• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(79) Our life: Discord

-----Eclipse (10:28 PM) -----
The walk home had been…Uninteresting. Me getting upstairs into bed? Uneventful. Me removing the energy orb and then instantly crashing? Slightly painful.
I reached up and rubbed the back of my head. It was clearly late at night, Moon mist had curled up beside me she was dreaming about something fun though, he tongue was lolling out of her mouth and her back legs were twitching. I chose NOT to take advantage, and that was really hard to do. I gently scooted her out of the bed and looked at my clothes, they were clean. Little Luna was staring at me from the depths of my pocket. Most likely angry because I was moving. I just reached down and scratched her head. I ended up leaving the room. Now my schedule is all fucked up because of a day of working nonstop. Hate it when that happens. I ended up in the kitchen making myself some food. After eating I went back upstairs to bed. Mist just smiled. It was a very satisfied smile. I was jealous. How bad is that?

I ended up standing again after not ten minutes of sitting there. I walked over to the teleporter and triggered the silent mode. Remembering that that would be turning it OFF, I turned its back on. Few quick words and a flash, I headed out to the gardens. The guards along the way mostly nodded at me, a few smiled. Some actually shook their heads. Every time I saw this I just thought “I r disappoint.” Which made me smile at them. I ended up in the garden to find Luna wasn’t there. It was disappointing, yes but I figured I could wander a little. Eventually I just did that. I wandered. Where ever my legs wanted to go I went. Eventually I ended up in the opposite side of the gardens, the area I liked to refer to as the “Statue garden.” That’s all that was here. Some hedges, flowers. But mostly statues.

I wandered from statue to statue. I recognized a few from season twos intro episode. One especially. I stared at it for a long time.

“Discord.” I turned to face the speaker. It was Celestia. She didn’t know I knew. So I nodded.

“He was once a very powerful guardian. A protector if you will. With the power to bend and shape reality on a whim. Once, he ruled alongside us. Protecting my little ponies. Offering them guidance. Assisting when all hope was lost.” Really… So there’s more to discord then I thought.

“So what happened?” She looked to me. I just looked back at discord. He was frozen. Stuck. His face contorted into a look of surprise. His body permanently molded in an attempt to escape. I felt bad for the guy. Sure he was sort of a maniacal douche bag. But still. Getting your ass kicked by the power rangers would be less embarrassing if they weren’t pastel ponies.

“Well. One evening he fell in love. She was a beautiful mare. By the name of order.” Order. Imagine that.
“They were complete opposites. Discord loved planning, schedules. He would meticulously detail every event of the day. Order loved the chaos, she would do things on whim never plan out her day. She simply did what she wished. She was a very nice pony. But as with all things beautiful, she passed. And discord took it upon himself, and his power to resurrect her. But even a power such as his cannot break deaths hold without consequence. His mind became consumed in chaos, and eventually he found glee in it.”
There’s always a someone with good intentions fucking everything up isn’t there.

“His happiness in causing chaos eventually caused him to end his on lover’s life for a second time. Through an accident he caused, she died. And his mind took the final step. Pain, suffering, misery. Anything that was not truly happy he became obsessed with spreading, Chaos he called it. It was chaotic. But it was also deadly. Crops would rot under his control of day and night, weather would become uncontrollable. And eventually he learned to affect the minds of my little ponies.”
Jesus… It’s like a bad RPG script.

“After so much pain, my sister and I, we rose to stop him. Imprisoning him in stone. One year after Luna returned, he escaped again. That had been an eventful year, but still the Elements of harmony rose against discord. And through many hardships, they were able to seal him away again.”
I turned to face the stoned discord….Stoned. Funny.

“So where did his power come from?” She was quiet. Contemplating. I knew this silence.

“Fine, don’t answer; I don’t want to hear you lie.” I walked over and hopped onto the pedestal holding the stone discord, and began to climb him. Celestia just watched as I sat on his head. He was big. He stood almost twelve feet, and with his horns being so far back on his head, He made a pretty comfortable seat.

“He is not a chair.” I just laughed.

“Yea, but he also doesn’t care. He’s in stone remember?” I sighed and looked at the sky. Little luna crawled from my pocket and onto my lap. I pet her as she laid back down.

“The spark.” Figures. I looked down at Celestia.

“He had a spark. The same as you. He was a master at using its power; only two sparks have ever come into existence. And now you hold the second.” Well. Certainly explains some things.

“So, he had a spark? The ability to change the world as he saw fit. The ability, to shift REALITY to fit his will. And never once did you think It might be best to just kill him?” she shook her head.

“I cannot kill him. It is neither my place, nor his time.” Bull shit.

“Why not? What makes him special? Why can’t you just kill him?” Now she laughed.

“You truly do not understand your own power eclipse. You cannot die. The spark will rebuild you. In a different place, a different time, you may even be a different species, but once a spark has hatched in your being, it will never leave.” Right.

“So you’re saying if I kill discord then he would reincarnate potentially on a different plane of existence? Then come back of his own free will and terrorize you?” She nodded.

“Yes, it is entirely possible. However he may also not even remember us. As I said, he can be resurrected anywhere, at any time.” Okay. Fine.

“So He would not only have a chance of reincarnating as a different species with no recollection of your species, he may end up coming back at some time during his own time stream?” This shit is like a bad doctor who episode. Thank god I liked wibbley wobbly thinking.

“It is possible yes.” …

“Hold on. You think… You think he could pop up anywhere, at any time, and perhaps something in the world would influence him to knowing, or coming to feel a connection to this world?” Again she nodded.

“Have you…Talked to Luna? About me?” She shook her head.

“Why would I talk to her about you?” Because the pieces are falling together.

“Would you say, before his fall, discord was…A brother, or perhaps family to you two?” She nodded.

“Oh… And did he by any chance have a thing for Eclipses?” She nodded again.

“Yes he did, why is this of any importance Eclipse?” Ha… Wow.

“You said that there has only been two sparks, ever hatched. And have lived through generations?”

“Yes, eclipse what are you getting at? You are beginning to scare me.” She hasn’t figured it out yet.

“Well, Celestia, let’s say for a moment. What if there weren’t two hatched sparks? What if there was only one.” She thought a moment.

“Very well.”

“Good, now say for instance, what you say about reincarnation is true. He can appear anywhere at any time. Well. Let me put it this way, if he died here. Where would he appear?” She was deep in thought.

“I suppose. Anywhere is possible.” Yes.

“Now say for instance, he can appear in his own timeline, even after death.” She nodded again.

“Let me simplify this. Discord died. His body resurrected. He found something in his new body that reminded him of Equestria, or perhaps the spark influenced the world around him to make it happen. But eventually, he grew attached to this world. Thinking it was fiction, until the spark decided it was time to pull him back.” She was starting to connect the dots.

“You…Don’t mean to say that…” I looked at the sky and laughed.

“I guess my name is discord. Well fuck.” Little Luna huffed into my hand.

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