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Day 15.

This has gotten old quick. Me, my life, everything. I hate my self. I always ruin other’s days.

Who am I? I don’t even know at this rate.

Alone and empty.

If you find this, don’t read it. You’ll just get bored.

I would love to stick around, but I can’t.

Good night my self.


Things have been looking pretty dull for Surn, but how does he handle it? By writing it down of course! Surn's life has flipped after the friendship games, and that means a new Surn as well. Is he ever gonna recover?

I did my best not to merge this story with my life. Being 13 sucks, and loads of things have happened in my 13th year of living......

Edited by Sunnythesavvy. Thank you so much!

Cover by ZettaiDullahan. Thankies to you too!

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yay another Cameo! 😁

... but seriously, it pains us to see you so hard on yourself :raritydespair:

Like I said, it’s nothing.

*hugs* we’re here for you...

*tries to hide a smile* Uh huh.....

No probies!

Later to those who are reading this. I hope you never read this again. Becasue lemme tell you, you're not gonna sit this through.

Shows what you know, I already read this whole thing like 3 times

Wait woah woah woah Fallout would have a major problem with this!

Are you sure about that?

This is so sad:raritycry: I really hope fallout isn’t a dick



Comment posted by Pete100 deleted Oct 15th, 2020

I didn’t wanna go near them. Not after what happened last week.

Will that be revealed?

Days later, students would taunt me as I would walk down the halls. I was known as a loser. An idiot. Not even Principal Celestia did anything to stop them!

Let’s be honest, if the students aren’t scared of someone the laugh and point at them. And, Celestia was never useful anyways.

So.... here I am. Stuck in my home. With nothing.

When did he get home?

Because you're gonna get bored some time later.

Something tells me I won’t.

How many people are in his house? Also, if he’s continuing his entry from the last day, why does it say day 3?

Losing something that you thought made you special can do that to you.

I wouldn’t say that counts as him putting himself down. Also, I don’t know how to explain it, but when you think everyone hates you or is against you, there’s like this reflex you have.

You talking about how he’s saying that he’s boring?

it's only a memory

The only way I can see him getting out of that mindset is either finding someone who didn’t know he had powers or find someone who didn’t know about the incident.

Oh, because there were so many different names popping up. First there was bumble, then fallout, and then shieldhunter.

But the thing is who would he talk to? And, what would be a solution to the problem?

But, didn’t pinkie say that they were celebrating him losing his powers?

btw: Sheildhunter is fallout's last name.

Fallout and Shieldhunter are the same person.

In fact his full name is Fallout Shieldhunter

Oh, and bumble is a different character?

Yep, he’s my OC

Hai! 😁

And Fallout Shieldhunter belongs to Fallout Dude 50

I'm glad you like it! Also, no probies. I love teaming up with others to help me. =)

Damn....well time to lock pick the door And help my friend!

You can't? Odd.....
Not a good idea.....


”No stay out!!!” *boards the door with wooden planks, puts industrial grade steel walls around every window, and places mouse traps near the entrances of the air vents* ”uggh i need cheese for this to work!"

“Dude, I’m not a mouse! Now cheesecake might work, im a sucker for cheesecake 😋”

”good point Fallout....

FALLOUT?!?! How did you- ?”

“You don’t date Pinkie Pie without learning some of her tricks”

Quickly bumble tie him up and get him to my house!

I wish this would update more often.

On it! *puts on web slingers identical to a certain wall crawling hero and webs up Surn on to the ceiling*

We're going to get the car started so you just hang out for a bit!

So, I switched the events sheet to a cancelation sheet while I was invincible. But I saw something very interesting...

I think you meant to say "invisible" here

Also it's not "Most Fastest," it's just "Fastest" (Unless that was an intentional error like PInkie Saying "bestest")

Thanks! I'll change it!

This guy needs a night out with his friends so we’re going to my house to play video games and eat junk food!

I brought my Switch! We can play Mario Party, Or Mario Kart, or Super Smash Bros! dibs on Byleth and Ridley!

Bite me!

No no no we need a Xbox! I got plenty of games

Pffft Xbox? PlayStation has way better exclusives!

"Oh you mean like the Last of Us part 2?"


Oh and don’t forget about the latest news about Playstation and listening in on your conversations~ because that is totally ok to do right

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