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No name 13

The sky is blue, the sun is yellow, and No name 13 is here to comfort you. :>

Bat pones!

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  • 35 weeks
    What's new?

    What's new with you all I guess? Just ya know, keeping up with my followers.

    ~No name 13

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  • 36 weeks

    Should I continue to update New day, same life?

    After all, it is what you all want.

    So yeh, should I? And if so, why?

    Or if not, then why?


    ~No name 13

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  • 36 weeks
    I'm fine.

    [Adult story embed hidden]

    And so is Surn. :)

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  • 38 weeks
    New story soon!

    ...And an explanation on why I was away for so long.

    Life. It got in the way of so many things, and didn't even think I was even in a good mental state.

    The past few months have been really terrible for me, and it's mainly been because of my mood swings.

    You could say I am doing a bit better, so expect some more stories soon, hopefully before school starts on the 29th.

    ~No name 13

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  • 38 weeks

    Welp, guess who's back after a long time?! Boy I got some explaining to do, but for now, I am back home! And here to stay!

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About me!

Hello awesome possums!

I'm No name 13, and it's nice to meet you!

You don't know much about me, so I'll just tell you!

I'm always up for a good talk!

I'll always be kind to others!

You can come to me for anything!

Well, almost anything!

But you get the point!

Mainly the determined type......

Anything else? Uh.......

The best young six in my opinion:



My fave mlp character:

First fave:

second fave:

third fave:

forth fave:

final fave:

yeesh! I do have too much faves!

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Should I say hi?

Greetings! ( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡O) :pinkiehappy:

You're welcome. And I won't asked you for a request.

I'm so sorry for nagging you.

Fun fact: I stopped working on your request story.

Why? It's simple:

You had others successfully write your request story, with me even seeing some actually published.

You kept nagging through dms, my user page, etc.

This lead me not to even care about your request story, as it was getting pointless to even do your request.

This is one reason why I don't do requests.

People like you nag me to the point where I say "fuckthis."

So yeh. Thanks for your time!

I'm not trying to start drama. Have a nice day!:twilightsmile:

It's has been so long.

Remember my request story of Scootaloo as the flower girl and Spike the ring bearer you supposed to write.

Scootaloo, one of Princess Cadance's flower girls, was looking at the stars in the night sky until Spike the dragon shows up since he is the ring bearer. They talk for a while on the bench and then Spike ask her for waltz dance and then Scootaloo agrees to dance with him. During the dance, Spike and Scootaloo were quiet as they begin to had their feelings to each other, then they slowly closed their eyes and brought their lips together kissing each other under the moonlight as they put their arms around each others. After they done kissing, Spike and Scootaloo sat down the garden bench and looking at the stars, while Spike put his arms around Scootaloo.

And as Spike looked at Scootaloo while put his arms around her, he is aware that he had to give up his old crush on Rarity for his new crush on Scootaloo. Just then, Rainbow Dash and Twilight showed up and went to check up on Spike and Scootaloo. When they saw this, they thought it's was cute. Spike explained to Twilight and Rainbow that he had to give up his old crush on Rarity because the moment he doing the waltz with Scootaloo, he develop his new feeling and his new crush on Scootaloo. Needless to say that Rainbow Dash and Twilight are happy for Scootaloo and Spike.

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