The Silver Trail Continuum is an ongoing collection of stories that Megaskullmon and I, Vaatidj, have created inside the Fallout: Equestria universe. Taking place over many points in history, the Silver Trail Continuum follows the journey of a robotic pony named Silver Gunner and the many allies that he makes in post-war Equestria.

This is where Mega and I will post all the different fanfics that make up the Continuum from both sides. If you are looking for a particular fic it will be in the folder belong to that author. If there are any stories outside of the Silver Trail Continuum, we will list them here if given promission by the author.

Please enjoy, and let us hope you all find the core value of friendship.

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Welcome to the silver trail. A collection of stories from wonderful Authors. Now not every story is part of the silver trail. There will be some that arn't part of that universe. But if silver is in it. then welcome welcome them.

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