two visitors departed the room. It was only 20 seconds later, once he’d read the basic description of the elements of harmony in the introduction that his brain gave him a rather sizeable nudge and he turned to the nurse:

“Wait, what did she just say?”

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