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"Forty-two," said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.


Albert Wesker magically survives his encounter with Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in Kijuju and finds himself in Equestria. Given the chance to begin a new life he'll have to decide, whether to continue his old ways or rather become a part of this society based on love and tolerance.

Resident Evil Crossover
Takes place after RE5 and Season 3
Will contain large amounts of gore
Thank you, PinkiePiePlease and Lord of Hentai for being my proofreaders/editors.
[Featured on 30.06.2014, 01.08.2014, 11.08.2014 and 26.09.14]

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Ooooh this going be gooooood!:rainbowwild:

Well it seems quite interesting that's for sure can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

It has a good beginning, I am interested to see where this story will go.
Hope to see more soon.

not sure if human tag fits as wesker isn't human........

4087881 Since there is no 'awesome' or 'amazing' tag I stick to 'human'. :derpytongue2:

Oh shit, the amount of views and likes your story is getting. Wouldn't be surprised if this gets featured. :pinkiehappy:

So, before I read this, was this story inspired by "My Little Wesker" or is it your own creation?

If either, I will still probably read it.

4088410 I did read 'My Little Wesker' a few months ago, but I wouldn't say it influenced my story. Since the setting will be completely different (he's not turned into a pony after all), I doubt if the two stories will share anything but the main character and the world of MLP itself.

K, that will turn out extremely different from "My Little Wesker," I'm looking forward to reading

Last time he checked he was deep in a Vulcan

If I remember correctly, it was a volcano, not a vulcan.

4088767 Thank you for making me aware of this mistake. I fixed it.

No prob, and sorry if I came off as rude in thar comment

looking good so far thank god you kept him human i was never able to get into My Little Wesker because he turned into a pony



I've been looking for another one of these besides My Little Wesker.


Wesker had been so foolish, his mind clouded by the effects of the Uroboros virus, that he didn’t realize how the two cretins, Chris and Sheva, tricked him into his defeat. His usual rational, calculating and calm self had been replaced by unhealthy, hot-burning fury. It was his greatest failure. His plan, his personal genesis - gone. It was his responsibility alone.

thank you, thank you SO MUCH for pointing that out.

What they made Wesker in RE5, a raging asshole with a god-complex, completely contradicts anything they established about him before RE5.

Wesker, he never got upset or angry. He was calm, cool, collected, calculating, constantly weighing variables and decisions, and he ALWAYS had a plan. Even if his first one failed.

You've redeemed Wesker for me my friend. I look forward to this, please continue.

This seems really promising! Well written too, I'm looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

Faved for "let's see where this goes" purposes.

4091184 Well, I'll do my best to avoid disappointing you, then. :pinkiehappy:

People who don't know who Albert Wesker is are going to have a bad time here.

4091259 That was expected, wasn't it? :derpytongue2:

are you going to follow through with this story or are you going to stop during the middle and make us wait months or weeks to just put another chapter.:twilightangry2:

4091919 Well, I don't know where this came from, but I plan to update regularly...:facehoof:

(Richtofen Mode) Ah, if it's nothing less than my best friend Albert Wesker! It's about time he got some credit since these damn fan fic writers won't let me reign Earth in peace. (Imaginationlord mode) Albert Wesker in Equestria? Cool. I'll give it a chance.

....Is it bad im hoping he demands an egg?

:rainbowderp: Oh, dis gon get ugly...

4097588 Proton Jon fan? :rainbowlaugh:

4097656 Im a canadian,A newfie,And a fan of his type of humour

Damn. Well I hope he doesn't go overboard and kill them... yet.

Wesker in trouble because of ponies, not likely

silly applejack you can't fight someone who can move so fast it looks like he's teleporting

Good story but I wish you'd make the chapters longer.


Wesker's reaction to seeing intelligent ponies seems a bit...tempered.

That's probably to be expected though, given that he's probably seen thousands of things that defy the laws of physics I suppose.

Good job. Seems like Wesker is actually just like himself in this.

4098441 You can fight that if they let you. Not to mention, if you have the element of suprise. Now, my knowledge of RE 5 is a bit rusty, but it never said his reflexes were increased in speed, so he has natural reflexes.

It was a tad to colorful, though...

In this case, the form of "to" you should use should be "too" other than that, I saw no mistakes.

Like the first, this is another great chapter, keep it up man/woman.

Laws of physics? No.
Laws of nature? By every definition of the term.

If you count dodging bullets at point blank natural, then yes.

4099820 Thank you for pointing this out. I fixed it. :twilightsheepish:
Oh, and I'm a dude.

This was either incredible advanced

"Incredible" should be "incredibly"

Once again a great chapter, can't wait to see Wesker's reaction to magic existing.

4105716 Thank you, once again. :pinkiehappy:
You don't know how hard it is to get everything 100% correct if you are a non-native English speaker.

I really hope Wesker goes to his usual evil ways and burns down Ponyville, the red river must flow!!!!! :flutterrage:

4105753 Isn't it a bit early for that?
Anyway, 100 Favourites! Yay! :rainbowkiss:

Well quite good so far I really wonder how this will turn out.
When wesker will meet the princesses hmm that's gonna be something ... interesting :pinkiehappy:

4105784 I agree I say he should be on friendly terms with them for now until the Princesses show up at least.

4105784 It's never too early for bloodshed :pinkiehappy:

I think the most entertaining course of action for Wesker to take would indeed be to try being very placating, diplomatic, polite and non-threatening, all the while being incredibly menacing to everyone just because of his appearance, voice and what have you. So everyone'd be totally suspicious of him but it'd get dismissed as silly prejudice since he doesn't show any reason to be suspicious of him. Yet :trollestia:

I may not, but you are incredibly good at writing english for a non-native speaker, and no prob.

I like how you try to keep Wesker in character with his analytical decisions instead of him just rushing off and doing things without thinking. I like where this story is going, keep it up and great work.

I would rather longer chapters, but with fewer a week. I get into this story and I dislike that the chapters always have it end when it starts to get good.

4107360 You know that this is called a cliffhanger? :trollestia: However, I will wait for the poll results. If the majority of you wants longer chapters I will of course deliver them. :pinkiehappy:

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