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Blow Grenade

Born in Stalliongrad. Was chosen to be another Royal Guard to protect Princes Celestia at her Castle. Big and Strong as Big Macintosh and talented by magic as Twilight Sparkle from Season 1-3.


Who am I · 12:23pm Feb 20th, 2018

Some random dude on the internet that really loves futanari and much more than that. I am from Poland and I am brony from 2011 I have 29 age so I can watch anything that is adult. I have 2 OC ponies like Blow Grenade & Yellow Tulip. They are siblings and they are both Royal Guards protecting Princess Celestia doing they're duties. I accept RP so you can send a private message to me if you are interested. I am into everything about as I was put my Fetishes list.

My Fetishes:
* Futanari

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