• Published 11th Feb 2019
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Lab Horse: Redux - TheMajorTechie

A filly lives on Earth with a jobless physicist. She's just figuring out life, while he's going broke. She has no idea what she's doing.

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Log 13: Let's not speak of the previous log.

Author's Note:

I honestly missed writing Gadget. She's a very fun character to write, both in how she acts and what her thoughts generally are like.

Like, all of it. Forget any of that ever happened, 'kay? 'Kay. Let's just skip on ahead to stuff that happened a day or two after all that happened, 'cause I don't wanna talk about it.

Today, we're bringing Twilight to Earth! After what ha... nope, not talking about it! After stuff happened, she said that we should probably take some time off from learning more about her world, so I said that it'd be a great opportunity for her to explore ours!

...I wonder if she likes hamburgers?

Either way, we got some more portal magic stuff going on. Twilight's got her horn lit, Delmar's still trying not to trip over himself, yadda yadda, sparky sparkly flash boom!

And there we go! Twilight made another portal thingy! Though, she looks like she's having a really hard time keeping the spell open.

"Go on through!" she shouted, "I'll follow when the portal's stable! Wait-- no, don't go through yet! It's not stable!"

Alrighty then. That's a 180 if I've ever seen one.

A few minutes later after Twilight got the portal stabilized, we just hopped straight through without any trouble. Nothing flashy, or weird, or anything like that. It's basically like walking through a door that switches your species. Which now that I think of it, is actually still pretty darn weird.

Come to think of it, now that I'm back to my little ol' lab horse self and Delmar's back on his feet in a very literal way, why is Twilight still a pony? Isn't she supposed to turn into a teenage girl with purple skin or something like she did in the Equestria Girls series? Honestly, I don't get why some of this stuff happens sometimes.

"So," Twilight lit her horn, pulling out a Twilight-grade list on a scroll. Which honestly was kinda funny to see given how small both she and I are compared to everything else 'round here. "First order of business, what system of government does the country you live in have?"

Oh no. She started with the boring questions. Skip!

Yeah, that skip was completely unneeded apparently. She stopped after the seventh question about boring stuff like weather and things... and stuff.

Stuff aside, now we're getting some more interesting things! Like when she asked about who raises the sun. Boy was she surprised when we told her nobody! Mister Delmar even looked at her like she was stupid! I call it his "did a rock hit you in the face?" look.

"So, moving onto food."

Oh boy.

"We eat meat!" I grinned, showing off my teeth just like I used to do to Delmar after I brushed my teeth. "Do you like hamburgers, Twilight? 'Cause I like them!"

Twilight cringed a little. She probably wasn't expecting that. "Er... I do understand why you would eat meat, Zoey, but I'm mostly asking Mister Delmar beside you. I'm guessing that humans here have a similar diet to those that live in my world?"

"Omnivorous?" Delmar added.

Twilight nodded. "Yes. I assume you are omnivorous?

"Ehhh, more or less," he shrugged. "Personally, I go vegetarian every couple of weeks. Helps keep my weight down, y'know?"

"Makes sense. And what about the ponies that live here?"

"Vegetarian, though I have heard that some horses and cows are known to occasionally trample small animals and eat them."

Wait, what? Horses do that?

Twilight wrote some stuff down on a second scroll she had for notes, nodding. "And are you aware of any conflicts between this world's ponies and humans?"

Mister Delmar snorted. "Conflicts? Honestly, the biggest conflict I've ever known of regarding equines was a bar tussle some folks I knew once got in while betting over a horse race on TV."

"Mm-hmm, so, Mister Delmar, I'm guessing that 'horse' is the common term your world uses for ponies, then?"

Hm. We've got a bit of a misunderstanding from the looks of it.

"What? No-- horses and ponies are two different things. The ponies here are usually at least twice the size of Gadget here, while horses often are taller than us people!"

Twilight raised a brow, but didn't say anything because she was focusing on writing still. It'd be funny if she later turned the scroll around and it turned out that she was just doodling on the thing.

"Here, Twilight, would you like for me to just show you a horse?"

Huh? Oh, I must've spaced out a little and missed something just then. Twilight's already stopped writing and is following Delmar.

Mister Delmar pulled out his old laptop and opened it up, typing in his password. I'm guessing Twilight's never really seen such a thing before, 'cause she's looking like she really, really wants to start machine-gunning questions about the laptop at Delmar.

"This," Delmar turned around the laptop to show off what I'd honestly have to say is an absolutely 100% terrible stock image of a horse. "...is a horse."

Twilight made a face. "A horse in your world is a motion-blurred rectangle with legs?"

Delmar blinked, turning the laptop back around again. He probably accidentally switched the image then if he's gonna look as embarrassed as he does right now.

"There. This is a horse," he turned it around again, this time forcing a very funny face. It looked like he was trying to hide that he farted or something like that.

"Are they sapient?"

"Not that we know of," Delmar reached down and ruffled my mane. "Except for little Gadget here. She used to be my lab assistant before I lost my job."

"And everyone called me lab horse!" I added, "Though, that was after they stopped freaking out."

"To be fair, you were the one that started shooting lasers at people when I first brought you i--hey, ow!"

I stuck my tongue out at him while he waved his finger in the air. It was only a tiny nibble this time! Why'd he have to be so dramatic about it? It's not like that one time when he was feeding me a carrot when I chomped a finger on accident!

Actually, now that I think of it, why did people stop freaking out around me?

Eh, who cares? I'm here and that's that... and Twilight has finally gotten back to the boring questions. This time she's talking about horse anatomy and-- hey, she's not talking about stuff I should be heeeeaaaar-iiiinnnng!