• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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Scroll Eleven: Loss

And here it is, the big bad "I’ve lost everything" Emo scroll. I would normally say you should just skip this one with all its tender moments and shit but really, it would just confuse you more. Shit, maybe I’m wrong and it will help you understand a little better.
Anyway, I'm sure at this point your kinda wierded out by the whole manticore killing thing, I mean. That kinda power was cool... It’s just a shame it was temporary. I’ll explain now.

I awoke to a strangely familiar hopping on the bed. "Oh my Be, what have you brought me this time...” I opened my eyes to see her looking at me. It was still nighttime. "Be? How did you get here? Its night time...” She just gave me a sad smile and tapped her horn. "Oh right. Unicorn, what’s wrong?" I could tell something was bothering her, she hadn’t said a word, And Be LOVED to talk. She had been crying. I think it was about that time I figured it out.
"Lance?" She started crying again. OH… Be. I ignored the pain sat up and pulled her to my chest, I was pretty sure my wound opened again, but to be honest, less shit couldn't be given. "I'm so sorry." She just cried. All I could do was hold her... Until I lost too much blood and fainted. DAMN ME!

I woke in a dark room with only a single light pointed down on me, and immediately thought "OH MY GOD I DIED!" Thankfully a pony i recognized moved her head in front of the light and it calmed me down, but why does she look so sad? Why can’t I move? Luna? Why are you looking at me like that? Did something happen? My vision began to fade. And I heard my mouth work once more. "Was it my fault?" I heard somepony burst into tears again. Then I was out

I awoke once again in this dark room. Why was I still here? I tried talking again, it didn't work. "He’s awake again; Luna your spell is working less and less. We need to have a decision quick." what’s he talking about? Luna's here? I wish I could see her. Luna is very pretty, she always made me calm. "Very well... Remove it. His life is worth too much." I heard her. Such a nice voice Luna has. Oh dear. Here comes the dark again. I don't like the dark.

My voice caught in my throat I was screaming, so much pain! My eyes shot open and I could see Luna just over me, a small glowing silver orb next to her being held in her magic. Luna? This pain! I tried to speak but I was too busy screaming. Why, why did I feel so empty? I don't understand! The black came back...

I woke in my bed in Canterlot. How did I get here? I felt my gut, I had no shirt on, but I had pants and boxers, I looked to where the manticore stabbed me. I froze. Why? My flesh on the left side of my chest in a large circle of what looked like vines, or veins. Either or, of Grey flesh stretched from my stab wound. It was sealed like it never happened. But the flesh was cold. The rest of me was normal, just that spot where I was stabbed had ROOTS of grey, cold, flesh growing from it. I heard a soft voice from the bed next to me. "You shouldn’t look at it...” I turned to see be and Thorn next to each other, Be was the one that spoke. "I'm so sorry Eclipse. It’s my fault... I, I shouldn’t have come in to you." I looked at her then back to the roots. "What is it?" She started to cry, Thorn took over. "It’s called leechwood. It’s a very special type of plant. It will constantly feed itself off of your life force. But it will keep you alive, only to continue feeding." I looked at it again. She was right, It had a woodish texture too it, and it was hard. "It’s, feeding off of me?" I was... blank... "Luna said that she made a decision. I'm not sure what that means. But I’m sorry; Leechwood only lasts so long before it kills the user. We hope that because you’re of another species, your body can take the strain." I laughed, I did. I just laid back and laughed. I was going to die. By a tree. Oh irony...

I was walking through the castle, trying to find Luna, It didn't take long, Library, Reading a book, Duh. It’s a shame that I couldn't read too well, Luna didn't want to tell me the name of it (She was sooo happy to tell me the dreams and spying one...). Though the title had -eac- ---d on it, so I filled in the blanks.
"It’s about the leechwood right?" Luna looked at the ground. "Just tell me. They said you made a decision, I won’t hate you Luna. Just...Help me here...” She looked at me with tears in her eyes. Why do they all have to be females! Makes it so much harder! "You’re human." That was all she said. I thought about asking her what she meant but she teleported away.
Why does everything have to be so difficult! "You’re human. That’s what she said right? You’re human. Your...Human... Oh...”

I tried my best to do laps around the castle, I made it to about half way through the gardens before I was exhausted, sweating bullets and unable to breathe... "I'm human...” I said between gasps. That was her decision. She fed this. Thing, my...Stuff, making me human... No more forever runs, no more super strength, no more amazing stamina. Just...Me.

I was okay with it. In fact. It made me happy. And everyone noticed it; they thought I was frightening when I was mad? Oh man, Walking through this hallway with a big ass goofy grin on my face, I swear at least two of these ponies peed themselves (Lies, though they did run.) It was like they expected me to suffer spontaneous mind fuckery and start killing everyone. And I of course thought, Sure! Let’s ruin my chances at a decent life! I made it to the throne room being all smiley when Celestia saw me and immediately got worried; she canceled the rest of the petitions to deal with "A matter of national crisis" Bahaha.

