• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(78) Our life: Steamy.

(((Those of you who already read the previous chapter, I finished it this morning, you may need to go back to read just after Ull falls asleep. Sorry about any confusion this may cause.)))

------ Moon mist (9:47 AM) -----
Today was going to be another slow day. There was no other way to put it. The few ponies that came in had come for a recharge on various objects and then left. I don’t mind having slow days, but its almost like most ponies in Ponyville just don’t use magic! And while that is absolutely true since most are either pegasi or earth ponies it was still very… Unfortunate. The store was at least making enough money to coast by without much worry. I wasn’t pulling in much spending cash either, but that’s not a problem. There aren’t many things I need to buy in this town. Groceries every now and again…Then I was struck with an epiphany.

“I’m seriously bored.” I laid my head down onto the counter in front of me. I need some pony else to work here. I need company!
But of course during my inner monologues I didn’t see rainbow dash enter the store.

“Moon mist! Hey! Guess what! Your mate is hanging out with a dragon!” Mate? Eclipse? Dragon? I sighed.

“Most likely…” She looked flustered a moment.

“No really, he is talking to a dragon.” I just nodded. Which ended up looking more like I was trying to bend my head into the counter.

“It’s Eclipse. He does things like that.” She looked at me and huffed.

“Fine. You’re boring.” Then she left. It’s not MY fault that eclipse talking to a dragon doesn’t surprise me. Blame it on him!

“I want a little Luna…” I sighed.

-----Eclipse (10:14 AM) -----
I was working on the last solid foot of ice. It was amazing how just a short rest helped me speed the process back up. Bull’s eye had been asking Ull about everything from dragon anatomy to questions about his previous owner. She was a unicorn. Not an alicorn. So my thoughts of it being Luna were shot out the window. Although throughout it he was quite adamant that she was in fact an alicorn. Even though she had no wings. Be tried to explain that an alicorn has both wings and a horn and blah blah blah.

To be honest I tuned them out. It was tons of fun listening to them argue the finer points of ‘alicornism’ but still. It was pretty annoying!
After I finished the last of the ice off I looked at the area around me. The whole place was flooded; the bodies of already degrading Timberwolves floated loosely in the water, and any trees near the center of the blast were actually bent outwards. Ull set about placing them upright. I got to work steaming out all the flood water.
Bulls-eye watched. What could she do? It’s not like she had intense super awesome magic, or the ability to move trees with one hand…Claw. Thing. Jeez… I’m kind of a dick!

“Hey bulls-eye, why not tell us more about yourself?” She just laughed at that.
“Eclipse, you know most of everything about me! Why not try something new, tell me about yourself!” Ull perked up on that one. I just looked at her.

“I’m…Pretty simple, I like being happy, and I like making others happy. Aside from that, I love my friends and family. I’m a hard core music lover, and…I suppose I’m kind of… I don’t know; Why not ask me questions, me telling you about myself this way is pretty boring.” They both laughed as I went back to setting the water on fire.

“Okay… Let’s see here. What do YOU think about Ull’s alicorn?” Jesus. Drop it!

“I don’t think it was an alicorn, the only alicorns' I know of are Luna and Celestia, but none the less, I think he would know the difference between an alicorn and a unicorn. He IS like a thousand bazillion years old.” Ull nodded like some sort of sage as Be coughed.

“Okay, fine. He wins this round then. Let’s see… What kind of creature do you want to meet the most?” I laughed.

“To be honest, the top of my list were you ponies and a dragon, diamond dogs seem interesting, but really. I don’t know many other species around Equestria. I never studied them much. Though, if you had them I think vampires, or werewolves would be next on my list of meets.” I stopped flaming it up and waded over to the dry land near Ull. The water had actually started receding but it still came up to my shins. Be had gotten wet on her initial trot over to me. And my feet were now sickeningly cold.
I focused and watched as they lit on fire.

“See that’s cool.” Be just laughed as steam rose off my clothes. It was pretty cool that the fire didn’t affect my clothes, just the water in my clothes.

“Well Eclipse. Meeting you and your friend has been quite the honor. However, I must check my cave for thieves; I hope to meet you again.” I nodded as he stood.

“Ya know Ull, My house is right near the forests edge, you ever need something, just come pay me a visit, I’ll see if I can help you out.” He laughed as he began stepping over myself and be, moving through the forest at an incredible rate. He was out of our sight in moments.

“I didn’t realize dragons were so fast.” Be said while staring into the tree line. I just nodded and looked at the small pool.

