• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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Scroll Fifteen: Scrolls

"Let’s try and make it worthwhile.”

I stood from the small writing desk and stretched my arms and legs. My pen was dangerously low on ink, that last page used up the last of it.

It didn't bother me though; I took the scroll and gently wrapped it back into its casing. "Done already?" a wonderfully calm voice called from behind me. "Yea Just finished. That is the last of it Luna. The full journey. From the beginning till now. Now, no one is going to read this but us right?" I asked placing the scrolls into a small velvet sack hanging from my bed-post.

"Yes, it is a journal for just the two of us. Perhaps one day it will be shared. But that day is very far." I shrugged picking up the sack-o-scrolls and carrying them to her. She simply levitated them and teleported them elsewhere

"That’s good, there’s some private stuff in there." she laughed. "I know Eclipse. But you only wrote them because you thought it would be important." I began gathering and putting the various object cluttering my desk away.

"Yea, I know my thought process is hard to follow. I felt if anyone was to read it they may need to understand me more." I laid on the bed next to Luna staring at the brown canopy. Brown...Ugly color... "Eclipse. I don't think anyone could ever understand you. Truly you are an Enigma." I laughed.

"Don't call me Enigma please. I’ll just feel like a batman villain." I loved it when she smiled while she was confused. I would never tell her. But I thought she was gorgeous. It just felt wrong. Abandoning the species like this. But the reservations I felt about it had been slipping pretty hard the past few months.

I knew I wouldn't get back to my own world. So why not try and find happiness here? The world may not be like that in the cartoon. But what did that matter? These ponies all had hearts and minds of their own.

Couldn't I get past my reservations for love? "You’re thinking too much." Luna said while poking my forehead with a hoof. "I am not." I said sitting up. "Yes you were. You always get that cute little frown when you think too hard." I face palmed. Then I heard the door open and a squeaky-cute voice came from the door way

"Are you done yet! Come on! We’re missing the farewell party!" Brew was practically rambling at the speed she was talking. Luna and I looked at each other and smiled. I walked over to my tux suit and decided it IS a party after all. "I’ll meet you girls there. I’m going to change and pack a few things." Luna and brew left. And I started changing.

The party wasn’t much of a party in a party sense...Does that make sense? It didn’t matter. I moved through the crowd of "Rich" people.

Trying to reach Luna. But every time I did somepony got in the way. By the time I got to her I could swear she was laughing at me. "You took longer to change then most ponies here Eclipse. And you say you’re a male correct?" Celestia was trolling again.

"Hey now. Men like to look just as good as ladies, but still. That’s not what happened. I was packing." Celestia laughed. "I know dear. Come take a seat by Luna, enjoy yourself. Tomorrow you leave for Ponyville. And perhaps you may find a mare friend?"

I choked on the juice one of the servant ponies brought me as Celestia said that.
After a quick coughing fit and a "Ahaha funny" smile to Celestia she laughed. I smiled Luna just blushed. "Something wrong?" I asked her. As she looked at me. "No, no. Not at all. It just... Mare friends... Are you planning on getting one?" I thought about it.

"Maybe. I don't know. To be honest...” I sighed

"this world is amazing Luna. It really is. And I feel I should try to find somepony who can offer me the happiness I want to give them. But I’m a human. We are biologically different. Not to mention just generally speaking. I don't have much to offer in the way of stallion hood. So Maybe. As long as the relationship wasn’t about sex I think it could work." I took another drink. And looked at Luna.

"Your nose is bleeding." She snapped to me with really wide eyes and wiped the end of her muzzle "You alright?" She forced a laugh, you could always tell because she gets really loud "Yes! I am...Fine! Perfect!" she got up and teleported away. "Huh...”

About half way through the party a VERY drunk Brew approached me. "Whell hay dere shexy." I looked at Celestia and we both had a "Oh this will be good” smile. "I jusht noticished. Yur really cute fer an alien." I started laughing. And then brew passed out on the stairs. "Oh man, I’m going to taunt her on this before I go..."

Celestia and I both grew quiet when I said that.