She just wanted to hit on the alien with the tree-gut. Eventually she led me to the familiar hallway leading to my room, Celestia's room, and Luna's room. When she stopped. "Eclipse. I ask you this with all sincerity. Are you all right?" I laughed. "I'm great, I never wanted super powers. I never asked for them. I'm glad they are gone. My life may be a bit more difficult now. But at least I get to live it as I should." Celestia smiled. An actual smile, not her normal pompous ones. A warm smile. "That is good. Perhaps I could ask you to take it upon yourself to comfort my dear sister? She has been...Indifferent, to most anything since your return. I believe she thinks you hate her." Celestia was looking at Luna's door the entire time. "I...Yea, I’ll help her out."

I knocked on Luna's door...For about the eighth time she responded, "Go away eclipse..." Why are they always sad! Why?!
Again I blamed it on myself. "Luna, Open the door..." I had my head resting on the door. I had been trying to convince her to open the door for at least ten minutes now to no avail. "No, go away...” ARGH! "Fine, Fuck it." I pushed my way into her room. "How Dare you enter a princesses chamber!"

She started yelling and throwing her pillows at me using Telekinesis, they were pillows, I was pretty much unfazed as I walked up to her bed, Climbed up next to her and wrapped my arms around her neck in what I could only hope was something like a hug to ponies. (I was SO right.) She started crying as the remaining pillows dropped to the bed again. To be honest. I was really happy that worked as I began stroking her mane, she began falling asleep, (d`awww. at least, in my opinion.) as she fell asleep on my shoulder, I realized something. This was going to be an uncomfortable night.

Celestia was kind enough to raise the sun and lower the moon on her own when she came to find Luna asleep on my shoulder, my back hurt like hell. I had been holding Luna's head all night; I didn't want to move because I didn't want to wake her. It was, disappointing to say the least. Celestia had walked in, saw me and Luna together, I mouthed "Help me" And she just smiled, and left. Evil! So I was fortunate enough to hold Luna's head on my shoulder (I still hadn’t stopped stroking her mane, it just felt good. Like, velvet, or silk. But without that tingly feeling. I can’t explain. Just take my word on princess-mane being awesome.) For at least another hour before she regained consciousness

. I’m not going to lie. When she got up, I fell on her bed. My whole body ached from sitting in that one position for that long. "Oh. I I’m sorry, I did not mean to fall asleep, are you okay?" I laughed a little. "Would you believe me If I said I was tired?" She smiled, it was nice. "Yes."

Me walking around smiling was still freaking ponies out. I NEVER smiled in the castle, unless I was with Luna, or thorn. So seeing me, alone. Smiling. Must have been a really horrible omen to these guys. I mean, WOW. Eventually Luna joined me and they stopped caring so much. Just for a test I had her leave a moment and turn the corner. I smiled and all the ponies got all "Oh god" Again. It was hilarious; it was like they were trained.

Some prophecy or some shit "If he with tree-gut smiles without the night doom shall fall" Or something. Fuggin funny. But, I joined up with Luna again and then we both went to town (I was wearing the clothes I first came to Equestria in. they were washed. Clean, Nice.) We stopped by that little coffee shop and I ordered a special, Luna got all curious and wanted one as well when she figured out I made it. She drank it and instantly demanded the recipe be delivered to the castle, speaking of, the only reason people weren't currently flapping their mouths at Luna, was that I still wasn’t wearing a shirt. The leechwood was clearly visible, and everyone thought it was gross. I didn't. I thought it was kinda cool.

"So Luna, Finish drinking first of course, but. Is leechwood supposed to be this, Silver?" She choked. But was able to breathe again in a few moments. "Uhm, well... No. Not exactly. The leechwood takes the color of the energy source it’s feeding from." Well, okay... "Shouldn't it be red? I mean my bloods red...” I poked it. "If it was feeding off of you directly, yes." whoozawhut? "Excuse me? You’re going to have to explain this one, I missed the punch line."
She stared at her frothy whipped-cream covered beverage.

"Well, I uh... It’s feeding off your magic." I was lost... "You see, the reason you had the. Well. Powers you did was because of something the magic community calls a Spark. It’s like...Ohh. Human words... A generator. A big power generator, that only gives just enough to live with unless accessed. In your case, it’s an anchor. I'm not sure what could happen if you pull the anchor up. So we decided the only way to save you, was to allow the leechwood access to your spark. Thankfully a spark never runs out of energy, so long as the soul it’s been marked for still lives." So...Wait...What? "I’m sorry....what?" Luna sighed. "I gave the leechwood your soul so you can live." Oh. "What?"
"You’re not making this easy eclipse!" I laughed "If I made it easy what fun would it be!" she laughed. Good times.

We made it back to the castle without much difficultly, and my awesome new tree gut was actually pretty cool. As I learned more, it would will actually stimulate physical growth, Increase metabolism, and generally make me healthier. So long as I don't try and access the "Spark" Of my magic. I would be fine. But that's where the line is drawn, if I use the sparks power too much, eventually the root will devour me. Luna gave me roughly ten (Optimist) times to use the spark before it consumed me as a whole. Well. Shit right? I asked her if there was a way to control it, So that it wouldn't work unless I wanted it too. And she pointed me too her sister who just said "The necklace is being worked on. Try and relax."

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