• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(63) Life: fire and passion?

----Eclipse (1:18) ----
Adrenalin…That rush, when you’re doing something you feel puts your life in danger, or when you get excited over something… Adrenalin is an amazing thing. Pain seems to wash away, you feel stronger, everything seems slower. Unfortunately, not slow enough.

The timber wolf on the ground was still cooking. The air was filled with the smell of burning branches.
I was surrounded. The only way away was back the way I came. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to run. Bull’s eye will get away. One of the wolves on my left jumped at me. I spun and grabbed its neck forcing the flame into its throat before dropping it, but I took too long. Another wolf jumped from the opposite side, latching onto my leg, I brought my fist down on it, sending a pulse into it. It convulsed and fell on the floor, but its bite was deep. My leg was bleeding, I felt it, but it was a far pain. The remaining thirteen wolves surrounded me. Its times like this I wish I had the physical spark…

One after another these wolves jumped at me, never coming in more than packs of four. I had at some point ignited my other hand without realizing it. But it wasn’t enough. Every time they rushed, at least two at a time. And every time, at least one got me. One of them had bit deep on my arm, I wasn’t sure how, but the pain and my inability to move my left arm said it severed something important. The fight itself had lasted for all of ten minutes. Until it was just me and the biggest wolf in the pack. He growled at me like I had just killed his family… I laughed at him.

“Tough to kill aren’t I!? Maybe you should run, you know if I get you you’re gonna end up like your brothers here.” I pointed to the piles of now smoking bodies. The fires never escaped, simply burned them to death from within… The wolf glared at me. It didn’t understand, But I think my laughter was universally understood as a “fuck you” at this point. It jumped at me, aiming at my neck with its claws and teeth I sent fire into its belly and watched as it lay on the ground. It had gotten way too close.
And then I felt it… The crash, the pain. I screamed and collapsed. How many times had I been bitten? My arms dead… I’m pretty sure one of my legs is fucked…Can’t remember which... Well... Nows as good a time as any for some sleep…

-----Bulls eye (1: 20) -----
“I can’t believe I ran! I shouldn’t have run! I should have stayed!” I was barreling my way through the hedges back to town, I had ran and begun hearing the sounds of the fight but none of the wolves came for me, Eclipse must have blocked them, but still! He can’t fight! What’s a fiery hand gonna do against a pack of wolves! “Why did I run?” I busted through the last of the brush into Ponyville's daylight sky. Everypony, mine and eclipses friends, were waiting at my exit. Light was the most painful to look at.

“Where’s my dad?” Was all he asked. There was no anger. Just sadness.

“Fighting the bad creatures that I couldn’t.” Was all I could say.

“Well what in Celestia’s name made ya want ta go do somethin so dangerous anyway!?” Apple jack yelling at me… Funny, I thought it would be easier to take...

“It’s my nature.” I had been a scout for a very long time… No stopping once you start.

“I… Just don’t get you Bulls eye! Why would you go do something like that when you knew you had friends who could help!?” Twilight? Why are you mad at me…?

“I’m sorry…”

“Sorry? Nah sorry won’t cut it this time. Ya better hope eclipse walks out ah this fine and dandy. Otherwise ah think there won’t be much else tah discuss.” I’m so sorry…

“I’m sorry everypony. I didn’t mean for him to get involved…” Am I crying?

-----Eclipse (?:??) -----

“Oh well this is bad...” I said to myself, I couldn’t feel anything. At all. I was numb from the neck down.

“Oh jeez…” I heard clopping in the distance, so I tried opening my eyes. The wooden roof was dark and decorated with many a creepy mask. I recognized a few. After all, that one bids welcome… Oh god. I was saved by zecora…

“Oh good you are awake. This will make medicine, much easier to take.” She trotted over to me with a ladle in her mouth. It was filled with creepy green…spooge. I blanched at the smell.

“It will taste horrible at best. But it will repair your chest” That didn’t rhyme… Well. It kinda did. Whatever.
I let her guide it to my lips after a few try’s she set it down. She couldn’t get the ladle to turn properly.
I just smiled sadly at her. I couldn’t move. She set the ladle back into her cauldron and looked at me a moment. Then she sighed.

She dipped her muzzle into the strange brew and slurped a bit before standing and walking back over to me. Then she stopped a moment looking unsure about it. Before she bent down and kissed me. A flood of quite delicious fluid entered my mouth and I was forced to swallow. She sat down blushing after I looked at her. I just smiled… zecora. Kissed me, before we had a decent conversation. I figured I would lighten the mood.

“You always need to rhyme?” She looked at me a moment.

“No.” Just no?

“Wow, that’s cool. So… Hi, I’m eclipse, Pleasure to meet you, when I can feel my legs I’ll be sure to buy you dinner and a present.” She blushed and stood again. I get the feeling she doesn’t like me too much.

“You will be fine with some rest, so try not to be a pest.” I laughed. At least I can do that.

“Can I get another kiss then?” she sighed.

“That was simply for the medicine, I had no intention of kissing you.” Oh…No rhyme even attempted. Either upset or angry? Not sure if want…

“Medicine… Yea, somepony famous once said the art of medicine was entertaining the patient until nature healed them.” She laughed at that. It wasn’t that funny really.

“Yes... I also believe nature is the healer. That is why my brews are natural.” Seriously…This sucks. She’s not even trying to rhyme. At least she had a nice flank… Dear god man! You have a mare friend!

“So… I don’t suppose you know what happened do you?” She strutted back over to me with a bottle in her lips before dropping it on my chest. It was a small purple vial really.

“You are eclipse, this is yours. And I found you in the woods. Next to a rather large pack of timber wolves. I had never seen you before, or your species. So I brought you here. You are quite heavy, and treated your wounds. Which I suppose grants me a boon?” AHA! She rhymed! What boon?

“You want something from me?” She smiled and sat. Getting her face really close to mine.

“I would like to study you.” … OKAY! WOW.

“Ahaha…Uh…Study how?” She smiled and licked my cheek.

“You need not do anything. I have it under control.” Is she… No.

“Listen, Zebra,” “Zecora.” “Yes, Zecora. I have a mare friend and I don’t know what kind of guy you think I am. But I’m not cheating on her.”

“I do not wish to have sex with you.” Oh.

“Then what the hell? You licked me, I can’t move and you say in seductive tones “I wish to study you.” What the hell do you mean!?” I was pretty much scowling in confusion right now.

“I wish to study your personality. My price for treating you is questions. That is all.” OHHH.

“You could have just said that.” She smiled.

“But that was one of the studies!” Jeez… This is gonna take a while…

“Fine, fine, but first things first, how long have I been out?” She tapped her chin.

“Roughly two days, I had to keep you sedated, your leg had many breaks, and your nerves in your left arm were shot.” I don’t know how she knows that.

“Two days? Has anyone come and visited?” She nodded.

“Yes, Twilight sparkle found you here within the first few hours. She said she would inform your friends.” Oh good…

“Did she say anything about a pony named Bulls eye?” Zecora just shook her head.

“There was no mention of a bull’s eye during our conversations.” Well shit...

“All right… one last question, and this is more of a favor, during our little questionnaire, can you rhyme? It’s very pretty.” She smiled at me.

“Of course I can rhyme. Beauty is not a crime.” AHA YAY!

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