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AU of the events of Silent Night by


Rescued by Sasuke and Naruto from the abandoned factory. A new beginning starts for Sunset Shimmer as she transfers to Hidden Leaf Academy. Making new friends and encountering three familiar faces as well. Sunset soon learns the HLA is twice as wild when comes to magical misadventure then anything she dealt with at CHS. from mad cultist to twisted scientists good thing Sunset's new friends are armed with kickass powers.

Rated T-16 for Violence, Language, and crude humor

Proofreading by MorpheustheDream

Chapters (11)

Anon decides to adopt a filly and record his experience as a Dad in a journal to do something with his life in Equestria. Except, being a father is hard work and comes at a great personal sacrifice. This is his quest to become a good father.

Chapters (8)

In the EQG Holiday Special, Sunset figured out that Anon-a-Miss was actually Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom.
But what if things happened differently?
What if Sunset never figured out who Anon-a-Miss really was?
What if her friends refused to listen after her little chat with Twilight?
For those who haven't seen it, the comic can be read here:

Chapters (14)

Herman always believed that ponies were an exceedingly friendly bunch, and he figured it was in their nature to be kind and open to all strangers—even to those of different races. But what if he was wrong? What if there was another explanation?

He mentions this fact in his memoirs, but shortly after he sends them to be published he is informed that the Royal Guard wants him for questioning in Canterlot.

Additional notes:
-Equestria Girls is not canon
Proofread by: Eckaji, Snakeskin Ducttape, Javarod, ROBCakeran53, and PresentPerfect
Artwork by: Ruirik
Featured on Equestria Daily
Review link: PresentPerfect and PaulAsaran

Chapters (8)

The story of a brony named Kyle who also happens to be a sarcastic ass with a horrible sense of humor! Can he take his new life in equestria? Or will the secrets he discover tear him apart?

The first fourteen chapters are written as if Kyle is looking back on it, writing from memory along side the company of princess Luna. Chapter 15 is when we catch up to his timeline, enjoy! (This fiction is finished. Just so you all know.)

Note, Sticking this here. THIS FIC WILL NEVER CONTAIN CLOP. Just saying. There may be references or hints. but never clawp. Evur. And don't ask me to write any either. Clop is...Scary. everyone has there problem points, Mine is porn and settings. So yea. Do people actually read these?

WARNING: This story wont be for everyone, The character in the book (And myself) Tends to ramble on with his thoughts leading them down unusual alley ways and beating them to death with sticks.

Also, First story ever submitted to...Anywhere. Most of it written while very cold. so my typing may be off. If you see any mistakes, please don't be afraid to tell me where they are, constructive criticisms also welcome.

Chapters (90)

So, I'm just a regular guy, right? I mean, I'm nothing special. I'm a college guy, just starting out, and all of a sudden while writing a paper, PRINCESS LUNA falls into my bedroom! Next thing I know, I'm being pulled into Equestria, Celestia doesnt like me, and i need to help fight Nightmare moon! My first fic, so constructive criticism is appreciated.

Chapters (12)

Proof-reader/Editor by FTR2017

Rated T for Teens Swearing

I had a pretty normal life...HAD being the choice word here. I lived with my grandmother who I swear we are too much alike...Which isn't a bad thing mind you. My brother, having two children who I loved to hyped up on sugar; and me a few weeks away to see my mother face to face, something I haven't done in a year or so.

My day started off normal like any others, get up, get something to eat and then maybe chill in bed before playing on my game system...that is until I was whisked away into another world because, someone decided to mess with a old magical book, and I made it worst by punching said person across the face...did I mentioned that said person; was the co-ruler of a land known as Equestria.

However, if she thinks she can say sorry and everything will be hanky dory with me...she has another thing coming!

My name is Brandon, and this is my story and why...sometimes, Sorry isn't Enough.

Chapters (13)

There is a world where Life and Death govern all imaginable realms. A world where Watchers guard over their planets and the creatures that roam them. In this world, a young soul goes on a journey to a place he never thought existed, after cutting an untold deal with Death.

Equestria, a place of magical creatures and mysteries, offers him a new chance at life. A chance he will have to pay dearly for. This is the written story of his adventures, some of the sorrows and victories of his life as he goes through great challenges and fights his inner darkness.

At the end of this journey, one begs the question: What is better? To be born good, or to overcome your evil side through great effort and sacrifice?

Tagged with Human for the prologue.

Follows show's cannon up until end of Season 2.

Now a published book!
And it's own TvTopes page!

First chapter published January 2012
Marked as Complete on 31st August 2014
Published (printed) on 25th November 2014

PM me for the full digital version of the now-printed book! (includes text PDF, full cover and fan art)

Chapters (37)