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I like writing. It's the thing that drives me. My goal is to reach others through my work and have a nice talk.

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Stan Lee · 9:43pm November 12th

I'd like to call for a moment of silence for the Smilin' Stan, the Man, Lee, but I think those have been called enough today. Instead, I want to reflect on the person that just passed away. Many will remember him as the creator of half of Marvel Comics (the good half, some may add). Others, who know the stories of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, may have troubles over what to focus on right now. And of course, because generational change is inevitable, some will just miss the funny old guy from the

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I have to admit it, I love the fact the Transformers community has a 'ruined forever' button to begin with. It's so ingrained that it's the most vocal answer at the first sign of change, we practically own it.

On MLP, yes, I'd love to see what G5's equivalent to Fallout Equestria looks like. Or maybe its Pony POV Series, or Blackest Night. Granted, that last one is less probable because Green Lantern is not that popular anymore. Though, it wouldn't surprise me if something to that effect, like Infinity Wars, takes the place.

I mean there is like the original fans, young people and those who prefer beast wars contuinity. Its pretty straightforward and there are really no huge poisnts people fight over as evry new series is roughly simlar in what it does as well as utilising the same characters in the mane storyline.

You mean like a new Fallout Equestria and the like? Yeah, thats why I think that the fandom remains as one, will just be build upon. I mean I have some ideas thats outside of FiMs concepts and could work.

I was using the Tranformers mostly as an illustrative example. It's the only fandom I've been part of that has such a generational change. Power Rangers could be another, but it never went under a change so big that there was a noticeable change in its fandom (Rangers forever!). But yeah, the Transformers fandom is probably one of the most cohesive communities I've ever run into. If the MLP one ends up like another, I'd be glad if it's that one.

On our incoming generational change, I'm actually excited over the creativity it may spawn. I remember how fan content exploded back in 2012-2013. If something to that effect happens again, it will be awesome.

I know what you mean but I never engaged in the transformers fandom. But I was a fan of both Beast Wars and Prime. All people I ever talked abaut it told me that the transformers community wasnt changing at all despite the new entries but I guess all of them live in the microcommunities.

Yeah, I get that fandom might be fractured from the new Generation but thats still at least 2 years away. Plus the common main characters and the contrasting worlds will propably put FiMfic into overdrive. I mean its a lot like FiM and Equestria Girls which egzist alongside eachother in the minds of the fans.

There will be an interesting shift in the fandom once G5 hits. My main bets are on newcomers who will ignore everything else, G4 staying, MLP veterans, and as you put it, a surge in returning people. I remember back in the day, when Transformers Prime premiered, and suddenly I was running into fans that haven't seen the series since the Beast Wars days. Now I'm talking about it, I'm kind of excited for the generation change. I tend to love when long runners, like Power Rangers or comics in general every few years, do a shift in general tone.

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