“You know any faster ways to get rid of water? Burning it takes a long time.” She just watched as I sat next to her.

“Well… You could try planting those miney things and have them attack the water.” I would have to replant them a lot…

“Not really any good… I need like… I don’t know… We could just leave it here; eventually it will disperse on its own.” She just shook her head.

“You would drown the trees.” Drown the? Seriously?

“I…Uh… Never mind, you know what, I’m sure you know more about trees and shit then I do, so okay, that’s cool.” But one thing I have over her… Is the ability to blow shit up!

I stood and waded into the center of the water.

“What are you doing eclipse?” She sounded genuinely curious. I laughed.

“You know how I lit my shoes on fire and it got rid of the water?” she nodded as I settled into the middle of the pool.

“Well, I’m going to do that with my whole body, hopefully it being on as hot as I can get it will speed this up!” She just shook her head.

“You realize this is a stupid idea right?” I smiled as my body ignited.

“You have a better idea?” I couldn’t hear her reply as the water began hissing where ever it touched me, sending plumes of steam into the air. I of course was batting at the steam with my hands out of sheer boredom!

------Rainbow dash (10:25) -----
The steam coming from over the everfree was clearly visible. It was eclipse, without a doubt doing something stupid! Does he have any idea how hard this was going to make my job for the next few days?

“UGHH! COLTS!!” I yelled as I began to take off over the forest. The wind in my mane felt amazing, especially at this time of day! But as I drew close to the steam banks, it was begging to make me sweat. I felt like I was in one of those spa rooms again, at least this time I could fly. I stopped over the steam cloud and looked down. At this altitude the steam wasn’t too hot; it was just warm and thick.
I began looking through the clouds and eventually I found eclipse, He was sitting in the middle of the pool, literally sitting in it. His body was coated in flames as he sat there and I could tell without even being near him that he had a stupid grin on his face. I flew down to the outskirts of the steam banks, circling until I found bulls-eye and landed next to her. The steam hissing off eclipse was an almost constant noise. It was loud, but stand able.

“BE!” Bulls eye looked over at me and smiled.

“Hi dash! You come to say hello to eclipse?! I wouldn’t try it! The steam in the center is VERY hot!” Well DUH. We were yelling at each other over the noise. It was actually kind of funny.

“Well actually! I came over to see if eclipse knows where that steam is going!” She laughed but it was drowned out by the steam.

“No! I don’t think he has the slightest clue!” I sighed and watched as eclipse finished destroying the skies over Ponyville. This rain was gonna have to come down somewhere.

-----Eclipse (11:23) -----
I had been sitting in the middle of the deafening steam bath for little over an hour now. When the water finally finished and I extinguished myself I couldn’t hear anything. As the steam baths cleared and I saw rainbow and Be looking at me like I broke something. Which to be honest, I most likely HAVE broken something. That’s just my luck. I walked over and noticed rainbow was talking. I couldn’t hear her so I laughed. They looked at me like I was stupid. I pointed to my ears and tried to say calmly that I couldn’t hear, I must have yelled though, they flinched. Bulls-eye just shook her head as her horn glowed and she motioned for me to come down to her level. So I did. And she touched her horn to my head. A warm glow filled my vision and the sounds of life came back. She pulled back as her horn extinguished.

“Better?” she asked head tilting to the side. I smiled at her and nodded. Then rainbow pushed me to the ground the rest of the way and sat on my chest.

“Do you have any idea what you have done?” she kept poking me with her hoof.

“My job?” She sighed. I was confused!

“No you dummy! All that steam goes up, in the everfree it will turn into clouds. Then those clouds will become storms. That was a LOT of steam, which means a LOT of rain. Get it?” Not really.

“If it’s over the everfree what’s the issue?” She just sighed and jumped off me.

“If it’s over the everfree, it moves on its own, the chances of Ponyville being hit by this storm you just made are pretty big. And that was a lot of steam!” Ohhh okay.

“Well…Shit.” Rainbow nodded as Be laughed.

“Well, I mean. Before that happens and all that… Can we go home?” I was beat, the only reason that I was still able to move was because of this orb. I need to give it back to mist too.

“Yea, eclipse. Rainbow, let’s go home okay? Those orbs aren’t meant for long periods of time.” That’s for sure.

“Alright, you two head back, I gotta catch up with the rest of the weather pegasi around town and figure out what were gonna do.” Rainbow flew off before saying good bye.

“Did I piss her off again?” Be just nodded as I followed her through the woods.

Maybe I should visit the castle. Got this weird feeling I’m missing something there.

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