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I like writing. It's the thing that drives me. My goal is to reach others through my work and have a nice talk.


Starmare, the patron guardian of Opal City, once stood for truth and justice. She fought for the needed, bringing light among the darkness, until she disappeared. Since then, ponies have forgotten there was an age of wonder. They have forgotten to look up in the sky.

Now, here in Manehattan, meet Trixie Lulamoon. She used to be a star too, in her own way. But just as even the greatest star has to burn off, so did Trixie. She ended up in the city's scrapyard, trying to make a living among the iron and rust that is her home now. Trixie pass her nights looking up in the sky, hoping for a better day to come.

When Manehattan gets hit by the evils of the past, Trixie's life will change forever and ponies will remember that there's a reason to look up in the sky.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 15 )

I like it! i only wish there was more.
as is, this story gets a 6/10 on the :yay:itude meter.

Well, I will try to make more. The ideal here is to have two more chapters to develop and close the mini-arc. However, in view of my other projects going on, "try" is the operative word in that phrase.

Thank you very much. I don't remember saying this before, so I'll take the opportunity to thank you for all the support you've always given me since my early days. You're a very good friend.

7015374 well, it is marked as "complete". i thought that that was all there was to be.

Yeah, that's no not raise anyone's hopes on something that will take me a while. I'm usually slow already with new chapters and just started a new semester university, so until the next chapter comes out, this is all there's to see.

Think of it like Bowie's 1. Outside album; it's a narrative for itself, but it's also a piece of something bigger. Let's just hope the fic doesn't stay unfinished like the album trilogy.

Could make a nice animated short using this. If you got the right stuff, anyway.

Thanks, mate.

I think I was going for a more "visual" style when doing this, in order to rest a little from Actually, i'm Dead's dialogue-centrism.

What wonderful tribute!:twilightsmile:
Truly deserving of all the likes.
You haven't disappointed me with any of your stories yet.

Well, thanks a lot. This was a project I really wish I could pick on, but at least I'm really happy with how the first act came out.

This is a very interesting origin story (:trixieshiftright:) - it was based on the character of Stargirl from DC Comics, right? (I confess that I only know her from the Justice League cartoon :twilightblush:)

But there is a problem - now I want know what will happen next with Trixie and her sister (Does Celestia know about their secret?)! It teases a lot with them having to face their antagonists!

Starman, by James Robinson, who is Stargirl's predecessor. Courtney Withmore started as Star-Spangled Kid until Starman gave her the Cosmic Rod, so she changed her name to Stargirl to keep the legacy.

Now, on this story, just as I said a year ago (where does time go so fast?!), I can't promise the other two chapters will come anytime soon. but I can still offer the certainty that I am working on said chapters. Trixie and Gimmix aren't in the limbo yet!

(Celestia probably knew Hope Lulamoon as Starmare at some point, in a 'Superman talking to the president'm kind of way. Although I would like to think the Princess let her keep the secret identity out of respect).

I really hope we don't need to wait another 2 years for the next chapter. :raritywink:

I... will refrain from making any promises and just say I hope you enjoyed the follow up.

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