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I hate the sadness that flows through everything these days. How silly it is, then, for me to find joy in writing tragedies.

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    I now have a patreon!

    So... this isn't exactly something I ever expected to do, but certain circumstances say that I should. To put it simply, I'm in a situation where I feel like I need some support financial, as college is expensive and I don't usually have the ability to earn money during the school year. As such, I have decided to create a patreon, something that I am very unsure about but I feel I needed to do. Now, as I wouldn't just ask for you money without giving anything in return, each tier has different

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She's Lysithea, the walking nuke from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Who is the girl in your avatar, and where is she from?

Thanks for adding Pokémon Red and Purple to your tracking!

Got your PM. Gonna take a couple days to handle your thing, but it'll be done.

Hey. Just FYI, your bio has a error. It's "There are . . .".
I hate to be that one guy, but just wanted to let you know.

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