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The Abyss


Twilight does her best to reform King Sombra, but things don’t go exactly as planned.

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So. That just happened.

kinda want to see a sequel to this

Why do I think Cadance let Sombra and Twilight take over as she sees them as a cute couple. Now I wonder what their kids will be like?

Okay, that was just what I needed. A silly little story to make me laugh. Well done Abyss, well done.

I love sombra's face:rainbowlaugh: He's like: "If Twilight don't shut him up in the next minute I'll sent him to the crystal mine"

Since Shining was willing to give Sombra the benefit of the doubt, he was completely blindsided when Sombra dethroned him and Cadence the very next day, instating Twilight as his Queen of Snuggles.

Well that just happened

Can you spoiler that? I don't want the ending to be ruined by people looking at the comments first.

And that was another funny, well-written, well-executed short story by The Abyss! Anything that comes from the abyss is adorable and snuggly!

Taken out of context, the last sentence could be misconstrued.

Ahahahahha! :rainbowlaugh:
I love it!

oohh, my ding dang dong

That story cover accurately demonstrates just how my parents would react if they were to catch me and my girlfriend snuggling together :D

So. Uhh... sequel? I'll give you a filly Twilight pic if needed.

Sombra, Twilight, Shining author Abyss oh yeah...wait no adult tag? Still funny as hell 12/10 would snuggle

Since I hardly think anybody would be okay with that if he actually overthrew them.....I'd say that is a distinct possibility.

That ending tho xD
I was hoping for a multi-chapter story but it was still great to read. It sure helped my day.

That took a rather sharp turn.

:trollestia::derpytongue2: So there was a reformation process afterall :coolphoto: turns out Twilight is evil now

Initially when I read the ending, I thought you meant that Sombra literally just took Shining off the throne and plopped him on the ground like a plush or something -- because he 'blindsided' them; I don't really know was I was thinking... make this a thing

Shining is like Twilight’s dad in all but name.

Something something Freud was right

How do you even hold a tyrannical dictatorship when you're fueled by the power of snuggles?! Sombra, what... how?
Maybe it's like ponies can get literally blinded by extremely bright blushing - like if an ultimate snuggle attack is unleashed, and the snuggliness level is just off the charts, breaking the any snuggliness level meters in the vicinity? D'aww.

Drottning af "Snuggles?" Yndislegt!

1. Did not see that ending coming :rainbowlaugh:
2. Sequel?
3. I so want to do an audio reading of this


This is going into my favorites

I would like to criticize the comedy of the story. Mostly because I was looking for that when I clicked here.

I wouldn't call this a comedy. Actually, I would call this a bad comedy.
The only reason it earns that tag is with the final (and predictable) paragraph with the twist, but from beginning to end there's very little to laugh. The characters are serious, the plot is serious, and the style is serious.
It's like you want to build up a joke, which would be fine in a long comedy, but it doesn't work in a short one-shot.

The premise of Sombra winning Twilight's affections because he's a good snuggler is fun but, again, no fun was delivered here.

I mean, people should not look into the comment section first, if they want to read the story. Comment section is for commenting on the plot, format, etc. It should be obvious that there are spoilers in comment section, it's its purpose to have them.

The rushed ending is intentional for the sake of comedy, I believe. If it were to turn out slowly, it wouldn't have such an impact on the reader.

If the tag wasn't there, someone could complain that the tag belongs here. If it were longer, you'd be obviously right, but it's quite controversial and tough to judge on a 1,2K words long story.

I really shouldn't be surprised. Nothing ever goes as well as it did.

8890248 It’s even worse since the TwiArmor ship has been semi-canon no thanks to Friendship is Witchcraft and the canonical incestual overtones in the Canterlot Wedding. I still don’t find it funny, though.

I am in agreement that this is in need of a sequel, it would contain most glorious moments of Sombra and his Queen of Snuggles!

Well, that was fun. What a twist!

The ol' "Bait & Switch!"

...errrrrrrrrrrrrr. Okay

The cover is like
Shining Armor: He dunked my head in a toilet!
Sombra: (mumbling) I was trying to drown him.
Twilight: Aw they're bonding.


This comment is amazing.

You should turn it into a story. :pinkiehappy:

Since Shining was willing to give Sombra the benefit of the doubt, he was completely blindsided when Sombra dethroned him and Cadence the very next day, instating Twilight as his Queen of Snuggles.

This is beautiful :rainbowlaugh:

That sounds like a hilarious comic strip.

There definitely needs to be a sexual based upon comedy. Also, great ending twist, left me a bit schocked for a while.
Now I'm planning a Shining Armour/ Cadence versus Sombra/chrysalis fix that mimics all the luna versus celestia stories you find. Maybe expand it to all princesses and reformed villains?

A shame this may not happen in cannon what with the reveal of the Season 9 premere

This is one of those stories you can reread over and over again and still find it funny as hell.

I wonder what will happen if twilight get successfully reforn sombra resulting sombra no longer being evil

This was pure beauty :rainbowlaugh:

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