• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(64) Our life: Homeward bound

----Eclipse (? :??) -----
It was fun, listening to zecora. She sometimes stopped rhyming when she came to tougher to phrase questions, or got irritated. But it was pretty cool. She was a lot of fun to listen to. Plus I got to kiss her two more times. Of course it was for the medicine, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it right?

“Okay… I have no more… You have… Oh I can’t even rhyme anymore...” She fell to the ground in a dramatic heap. I thought it was adorable. Seeing somepony like zecora act so loose was… cute.

“That’s it? No more questions about me? Darn, I really enjoyed explaining why humans look like monkeys to you. Evolution sucks.” I just laughed.

“No no, no more. I will simply accept the other excuse, that you were created by a divine being. It is much simpler. You can keep your eeveeloutions.” I smiled.

“Well okay, but I’m not a big fan of any. I prefer just good ol eevee.” She just sighed and shook her head before standing and checking a brew she had in a small cauldron

“That is another thing you do that confuses me. You seem to joke about things that make no sense to us, but may have had some significance to you. Why?” I just smiled.

“Why not? If the one thing connecting me to my race is the funny shit, then at least I won’t be thinking of everything else.” She just nodded at that. Moving from one side of the room to the other checking multiple small cauldrons. No clue why.

“So you do not wish to remember much about your race?” Eh...

“Not really. I like it more here. I prefer my home being someplace nice. I mean, shit. Just today I was kissed three times by a zebra I just met. No one would believe me If I said that back home.” She turned red and just sighed again.

“Plus she looks good.” Her blush deepened but she managed to stay calm. Much kudos.

“That is another unusual thing about you. You are very open about your feelings, even to one of a different species. Why?” Eh….

“Well, let’s be honest here. You can think, you have souls, you aren’t horrible heartless creatures, you don’t look bad, most of you are a lot of fun to be around, and you make me happy. I figure, if those aren’t enough? Then the fact that you’re sentient is. If that’s not enough? Whoever is questioning me is a bigot and should go to hell.” No point beating around the bush, it’s been dead for a while.

“You…Make a fair point then.” She walked over and sat in front of me.

“However, I must know, are you hostile?” I would face palm right now. But I’m paralyzed.

“Uh… Not likely, I think the most dangerous thing I might do is hug you a little hard.” She looked at me for a moment and walked back to a cauldron she just checked. She dipped her mouth in, YAY KISSES!

“Aha! Yay, my favorite part!” I heard her laugh into the cauldron, she had to take her mouth out and cough a bit. She gave me the stink eye and went back in, few slurping noises, the kiss of life. YES!

This time it tasted like ass. I sat up and started coughing up a lung the stuff burned on the way down and I could see zecora’s eyes were watering

“Oh man… that tastes…Awful!” She nodded in agreement.

“Yes, but it is the only paralyzation cure.” I looked at myself, I was already sitting up, and I hadn’t even realized it. I stood and tested my limbs. The left side of my body was a bit sore. But all right...

“Now, I ask that you remain true to your word and not harm me…” Why was she scared? Seriously?

I walked over and picked her up into a hug. She was seriously tensed up as I did. But after a few moments of holding her she returned it.

“You…Truly are not angry at me? I did paralyze you…” I laughed and set her on the couch I had been asleep on for the past two days.

“Mad at you? For being cautious? Perhaps for taking care of me for two days while I slept? For healing my arm? What? I have no reason to be mad at you. If anything I owe you my life.” She smiled at me as I picked up the purple vial from the couch, placing it into my….Oh man…Rarity is gonna be pissed when she sees my clothes… at least my pants are good, I placed it into my pocket.

“So what is this potion anyway?” She smiled at me.

“It is a ponification potion, it ended up being much simpler to make than expected. So I was able to make quite a bit. One drop and you will be a pony for 12 hours. Please however, keep in mind. There is a lot of pain involved. It is changing your body after all.” Hmmmm…Yea… I guess.

“Ponification?” she nodded.

“Like, turns me into a pony?” Again.

“Will it improve me any?”

“It may make you harder to move.” Oh...

“Will it make me better?”

“Maybe faster.”

“Stronger?” I huge smile broke out on my face.

“Uh… Perhaps...”

“More than ever? Hour after hour, our work is never over?” She looked at me like I was stupid.

“It’s okay, dumb joke. I could have called myself a daft punk, but that would have killed it.” She just shook her head.

“You are free to go; there is a path to Ponyville out the front door. Try and visit me sometime? It’s rare to have such good company.” I smiled and picked her up into a hug again. After putting her back down I laughed.

“Only if you don’t want to give me meds, I like being faithful.” She just smiled and pushed me out the door (She was really strong!)

“Go to Ponyville, your friends await.” She smiled and shut her door. There was a path… “Okie day.”

------Light (4:53 pm) ------
He’s been at zecora's... Zecora... twilight said she is a zebra who is very kind and has been treating him… Bull’s eye hasn’t talked to anyone since he got hurt. Applejack hasn’t tried talking to bulls eye Thorns just sad. I’ve had a lot of time with mo…Moon mist the past couple days she’s real nice. I knew she was, but... It’s been really hard to be happy. She’s been trying… But I can see how hard it is for her. It was hard for me too, but I had to be strong… Twilight said that eclipse should be done getting fixed within the week. She wouldn’t say how bad he was hurt. We had also received a package for him from a somepony named “dj-pon3”. It was really weird. But moon mist said we should leave it for him. It was really big so it just sat on the living room table. *sigh*

Moon mist and I were on the couch. She had one hoof around me and the other supporting her weight. She couldn’t hug and pet me the same way eclipse could… She tried her best though…

-----Eclipse (4:55) -----
I finally forced myself out of the dark forest trail and into the sunlight; I had to cover my eyes for a good minute before I could even start moving. Surprisingly close to sweet apple acres that path… good five minute walk to fluttershys cottage, then another two or three to get home. No pony knew I was up and about yet. That’s…Kinda good. My clothes were torn everywhere and anywhere, I was caked in dried blood… To be honest, I was not looking good. I decided it would be best to get cleaned up first. So I snuck into my own house… It didn’t work. Apparently something like dry blood has a pretty distinct smell.

Walking into the house I saw mist and light on the couch comforting each other. You know how I blamed it on the smell how I was discovered? I lied. It was because of me going
“AWWWW! You two look so sweet together!” they both shot up and looked at me. And the reactions were certainly mixed.

“Yea, no hugs and kisses yet guys. I missed the hell out of you, but I need to change.” They just eyed me a moment and then smiled. Light started to cry. Weird. I ran upstairs and grabbed my “White” clothes, heading back down I hopped into the shower. Dry blood is really hard to get out of our skin… Especially two day old dry blood. Eventually I managed to get clean and soap`d up. So I stepped out put on my duds and went out to my family. Family. I like that. Family.
I stepped out into the living room to be immediately tackle hugged by a silver pony who was crying his eyes out. I just hugged him to my chest and went and sat next to mist. I wrapped and arm around her and scooted her in close.

“I love you guys.”

“You’re an idiot.” Ouch.

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