• Published 7th May 2015
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Actually, I'm Dead - Wave Blaster

What if the Alicorn Amulet did more to Trixie than we saw?

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Chapter 1: Trixie from Equestria, RISE!

Author's Note:

This is a testing chapter, for both the story and a new style I'm trying out.

I will continue or delete this story accordingly to its reception (mainly comments). In other words, this time, your comment can, and will affect the existence of the story. But no pressures.

As always, thanks for reading. Be sure to like and fav.

Update 07-05-2015: Thankfully spell-checked by Nightwalker.
Update 22-08-2016: Ultimate edition by Nightwalker (now with more English grammar!).

Twilight had grown to hate hospitals.

No, that wasn't fair. She didn't hate hospitals. She always found comforting the idea of having a place where the ill and injured could find aid. In that sense, Twilight loved hospitals. What she really hated were the reasons for being in a hospital. And right now, she and her friends were in the waiting room of Ponyville's Hospital for a very grim reason.

Twilight wasn't the only one uncomfortable with the situation.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash were both pacing around like two wild animals in the same cage, both looking down and only stopping to look up at the door. The same door that Rarity has been staring at uninterrupted since they entered the room. Next to Rarity, Fluttershy was seated too, but unlike the white unicorn, she was relentlessly trembling with her face hidden between her hooves. Finally, and the worst, was Pinkie Pie. Pretty much like Rarity and Fluttershy, she was sitting down, but she wasn't looking at the door or down at the floor. No, she was staring out the window at the horizon, not even blinking, and her hair was completely straight.

"How could this happen?" Twilight murmured to herself, not even sure on what to do with her friends.

And to think, things started out so well...

"With this amulet, I shall now rule all of Equestria!" Trixie announced before unceremoniously taking off the Alicorn Amulet and replacing it with Zecora's doorstop.

That had all been according to plan. Next, Rainbow Dash would pick up the Amulet, Trixie would be depowered and that would be the end of it. It was a good plan, and all the actors were filling their roles to a tee. A good plan indeed, until one actress missed her call.

"Hey!" Trixie shouted as Dash snatched the Amulet away from her. "*cough* I don't need that Alic--*cough* Alicorn...*pant* a-aaah..." She suddenly fell silent, trying to keep her balance but ultimately failing and falling limply to the ground.

"Trixie!" Twilight ran towards the collapsed magician. Something was wrong. Trixie was supposed to just lose the amulet's magic boost, not lose consciousness. As she finally reached her, Twilight surrounded Trixie in her magic, carefully lifting her from the ground and closer to herself.

"Sss... Sparkle?" Trixie softly called for her. "Why is... whys is so... c-cold?" She was getting pale, very pale. The azure of her coat was quickly leaving and being replaced by a very light blue. "Wha... what's happening to me?" Fear was clear in her voice and her eyes only showed fright.

"I-I don't-- I don't know." Twilight was panicking. True to her words, Trixie was already cold. "Help! Somepony help!" She called desperately.

"Sparkle, my enemy," Trixie continued. "Don-- Do not-- forget--Trixie..." She rode that last 'e' with her last breath, both air and life escaping from her body.

Time seemed to stop. Everything was moving slower than in reality as Twilight saw how Trixie closed her eyes. She wasn't even listening anymore, so she never noticed the two ponies approaching them till one of the bumped on her side. Doctor Stable and Nurse Redheart took Trixie from Twilight's magical aura and raced for the hospital.

Twilight sighed. It has been almost four hours since that happened. She was supposed to perform for the Saddle Arabian delegation by this time, but she couldn't focus on anything, and when Celestia heard of what happened, she excused her from doing it. So there she was, waiting for either doctor or nurse to come and tell them some good news.

Or bad news.

Any kind of news, really! Anything to alleviate this suffocating uncertainty that was slowly tearing her and her friends apart.
The clock was about to mark the hour when the doors opened. Both Nurse Redheart and Dr. Stable together walked over to them.

There's something funny about dying, you know; you don't feel too much. Believe Trixie, she knows. When Trixie died, she didn't know what was happening. Trixie just felt suddenly cold and then very tired. After that, it was like going to sleep. Trixie closed her eyes and let the sleep take her, forever.

Or that would have been the idea. The details are still lost to Trixie, but as far as she can tell, she isn't either resting or in peace. In fact, right now, she's strapped to a bed, with that unlucky charm again around her neck, but now there's also a horrible, horrible restraining ring around Trixie's magnificent horn.

Trixie wasn't scared, at all, although she had every right to be. But after several minutes of contemplation (that absolutely did not involve Trixie panicking) she remembered one of her oldest acts. With a smile on her graceful face, Trixie contorted a little here, pushed a little there and finally slipped away from those horrendous straps and walked away from that dreadful commoner's bed.

Trixie first tried with the main door, but she reasoned that whoever strapped her to the bed would also lock the door. Not even bothering to test her theory, for it was obviously correct, Trixie went for the window. She opened it and saw that she was on a seventh floor. Of course, Trixie's magic would be more than enough to let her descend from such a height without any problem. But the hideous restraining ring around Trixie's horn wouldn't let her do any magic, and she knew better than to try taking it off with only her hooves.

Stopping again to contemplate her problem, Trixie calmly held herself together. Still, even if her disciplined mind would allow Trixie to ignore such petty desires as thirst in a moment like that, her throat was feeling like sand and causing too much of a distraction. One she had dealt with that small bother then she could focus clearly on escape once more.

Locating a secondary door, Trixie easily found the room's bathroom. She walked in and took a sip of water, which felt uncharacteristically tasteless. When she was finished, Trixie lifted her head and, out of simple habit, looked at the mirror.

To this day, Trixie still regrets looking at the mirror. Trixie should have never looked at the mirror. Trixie should have never taken off the Alicorn Amulet-- No! Trixie should have never even touched the Alicorn Amulet in the first place. Trixie should have stayed on the rock farm, for if she did, she would be still alive, she would be still Trixie, instead of this... this...

"What am I?"

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