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I like writing. It's the thing that drives me. My goal is to reach others through my work and have a nice talk.

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Vibe check · 12:59am September 12th

So, it's 11th of September, which means I get to remember that time the US supported a brutal dictatorship here in Chile, that lasted seventeen years, and which fallout we're still dealing with.

But unlike my previous annual freakouts over the situation, I want to try something different. I'll just put a list of opinions here and you guys can decide what to do. Comment, ask, PM, ignore, stop following me... Your call.

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Not gonna lie, when I say I don't remember where I was going, I mean it. The only reason I have a vague idea of how were things going to go is the sketchbook chapter. And that was written about 6 years ago (more if you count that this was the first story I tried to write before entering the site), so really hard to get back at that state of mind. Also, my time is just heavily limited.

I think Gurren Lagann is in this SRW story,too.From what I read,”Just who the hell do ya think we are!?”

I know you do.I feel the way you need to feel.Make story’s for everyone on fimfiction.How about you start with the decepticons taking over equestria.Twilight and Spike escaped and meet the autobots.They need to find more hero’s from other dimensions to take on an army this big.Next in chapter 2,They travel to dimension #2 and were attacked by the invaders.Luckily,Shin getter and mazinger z came to rescue them.The invader combined into a giant invader.Our hero’s defeated the invader the same way getter robo G and mazinger z defeated that giant hydra in the 1900’s movie.Then in chapter 3,they travel to dimension 3 where they were trapped by the anti spiral army.Suddenly,Gurren Lagann and gundum wing came.they helped them escape and fought the anti spiral race together.Then in chapter 4,They were now in dimension 4 as the armada arrived and started attacking the city.The power rangers super megaforce came to help twilight and Optimus stop them.Finally,They went back to their dimension to save equestria.Galvatron Nd the armad joined forces to stop our hero’s.But,Our hero’s were ready for themThe final battle begins!

Mostly the empty page syndrome. More specifically, with the "Decepticons invade Equestria" one I'm not even clear on how to start, and looking back, I can't even remember where I was going. On the "Twilight and Trixie are sisters" one, I just don't feel it.

  • Viewing 300 - 304 of 304
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