• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(21) Life: Eyes

A couple minutes later and I was in the center of Ponyville, not that this was impressive or anything I was more impressed by the fact that ponies were…Well. Not staring at me.

The day was sunny so most of the mud had dried, aside from a few horrible spots which still looked like you can swim in them.

I didn’t know what to do, I was a little bit lost just trying to wander around town, It was like my body knew I didn’t have a purpose and just wanted me to sit down. So I obliged it. I found a nearby bench and sat, watching the unusually bright ponies go about their daily business.

I saw a few back-ground ponies. But there was really no reason to talk to Lyra, she just ended up staring at me when she saw me until bon-bon apologized from a distance and dragged her off.

I didn’t mind to be honest. Dr.whooves had sat next to me and we struck up some conversation. Eventually I asked if he knew what a police box was. He didn’t. Surprise!

Shortly after that he left and I was alone sitting again. I started rubbing my face. It’s a natural reaction to annoyance or thinking too much. I’ve done it since I was a kid.

I dropped my hands and was surprised to find a pair of glasses wrapped in a purple aura. “They are yours… I kept forgetting to give them too you… Feeling better?” Twilight sat on the bench next to me as I grabbed my glasses putting them on, suddenly the world seemed brighter.

“OH man! Thank you Twi! I haven’t even thought about how little I could see! Oh look the mayor! Shame I would have to yell to say hello.” I was happy. My glasses man, now ponies don’t have to be within thirty feet for me to recognize! Yay!

“Well you sound better, and you’re welcome. Is there something wrong with your eyes?” I laughed.

“Uh yea, I have what an optometrist or eye doctor back where I’m from. Calls a Stigmatism in my right eye, my left is just…off, so these glasses were specially made to help me see everything. I couldn’t recognize ponies until they got pretty close, with these I can see a little ways past the mayor’s house from here, for instance, that’s AJ leaving the mayors building right now.” I smiled. I can see! Oh happy days!

“That’s nice, I never thought about how it would be to not be able to see. But I am glad I could return them to you… I hate to ask Eclipse but are you really feeling better?” I could hear her concern. It was pretty unnecessary. But I liked it none the less.

“Yea hun, I’m fine. Let’s just say rainbow and I talked and things got interesting.” I looked at her to find her blushing. Really?

“Wrong kind of interesting Twi.” She sputtered and coughed into her hoof.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was just thinking.” Right, about rainbow dash and I.

“Twi, you ever try your hand at writing?” I leaned back against the tiny bench.

“Oh of course! I’ve written over four novels! Though I never did send them to be published. I’m worried they may think that they aren’t any good.” She fears rejection, understandable.

“You ever write…Let’s say, Fantasies?” I wonder if I’m gonna have to explain further.

“Oh yes! Actually my most recent book is based on the adventures and exploits of Star Swirl the Bearded!” I’m gonna have to explain it.

“I mean fantasies. Dirty ones.” I wanted to look at her face but I was too busy not smiling.

“Oh um... I…Uh… I think I forgot to tell spike I was leaving.” Oh yea, She did.

“Don’t go writing any about me without allowing me to read them alright?” I finally looked at her, her face was unbelievably red, she shook her head and started walking to her house.

“That was fun, two big questions down. It’s almost twilight’s birthday, and she writes dirty fantasies. What to get her...” I ended up deciding that something for twilight would be a really nice set of quills. So I went to the one place that sold them in town. “Quills N Sofas”

I entered the building to find a large collection of sofas. I walked to the front desk to find the same stallion who tried to get spike to buy a sofa was behind it. “Howdy! Here for quills? Or sofas?” Interesting question, maybe I’m here for something else?!...*Sigh* such a dork.

“Yea, I would like to make a special request of quills.” His eyes brightened immediately.

“Special request, like. Special quills?” He was sitting when I came in but now his hooves were on the counter between us.

“Uh… Yea, that’s what I said. You’re not going to scoot closer are you? I mean, you’re already in my bubble, and that’s cool, but if I start thinking you’re gonna kiss me I’m leaving.” This guy was like, right in my face.

“No worries” He whispered “I’ve got exactly what you need.” WOW it’s not a drug deal Mmk?

“Seriously, you need to calm down good sir.” He backed up and pulled a magazine from behind the shelf with his hooves (How?) placing it on the counter.

“Some of the best quills in existence are right in here. Take your pick, I’ll wait.” This guy could be a creepy stalker in a heartbeat.
I took the magazine off the counter. “Thanks, I’m gonna borrow a sofa.” I went and sat down trying to ignore his stares as I looked through the catalogue.
“Why in god’s name are there over four hundred types of quill?” This was ridiculous.

