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We crash landed on a goddess.

Welcome to Airship Mauled, where everything could possibly be worse.

Chapters (461)

Twilight does her best to reform King Sombra, but things don’t go exactly as planned.

Edited by ROBCakeran53 and Alcatraz

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Spike hasn't helped Rarity out in awhile, so he was incredibly excited when he finally got the chance to see her on the most beautiful of days. Though, when he arrives to see she has a new blue assistant to help her out with finding what she needs, Spike will face the prospect that green is most certainly not Rarity's color.

Art by DisfiguredStick.

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Cheesy Disc is a young mare trying to make ends meet by working in the local Pizza Stable. Most of the time the job's tolerable, but occasionally you get that certain type of customer...

Meanwhile, Mud Briar wants to order pizza for him and his girlfriend. Sorry - technically, he isn't just ordering pizza, but sides as well. Still, what could go wrong?

Spoilers for Season 8 Episode 3

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Spike has been crushing on Rarity for a long time. Few years after Twilight became princess, and Spike is older, the dragon finally has the courage to admit his feelings to Rarity.

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Twilight Sparkle wakes up in the Everfree forest for some reason.

Also, I don't own this just borrowing. Just because the picture shows her wearing purple pants, doesn't mean she is actually wearing them.

She wakes up in the forest and was wearing her white kinky kitty pajamas and in the story you will see them. She has no idea what happened last night, and she is really scared. All she can remember is that a pack of Timberwolves were chasing Fluttershy. Then, she got so angry, and then she blacked out. That was a little bit of what she did remember: blacking out and collapsing in pain. Luckily, Spike will be there by her side.

Follow her on this adventure with comedy and drama. Takes place after school daze.

Chapters (8)

Discord, Discord Dos and special guest Discord Três decide to ruin your brain cells yet again. This time, Chryssi and Chrysalis meet Fluffle Puff.

Fluffiness ensues.

(Part of the Idiocyverse, many references will be had to past stories)
(Crossover between Bug in the Herd and Change)

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A Featured Work

Habeas Brittle, a carefree changeling who left his hive, is attacked by a grim figure as he wanders through the Canterlot countryside. Wounded greatly in the scuffle, he is found and cared for by a filly belonging to a widowed mare with a dark past.
WARNING! Spoilers in Comments Section! You have been warned.

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Chrysalis' first day at a new school doesn't start off too after she loses her tempter with some jerk in the cafeteria line causing a lot of the student body to be afraid of her. All of them in fact. Well... all but one.
She meets an excitable but not entirely mental there [implied special ed] girl named Fluffle Puff. Then things just get annoying as Fluffle Puff never leaves her alone for the rest of the day.

Contains: crack shipping of an OC x villain and an excessive amounts of pink, fluff and pink fluff.
Allergenic substances: adorableness.

A wordifaction, inspired by/entirely based on Fluffle Puff Tales: "EG" by FluffyMixer.
Originally written as a filler chapter for Equestria Girl. Wait, What's Equestria?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Things Are Rarely as They Seem

Featured 1/22/2017

Much has changed, both figuratively and literally, since the changeling Habeas Brittle and the pony Prunus Persica saw past their differences and found something truly dear in one another. But as some time goes by and their affinity for the other reaches its apex, they find the unexpected and unpredictable has not yet abandoned their worries.

Both turn their gazes toward the unforeseeable future, tailed by dogged fear and angst, yet with hope still warm in their minds and hearts. And as fate would have it, they aren't the only ones who are discovering terrible troubles in dire need of being overcome.

WARNING! Spoilers in Comments Section! You have been warned.

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