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Two sisters. Ancient power. Sealed evil. Thousand years.

Trixie couldn't care less about ancient history. Or so she thought before she got involved in a tangle of ancient evils awakening, a secret cult preparing for its return, and joining with a group of people who share her same abilities. Now she travels across the world along her newfound companions are the Ash Witches. They look for the only power that could hope to stop this ancient evil.

However, as their trip drives them to the frontier town of Neigh Orleans, they will be stopped by a new menace. A sadistic pair of mercenaries who could stop their mission for good. Trixie can save her friends, but only if she can take the impossible choice.

What will she do?

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Ever since Princess Twilight Sparkle's coronation, a subtle shadow has loomed over Equestria. As it would happen with such a big change in the world, her new reign has started many smaller ones. Some will be for good.

Some won't.

Trixie has just discovered the emergence of a great evil that's taking advantage of these changes. Such a monster will stop at nothing to grab any power it can.

Unless the magician can stop her.

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My name is Trixie. I don't know much besides that. I was traveling once, I think. I do remember getting lost.

I don't know where I am, but it's empty. I call it Nihilos. There's nothing in here but the remains of a world that moved on. This is what it left behind. I'm alone without the warmth of the sun, nor the guide of the moon. Only a mist that never leaves.

All there's left is the ruins of the world that was, and me.

Me, and the monsters.

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This story is a sequel to Actually, I'm Dead

After losing control of the Alicorn Amulet, the Elements of Harmony sealed Trixie inside an obsidian statue. She didn't refuse. She didn't fight back. Trixie gladly accepted her penance in order to keep her friends safe from her own demons.

But some things come back, even if they shouldn't.

Now Trixie has to figure out her own position in the great scheme. Yet as she does so, she will also have to protect her friends, and she doesn't know if she's strong enough.

Co-written with Nightwalker

[The story is Cancelled. I'm terribly sorry
Here's the sketchbook with the unpublished chapters, where it was going and the intended ending.

Cover art by Grandifloru. Used without permit until further notice (or the eventual C&D and/or stalking and murder, depending on the case).

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Starmare, the patron guardian of Opal City, once stood for truth and justice. She fought for the needed, bringing light among the darkness, until she disappeared. Since then, ponies have forgotten there was an age of wonder. They have forgotten to look up in the sky.

Now, here in Manehattan, meet Trixie Lulamoon. She used to be a star too, in her own way. But just as even the greatest star has to burn off, so did Trixie. She ended up in the city's scrapyard, trying to make a living among the iron and rust that is her home now. Trixie pass her nights looking up in the sky, hoping for a better day to come.

When Manehattan gets hit by the evils of the past, Trixie's life will change forever and ponies will remember that there's a reason to look up in the sky.

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Equestria is one of the most varied places in the world, where no city looks like the other. Every place here is almost alive, with a personality of its own. Be it a city, a town, or a nature’s reservation, you’re sure to find a history behind it that will shape every one there.

The fantastical land of Equestria, home of magic and technology beyond imagination.

However, something sinister is plotting to destroy the peace the Regal Sisters have maintained for over a thousand years. Only their faithful students, Twilight Sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon, can stop the shadow of war from eclipsing Equestria… and maybe the entire world.

Co-written with VampDash as part of The Mechaverse Project.

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The Accursed Alicorn Amulet. An item of great power, capable of giving any pony wearing it the power reserved only for alicorns. The power of a god among mortals. All of that, only at one price; your sanity.

Not an easy decision, isn't it? Sure, a mind is something precious and all that, but the temptation of having such a power can be too much for certain ponies. It was too much for Trixie, and she fell for it. It's a good thing that Twilight Sparkle managed to save her from a life of insanity.

But, what would happen if Trixie's sanity wasn't the only price to pay? What else could the Amulet take from Trixie?

Co-written with nightwalker

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This story is a sequel to Show MUST Go On!

In the distant future of Equestria, after a millennium of Princess Twilight Sparkle's rule, there's a filly under the name of Trixie Lulamoon.

At first, she didn't know what having that name implied. Till one day, when her family's legacy will catch up with her. She will find out what does having the Trixie name means. She will find out who was this "Great and Powerful" Trixie with whom she shares her name.

Only one pony really knows the truth, and is not who Trixie would expect.

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Trixie is a hitmare, a sniper. Way behind her are the days of the magician extraordinaire, but since the "ursa thing" she could't get any money from a performance, so she took the next thing she was the best at; hitting a target with anything.

It's not an easy life, but since there's allays someone wanting a bullet in someone's skull, it pays the bills. Of course, you have to be careful, not only when taking a hit, but also in every other moment. Being a mercenary is not Celestia's or Luna's favorite job, so you have two radars you would like to avoid and, of course, being a hired gun is a good way to have at least some guys vowing to have your head.

It would be impossible for anypony else, but not for Trixe. Under the code name 'Deadshot' there's no job she can't do, for the right price.

Almost nothing.

All the chapters rewritten by 15-03-2015

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I'm going to be honest here, I did this just for fun, without anything resembling a plot in mind (hence the random tag) and using DC Comics' Holidays Specials as a base (hence the crossover tag).

I don't expect this to be my next breakout fic or magnum opus, but I someone out there has a good time reading this, I'll know I did something good.

All of this was written in one single sit, no editors involved. Have that in mind before tearing this to shreds in the comments.

Somewhere, under a starry night: Trixie is traveling alone, not really knowing what date it is. But an unexpected call of help will give her a hint.

Peace on earth: Princess Cadance is taking her first night watch over the Crystal Empire when she encounters something really disturbing. Only her auntie Celestia can prevent disaster from happening.

It's our time now: Every well known 'villain' in Equestria has been invited to a particular mountain retreat, from simple jerks to all out 'aponylipse bringers'. Hilarity Ensues.

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