• Published 11th Feb 2019
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Lab Horse: Redux - TheMajorTechie

A filly lives on Earth with a jobless physicist. She's just figuring out life, while he's going broke. She has no idea what she's doing.

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Log 10: Hey guys I'm back and I'm not dead!

Author's Note:

This chapter title goes for both me and Gadget. Let's see if we can get this story rollin' again. :raritywink:

I... what? This isn't what I was expecting at all!

"Gadget, can you tell me why I'm a small horse all of a sudden?"

I looked at Delmar. Then I noticed my hand.





"Calm down, Gadget," Twilight walked toward me with a clipboard in hoof, staring back at the portal. "The portal works similarly to the mirror portal. It turns people into ponies and vice-versa. Though..." she leaned closer to me. "It is strange to think that it must mean that you were naturally a human here in Equestria. There aren't really very many human families around here."


I heard Delmar trip and fall behind me while I was still freaking out over the hair color change. Now that I think of it though, at least that means that I'm not a smurf horse anymore.

Also, I'm glad that I survived that portal. Who knew where that thing could've led to? For all I know, I could've been spat out into space!



...Actually, something about that last part feels just a little familiar for some reason.

Eh, not important. Back to freaking out. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA--



"Stop freaking out about your natural hair color!"


So anyway, let's get back to business. I... was talking to Twilight!

"--so that could potentially mean that we live in a parallel universe to a different timeline in which you are the daughter of a wealthy but corrupt businessman who sent you away to die, but you didn't, and so you ended up in your world for whatever reason as a pony instead of a human like you are now. And at the same time, that timeline also would have a time when you and your friend there were sent into a derelict space station by your self-built portal instead of travelling through a portal that I opened, and--"

...Okay, so I wasn't talking to Twilight. She was talking to herself. Actually, it looks just like that time when she was trying to figure out Pinkie's Pinkie sense! Ooh, ooh, her mane's starting to get messy!

"--Gadget!" Twilight grabbed me by the shoulders, which actually kinda hurt a little because she had hooves and I was now human. "Gadget, I think I know who you are!"


"If my guesstimations are correct, then going off my hunch, that means that you--" she pointed her hoof at me, Ace Attorney style "--are in reality Zoey Wayve, daughter of Michael Rowe Wayve, a currently incarcerated former businessman who tried to have you killed by a powerful magus because he wanted a male heir!"

"...The heck are you saying right now, Twilight?"

I turned for a moment to look at Delmar. Sure enough, he was still faceplanted. Probably not used to hooves. Now that I think about it, how come I haven't fallen flat on my face yet?

"Look at me, Gadget!" Twilight pressed my cheeks together in her magic. "You are going to be my greatest discovery in years! It might not necessarily be as science-related as I would've wished, but you are a discovery nonetheless!"

So I guess this world's Twilight isn't the same as the show Twilight, then. Neat.

The next thing I felt was the floor hitting my face. I was wondering when that'd happen.