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I like writing. It's the thing that drives me. My goal is to reach others through my work and have a nice talk. He/Him.

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I just cut ties with a toxic friend · 1:26pm October 4th

At least I think I did. Cutting ties with a toxic person is never an easy task. And I'm terrible at it. The last time I directly cut things off with a person, it happened around 2015, and it took him to press a berserk button with a jackhammer (praising Pinochet) for me to finally stop talking to them. And even then, we did keep some kind of contact for some time.

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People on Instagram agree with you

The funniest part has to be the fact that Bolivia is still landlocked.

Okay,i suppose i will draw my own.

Uh, sorry, I don't have the hand for drawing. If you're asking because of my avatar, I lifted it from here:


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