"You uh... You’re going to let them stay right?' I looked at Celestia noticing she was deep in thought. "For now. I believe if you’re staying in Ponyville, Three more months should be enough to get a home yes?"

I thought about It I was in shape and able to work. Maybe on the farm? No... Maybe rarity would? No... Dammit... Let’s see, Right now I have. Still the three thousand bits... That’s enough to get settled... "How much would a teleport cost? On average, I mean." She thought a moment "About 200 bits a person I would say." Ouch....

"Let’s discuss my situation Celestia, I need to teleport those girls out to Ponyville after I get a place to live and get it stocked. Eventually thorn and Be could move, but I don't know If Brew is..." I looked at the drunken filly. "I know Brew isn’t able to take care of herself. She wants to be grown up, but no one is going to accept that."

Celestia just nodded after I explained my few Ideas to her. "It may take some time... But I am almost positive it could work. It’s a very nice Idea. So yes. I accept. It should be delivered to Twilight Sparkle by next month." I stood and walked to Brew and tucked her into my arms. Just human baby sized.

Crazy these ponies are so small... "I'm going to take her to the room... Thank you Celestia." I walked up and Hugged the princess of the sun, and I'm happy to report she hugged back Brew wiggled a bit because of it being uncomfortable.

"Sorry wee one." I said leaving the party. Everyone was staring at me after hugging Celestia. I stood at the bottom of the stairs looking around. "What?" Everyone went back to their party.

I made it to my room pretty quick. But stopped outside the door when I heard moaning. "Seriously..." I hung my head and walked out to the garden. Luna was there.

"Ah Luna, You abandoned the party pretty early there Hun." She nodded. "Yes, I was becoming...Uncomfortable." I leaned against her.

"Thinking about what I said weren't you." She laughed. "We know each other far too well for this to become a relationship Eclipse. You know this. We can always love each other but I fear us becoming lovers could ruin what we have." I laughed, I knew it was true.

"I know Luna. That’s why you’re always going to be my best friend. And thank you." She frowned "Thank you? For what?" I smiled. "For being the best friend a guy could have."

We talked a bit longer until she finally got curious. "Why are you holding Brew?" I laughed. "She got drunk, hit on me. And then passed out." Luna started laughing and then got serious "You’re not thinking of..?" She let the question hang. Think about what? OH! "No no, not at all. She’s just...She needs protection Luna, and to be honest, who's a better protector then the guy with a spark activated by it?"

She smiled and nodded satisfied with the answer. "Did you discuss the living situation with my sister?" My turn to nod, though I ended up just letting my head fall back onto Luna.

"Yes. I discussed the Teleport disks with her, she agreed. But it’s going to be expensive. I'm going to need a big house." She laughed at this. "You do not need to shelter all of them eclipse. Thorn and Be are very strong voiced young lady's." I thought about earlier in front of my room.

"Yea, that's true." She blushed. "I mean that they can take care of themselves. Brew can too. You need not worry about them. They have all been given farewell presents from the royal family." Farewell?

"You mean you’re paying them to leave?" She nodded. "Pretty much." That’s intense. "Why? If you don't mind me asking." I don’t know how she did it but she rested her chin on my head, which was on her back.

"Because you’re the only reason they are staying. They love you Eclipse. You've grown to be a brother to these girls and you've only known them a few months." I laughed. "I guess I’m attempting to collect the most angsty horrible back-story riddled ponies I can find." She smiled at this. "Yes. And you’re doing a very good job. But they cannot come with us to Ponyville." Suddenly I wasn’t very happy. "What do you mean...?” She shook her head.

"It’s time for them to go eclipse. You have a new life now." I don't know what it was about the way she said that. But, I just knew it would be okay. "You’re right...” I placed Brew on the grass. "No better time than the present, you ready?" Luna stood up. "Just let me focus." Brew started waking up. "Eclipse?" I looked at her and smiled. "Be good?" She started crying as a wave of light overtook me and I appeared outside Ponyville.

"Hoh god no." I started to fall but Luna caught me. "We really must get you used to that." I struggled to laugh but it sounded more like a gurgle. "Perhaps we should rest here." I lost consciousness.

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