• Published 11th Feb 2019
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Lab Horse: Redux - TheMajorTechie

A filly lives on Earth with a jobless physicist. She's just figuring out life, while he's going broke. She has no idea what she's doing.

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Log 6: Things get weird!

So apparently, shooting rainbow lasers into the sky with a homemade radio is not, in fact, normal. Mister Delmar told me that we might have to "lay low" or whatever it's called for a while because we were "obscuring commercial flight paths" and stuff. I'm not sure whether or not he's actually telling the truth though, 'cause from what I'm seeing, it looks like he's using this whole thing as an excuse to stay at home all day instead of trying to go out and do something.

Also, Ranell's still sick, and school's still too boring and easy right now, so I skipped all of that in this log again. At least today's a Friday.

Hm... also, there's a weird sky vortex thing that's starting to form over our house. Wait. Hold on, is that thing a tornado?! Um... lemme check... yeah, it kinda looks the part, but this one's also kinda rainbow colored, and it's just staying in the sky instead of trying to touch down. Is this some kind of freaky deaky tornado thing that's gonna throw me into some sort of Wizard of Oz craziness?!

"Gadget! You want a snack? I grabbed some food while I was getting some groceries!"

Ooh! Food!

Mmm... burger. And fries, too! And it's not tasting like cardboard like the cheap ones do, either!

"Mister Delmar, where'd you get the food from?"

"Lyra's Finger-lickin' Burgers and Fries. Why?"

Hmmm. Lyra? Fingers? I feel like there's some kinda connection with that restaurant and whatever version of Equestria that I come from... Ah, heck, it's probably just a weird coincidence.

Also, why do I hear thunder even though there's no lightning or storm or anything nearby? It's almost like it's all coming from that rainbow tornado thing that's still forming over our house!

...Yeah, okay, I'm gonna admit it right now, I'm actually pretty freaked out. Nevermind the obvious foreshadowing for some even weirder thing (whatever it's gonna be) that's about to happen, but holy heck is that tornado thing getting crazy! Is this really all because of the radio we built yesterday?

I heard some more thunder rumbling as I took another bite of my burger. So that's a thing, I guess. I'm still kinda worried about what's gonna happen with the rainbow tornado thing. Mister Delmar keeps joking that our house is gonna be hit by a giant tomato instead of a giant tornado, but I don't think that's very funny right now.

Hey, I got one of those My Little Pony toys in the bag!

"Thanks Mister Delmar!"

"No problem, Gadget."

I heard a loud zap come from outside as the lights flickered out. Me and Mister Delmar were eating in the dark now.

...I mean Delmar and I. Um... yeah, grammatically correct. Yeah.

Probably should worry more about the fact that the power just got taken out by a random lightning bolt from the big tornado thing then my grammar, though. Ignoring the rainbow tornado, it was supposed to be nice and sunny today!

"Oh, by the way, Gadget," Mister Delmar began, not even bothering to go and check the circuit breakers yet while we were eating, "I put a new diode into the radio we built yesterday. I still don't quite know how the last one blew up like that, especially with such little power being fed into the radio..."

Hm. Probably shouldn't tell him that I overloaded the crystal thingy with mana behind his back. I'll try feeding less into it this time around then.

"Can I go try it out then?" I asked, stuffing the rest of my meal into my mouth, "I'll try not to blow it up this time!"

"Go ahead," Delmar shrugged, "It's your project now. Go crazy."

Oh, and also, I really have no idea how Mister Delmar was able to understand me with my mouth full there. I said something more along the lines of "CA AH GA TWA AITH OUTH THETH?" and "I TWA NO TA BWAO AITH UTH THIF TIE!"

But yeah, I guess I'm gonna go see if the thing works now.

"Oh, by the way, Gadget, it seems pretty stormy outside, so be careful with what you use for an antenna and grounding this time around."

"OKAAAA!" I said back, my mouth still full of a quarter of a hamburger and a couple fries.

Yay! Time to try out the radio again!

I lit my horn, being a lot more careful this time about how much mana I needed to put into the crystal to power the radio. I still can't believe that Mister Delmar didn't put any way to power the thing into the project.

Anyway, now the crystal is faintly glowing with magical energy, and this time it doesn't look like it's gonna break or explode or shoot a laser into the sky or anything. Not gonna risk putting any more in like last time.

I put the earbuds back in and started tuning the radio around to see if there was any good music to listen to.

"...orty-fourth time. Hello there, whoever it is that managed to open an interdimensional line of communication. My name is Twilight Sparkle. I repeat, this is the forty-fourth time I am sending this automated message. I have rigged this spell to alert me if I receive any response. Broadcasting message for the forty-fifth time. Hello there--"

...Holy crap, I think I might've opened a portal to Equestria.