• Published 11th Feb 2019
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Lab Horse: Redux - TheMajorTechie

A filly lives on Earth with a jobless physicist. She's just figuring out life, while he's going broke. She has no idea what she's doing.

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Log 11: Learning a little about the world and stuff!

Author's Note:

Ay, we're gonna cover some things that the old series never had the chance to get to!


Apparently, this world-- that is, the one I came from, according to Twilight, is home to an Equestria that's got a pretty good amount of technology. Not like computers and all that jazz, but simple things like... uh... well, radios that can communicate across dimensions, I guess.

Still can't quite wrap my head around that idea, but that's beside the point.



Holy crap, I'm human. Like, this is beyond my ma-- er... hair color. I... I guess you could say I'm an Equestrian Human then. Or something.

Lemme just say this now, but I'm sure glad that the oversized labcoat that I like to wear around is still on my shoulders. Things would've gotten awkward reeeeeal quick if it disappeared.



I guess I should also say that I'm happy that I'm now spontaneously wearing pants too. They're not even horse pants this time!

ANYWAYS, I should probably get back to narrating things around me and stuff. Unless you want to hear me ramble internally, but yeah.

"--cording to the medical records I could retrieve, it also appears that Zoey has a little sister as well. She was apparently born shortly after her father's crime was discovered, so she's been raised almost entirely by her mother and various nannies and caretakers over the years."

...What did I just tune into? I have a sister?

Twilight looked up from the journal she summoned out of wherever. Delmar was still on the floor. I think he fell asleep.

"By the way, do you want to go by Gadget or Zoey?"

"Both are fine."

"Great!" Twilight shut the journal and lit her horn, picking up Delmar and accidentally shaking him awake in the process. "Do you wanna go meet your family now or do you want to tour Equestria first?"

Hm. Family would definitely be interesting after all this time, but since this Equestria isn't anything like the one on TV, that also sounds like fun. What to choose, what to choose...

"Oh, by the way, Twilight, where's the rest of your friends and stuff?"

Not what I wanted to say! Where'd that question even come from?!

"Friends?" Twilight snorted. "I mean, I guess you could count my study group as my friends, but--"

Oh, so it's one of these Equestrias. Nice, nice, time to get digging! Ooh, this is exciting! I wonder what happened here to make Twilight not have friends?

"--and so I received my cutie mark when Rainbow Dash performed a sonic rainboom. Poor filly, that one-- I've heard that the injuries she sustained from them completely shattered her bones in one wing. Pretty sure it was amputa--"

"Hold up, hold up," I cut in, waving my hands in front of me like I see people sometimes do. "So you're saying that Rainbow Dash did do a sonic rainboom, but she crashed afterwards?"

"Er... yeah. I don't think I mentioned the part about the crash, but--"

"So she's not the Element of Loyalty then."


"Nothing! What about Fluttershy?"

"Er... she works at Ponyville's general hospital. She's Rainbow Dash's nurse. How did you know her name?"

I wrinkled my brows. (Is that how you say that phrase?) "Well... that means... that means--"

"Rainbow Dash has been in a coma ever since that incident. I only know her because she's the reason why I have a cutie mark in the first place."

Well, that got dark quick.