“Seven of number 384. Phoenix quills. Please and thank you.” He immediately sat up and wrote some things down, I put 7 gold bits. (Seven hundred dollars. She better be fucking ecstatic!) And waited.

“And when do you need these by?” I thought...

“well hmm. I’m gonna say…Sunday at the latest, Its Thursday now, But I’ve got another gold bit If they make it to me by tomorrow.” I could almost see him wet himself as I said that.

“Oh they will be here sir, have no fear! Just sign your name here.” I signed his stupid delivery sheet.
“You live at the mayors?” I sighed. Here it comes.

“No, I work with her; I can explain the package without ruining the surprise to her.” And there it is. The ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ stare.’

“You work at the mayors?” I nodded. And then he did something I didn’t expect. He pushed three gold bits back in my direction.
“What? The price is gold a quill, feather thing.” He nodded and added solemnly.

“The price is that high, but if your helping the mayor then I can’t take all your money, it just wouldn’t feel right. Consider it a discount, or on the house.” God damn these ponies!

“Why? Why can’t you accept the fucking money!?” And there’s the anger.

“Because this whole town cares for the mayor, she is massively overworked, and anypony who helps her so willingly is okay in my book. Keep her safe eh Eclipse?” With that he took the four bits placed them in the register and walked into the back. I stared after him the entire time.

“This is stupid…” I pushed the bits back onto the counter and left the store, he has my order. He’s taking my fucking money.

I stepped outside and closed my eyes as the breeze hit. It cooled my face and left me a little…Little. Less irritated, why do these ponies treat me like this because I can sign a form? And then I felt a poke at my knee. I looked down to find apple bloom looking up at me. “Hay there Eclipse! Ya busy right now? Cause I could really use yur help.” Oh good, A distraction.

“Sure, what’s up bloom?” she laughed and started walking. A few minutes later we were outside town, I recognized Scootaloo immediately, and she was staring at a tree, yelling at it I think. As we got closer I was right, but she wasn’t yelling at the tree.
“Sweetie Belle your fine! It’s only a tree! Just climb down!” Oh my god. That’s awesome; Sweetie Belle is stuck in a tree.

Apple bloom stopped a short way from Scootaloo and yelled. “Sweetie Belle? I got some help! He’s comin ta get ya now!” Apple bloom looked at me; the tree wasn’t that large really. But I suppose if you’re not 6`2 it would be. I walked over and could easily grasp the lowest branch, was way above the three of them though... I pulled myself up and repeated the process about four times before I found a cowering Sweetie Belle who had tucked her head into her tail. I wanted to D`aww and cuddle her; but that’s for another time.
Okay, she doesn’t know me, she can’t see me… If I touch her, she will flip if she sees me she will flip. Urg... Well...Allright. “Sweetie Belle?” Fuck, She saw me and immediately back pedaled falling out of the tree, I didn’t care that there was a branch in the way I forced my way under it and grabbed sweetie belle in midair, Wrapping my left arm around her I tried keeping my other arm over my face as we fell, I could feel one of the larger branches hit my leg, I yelped in pain and moved my arm from my face, We hit the ground with a sickening *Snap* Sweetie Belle took a minute to recover but she was fine, a few branches but that’s about it. My adrenalin faded after I confirmed her safety and I sat up, a bolt of pain shot through my right arm. “Oh son of a bitch…” I looked at my arm to find that the elbow had inverted,
“Uh, Eclipse, Is your arm supposed ta do that? “ Oh apple bloom. Good thing I’ve had worse!

“I don’t suppose you girls know the way to the hospital from here do you?” I was in a lot of pain…

“I’ll take you! Scootaloo and Apple Bloom should try and find your parents!” I laughed. And choked a little, Sweetie Belle, What a Sweetheart.

“Actually if you two wouldn’t mind, Could you find Princess Luna or twilight and tell them I’ll be at the hospital? It would help a lot.” They both nodded and ran off as I stood and began following behind Sweetie Belle. I knew my arm was broken, no way it wasn’t at the angle it was, but at least my leg was relatively unscathed. Hurt, but that was it. The journey was made in silence until we could see the hospital.
“I…I’m sorry.” Hmm? “I didn’t mean for you to get hurt, I just was scared is all. But you saved me, and now you’re hurt.” I laughed. No choking, that’s a good sign.

