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Oh, look at me... you've got me tearing up again. ◈ Forget about coffee buy me a cup noodle.


Let's see... how does this work again? Oh, it's already logging? Um... yeah, okay, hi there, whoever you are that's reading this! I'm Gadget, and I live with an old scientist dude who got fired from his job. Also, I'm a small unicorn that has an eerie resemblance to Smurfette.

One day, I hope I can figure out why the heck I look like I came straight out of My Little Pony.

Now, about that. You see, it's kind of a funny story...

Cover art made using Mutter_Butter's rendition of pony Gadget and Momoruuu's drawing of human Gadget/Zoey.
Preread by tsaukpaetra.

Chapters (15)
Comments ( 40 )

Hmm... This looks interesting.

I am interested. It looks more, refined. Much excitement.

This Ranell is a hacker too?

Anyways, back to yapping about my day today. After we came home, I practiced some of my "magic", as the show calls it, by helping Mr. Delmar with some chores. It's really just a bit of basic levitation and stuff, but it still freaks him out sometimes. I mean, have you seen how neurotic he gets when he tries to figure out how my magic works? I'd say that he gives Twilight Sparkle a run for her money on his crazy-face!

:facehoof: :pinkiehappy:

"Is the antenna supposed to shoot a rainbow laser into the sky?"

Oh boy. Is that legal in their country? This is why you check carefully that your parts don't malfunction? :rainbowlaugh:

Gadget is me when I’m recording Stream-of-consciousness.

Without another word, he got up and walked out of the room to who-knows-where. He's almost like a real dad! He disappears randomly from time to time and you have absolutely no idea what he's doing! Wowwwww!

If you’re lucky, he comes back.

Ooh, a cliffhanger.

Radio, me. Radio, me. Delmar, radio, the silly clown man in the storm drain, me.


"Lyra's Finger-lickin' Burgers and Fries. Why?"


At least Gadget didn't start foaming in the mouth

Y'know, sometimes I feel like there was another me out there at some point.

Fourth walls are for the weak! :pinkiecrazy:

I'm still kinda wondering why our teacher was just playing TV shows all day today in class.

Sesame Street is generally somewhat educational, and your existence might have confused the teacher into thinking MLP was the same...

They have an airtight defense in the form of there being no laws against any kind of magic.

Nevermind the obvious foreshadowing for some even weirder thing (whatever it's gonna be) that's about to happen

Was she this genre-savvy-to-the-point-fourth-wall-break in the original? If so, I might have to move it up in my reading order.

Pretty sure I ramped up the fourth wall breaking in this story over the original.

I think it only happened a little originally. I usually include fourth wall breaks in my comedy stories, and back then the story was more serious.

Though, I did make a character whose name sounded like "microwave".

That feeling when a chapter with less than 600 words ends in a cliffhanger that isn't even polite enough to tell you what you're waiting on the resolution of.

Yeah, a human-to-pony is only going to fall over when they try to walk, but even staying standing on two legs is unsustainable if you aren't used to it, and doing so without the assistance of a tail has been known to baffle outside observers. (As in, I vaguely remember reading a character confused about how that was supposed to work; honestly, the answer boils down to "and now you know why we needed sapience")

'Cause the old series was getting to garbled in where it was going, and even though I wanted to keep writing, I couldn't figure out for the life of me how the heck I should continue the story. I figured it'd be better to just start over, anyway, and remove all the old filler material while sticking to the core plot. :raritywink:

Alrighty. I'll keep that in mind for future chapters.

Still keeping the existential terror to yourself, eh Gadget/Zoey? That's going to come out at some point and... actually, Twilight and the Canterlot Friends will probably just do science to it.

I enjoy you goofing off in this chaper.

Sheesh, Gadget. Wasn't one fourth wall in shambles enough for you?

I have no idea how to do magic but I still did a magic!

Holy heck what if I'm human? That'd be the most interesting thing to happen to me in a looooooong time.

Holy crap I'm living in a paradox. What came first? The past-tense story, or the past-tense story? Idunno, haha!

Is one of those past-tense suppose to be future-tense?

"But it's the morning!"

Twilight nodded. "Yes. I assume you are omnivorous?”(——

I'm guessing Twilight never really seen such a thing before, 'cause she's looking like she really, really wants to start machine-gunning

wow I didn't catch that until know. Spooky.

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