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This story is a sequel to The Incredibly Stupidly Weird Story About 15 Random OCs

It's official. Twilight Sparkle is no longer the smartest.

With the power of not one, not two, not even three crackheads, but a full twenty (that's two tens worth!) of 'em put together, the all-encompassing, all-powerful and all-knowing behemoth known as *gasp* Google is born!

Except this ain't the Googlidoodledoo that y'all use in real life, no--this is Equestria's take on the thing. It runs on chaos magic.

The cherry on top? Discord isn't even in this story.

WARNING: The random tag was found brutally murdered in a blender and turned into a smoothie to write this story.

Original blogpost!

People whose OCs I kidnapped:

  1. BezierBallad

  2. No Name 13

  3. SunnytheSavvy

  4. Connect-the-Pie

  5. NicLove

  6. Zapper Frost

  7. Samuel-Neocros

  8. Possibly me

  9. Twilight Glimmer

  10. amf studios

  11. The Blue EM2

  12. Concordius Lord of Kaos

  13. Heroic412227

  14. BiggerNate91

  15. Deep

  16. Reichtangle

  17. BradyBunch

  18. dshadow14

  19. Light Heart101

  20. Thunderous

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One word, and I just crack up.

Good job techie.

"Wait, hold on, this ain't the story!" Surn yelled in the background, a potted plant on their head. "What're y'all doin', strutting around like you don't have any responsibilities we owe our existence to this story and the folks who thought us up!"


*highly interested in what this story might have*

*The Following is just a joke. Please do not take this seriously*


20 and 4.

Midnight Blitzer is heavily confused as to why his friends have been stolen.

Can we get a sequel if you get 400 followers?

”Please Midnight, just be glad you weren’t there, you wouldn’t last one Minute! Heh. On second thought, I’m sad you weren’t there...”

Ah amf...

*The following is another joke*


Agreed... I shall help by upvoting this. Even though I had no contribution to this

No name! What did you put me in?!


Yes, I'm pulling Among Us into this and you can't stop me. Stream of consciousness writing, yay! Speaking of which, the most fun time to write stream of consciousness writing is late at night when you're only barely conscious. It's fun 'cause your thoughts are 100% scrambled and you end up having to re-read what you wrote the next day like 50 times just to understand what a mess you've made with your story, your keyboard, your reputation, and your life.

Oh no......

Techie sus.

My OC appeared, like, once.


p.s. FlashTruth Can do magic with his Crystal-HorseShoes

ok. doesn't really matter in this story though.

Whew, where do I even begin with this comment, there is just so much to unpack here...



"We're trying to invent Google!" Zapper Frost grinned. We do not speak of where he emerged from. "We'll run Twilight's whole library business into the ground, just like what Grogar did that one time!"


"Honestly, same."

Honestly, same.

Sweetie Giraffe army has joined the server.

Oh. Oh no.


The carnage was swift. Fires burned in every direction. The era of Sweetie Giraffe had begun. The forces of Equestria--the Elements of Harmony, Discord, the Princesses--heck, even Celestia's cake husband and Luna of the vent were overwhelmed! Or were they just whelmed? I honestly don't know at this point. It's 2:05 AM and my iPod ran out of power.

You lied to us

A lot of jokes were scrapped in the making of this comment

I rate this a @/🦆
You'd get a better score if I had appeared for more than just that one line


Sonic.Exe in a nutshell, everyone.

Why does it seem like practically every character I come up with is a potentially all-powerful potted plant?

Fuck, how can I claim to be the king of crack fix when you post shit like this and I’ve barely written anything in the last year?

I've rewritten my comment too many times trying to figure out what to say, so I'm just going to say:

No comment.

it is pretty funny, but even comedy can have a little more atmosphere to it. I give you at least a 6/10. It needs more depth atmosphere.

Speaking of which, the most fun time to write stream of consciousness writing is late at night when you're only barely conscious.

Well duh, when else are you supposed to write anything, in the middle of the day?

I find it funny how you included : The Hollow Ghost as if it's a last name. I probably should've specified that the character is just named Slaughter, and the rest is merely a description of who he is. Then again, it probably wouldn't be as funny as it was :rainbowlaugh:

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