“Don’t worry about it hun, this is not the first time I’ve broken my arm, heck, this isn’t even the worst I’ve had it. A quick cast if it shattered, if it’s not that or fractured then I can pop it back into place myself.” I could almost swear I heard her gag, but it didn’t matter, we walked into the hospital. Which for some reason immediately made me feel like I was in prison. Either way, I walked up to the front desk to find nurse redheart.

“Ah, hello miss?” Stupid pretending. She looked up from her magazine.

“I’m nurse...Wow, that’s not healthy. You need a doctor?” I laughed.

“Yea, pretty much, I just need to know if my bone shattered, or fractured. If not then I would really like to be able to stop patting myself in the back.” Again with the gagging noises, Sensitive aren’t they?

After the nurse recovered. “Oh yes dear follow me.” She led me through the rather finely decorated halls of this hospital to find a tan stallion with brown hair. I didn’t like him, I just knew it.

“Doctor this strange boy just needs to know if his arm has any pieces out of place, can you assist him?” The doctor just nodded walking away from another patient to have his horn glow over my arm. A few minutes of what I assumed was a scan he determined that my arm was simply, VERY dislocated. Just as Luna and twilight ran in with Apple Bloom and Scootaloo.
“Oh good the whole fam-damily is here. You may want to look away.” I placed my broken arm onto a nearby desk as everyone wondered what the hell I was talking about, Then I brought my other hand down on my elbow with a sickening *Crack* I closed my eyes trying to fight back tears a few minutes before I tried my arm, good as new, Would be a bit sore for a while though… I looked around to find faces of pure disgust on almost every pony in the room, Aside from twilight, who had fainted. And Scootaloo who immediately shouted “Cool!” at the top of her lungs. I smiled. Not a horrible day I guess.

I walked over and picked up the still unconscious Twilight, then turned to face the doctor who was still grossed out. “Thanks doc, Talk to you later.” I began to leave the hospital followed in relative silence by Luna and the cutie mark crusaders, I say relative because Scootaloo was still saying “That was so cool!” behind me. When we made it outside the hospital and I was able to see Ponyville again I realized something.

“Shit! I lost my glasses again!” Arghh.

“Do ya mean them weird thingies ya had on yer face Eclipse?” Apple bloom, If you have them I can’t promise I won’t hug you.

“Yea, that’s them.” Pleaseeee.

“They are still at the tree.” Dammit.

“I don’t suppose I can get one of you to grab them for me while I go and put Twi here in bed?” They all volunteered and ran off. I started trekking back to Ponyville with an unconscious Twi and Luna.

“Just like old times huh? Worried about me?” I was just striking up conversation.

“Yes, just like old times. You know I’m leaving right Eclipse?” now she decides to break the news.

“You’re a princess Luna, royal duty and all that jazz.” Wow, she laughed too. Right on, both princesses giggle at all that jazz, second inane fact marked.

“Well... It seems my schedule has moved up a bit. I’m leaving tonight.” Oh…

“Well, good for you princess, I’ll miss you and your anti-gravity hair.” I couldn’t look at her, why the hell am I crying?

“The good news is that your teleport pad will be finished within the month. You can come visit then.” Yea...

“Of course. Not like it would matter. Have fun princess.” Why was I being so cold?

“I suppose it wouldn’t matter much if I left now would it?” I didn’t say anything. I didn’t need too; I didn’t want her to leave. We hadn’t spent much time together lately, but she was my best friend for three months… How can I be so cold?

“Yes… very well then, perhaps I will see you later Eclipse.” She had stopped and begun the teleport.
Say good bye! Say it you fuck!
“Yea.” ARGHH!
And just like that, my best friend was gone. Just me and an unconscious twilight, in the middle of a setting sun. “Dusk… The magic hour...” I started crying silently, No sobs, just tears which fell on twilight’s coat. And through all of it, my biggest worry? Was whether or not I would have to explain why she was wet.

We made it to twilight’s house to find the CMC already there, most likely because I was standing there like an idiot for a good twenty minutes until I had stopped crying. They pestered me about where I was
My response was “I got lost.” After settling Twilight into bed I started walking the CMC home, starting with Sweetie Belle since she was closest. Then it was Apple Bloom, and scoots just said she would head home herself. I shrugged and headed back to my hill. I didn’t want to see anyone, but since the girls had recovered my (Thankfully) Unbroken glasses I was able to see the night sky clearer than ever before.

“Luna…I’m sorry.” I felt hollow, but I still fell asleep.

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