• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(28) Life: Teleporters and bees

The meeting had gone…Well. Surprisingly so. Light was still walking around the room, though I could tell he was thinking pretty hard because he had a sort of permanent scowl. Me? I was just glad he hadn’t…I don’t know, killed me. Or worse, had me taken from my new friends. Friends… Heh… That’s a fairly new concept to. Amazing how much my life has changed in just four months. Or I suppose “One season”
Thankfully I had listened to most of my music library from home that I had a sort of built in library. Through the entire conversation I couldn’t help but think of “Sail” from AWOL Nation. Only song by them I liked but for some reason it just…Fit. And looking back at it. I’m freaking happy I’m not dead now. He had insulted the princess!
“Light…You’re a fucking idiot.” He laughed.

“I’m guessing you realized I could have cost you everything then?” *Sigh* we have way too much to lose.

“Just so you know… If I lose all my friends because of this. I’m removing you. Entirely. I’ll rip you out of my chest if I have too.” At this he stopped and stared at me.

“You mean…Suicide?” I laughed,

“No, I disapprove of suicide. I’m referring to murder with suicidal consequences.” He laughed. I’ll be honest. In his position I would have too. It’s a defense mechanism. He started rubbing his face.

“Please Eclipse. I’m certain this will blow over in no time at all, and then you can be out and about, no worries aside from the occasional soul chat with your inner self.” He dropped his hands and stared at himself a moment. Then I saw his body shift until he looked like me, minus his clothes were inverted.

“Clever.” Was all I got out before I heard a door close from upstairs. Light and I both looked to the stairway.

“Was someone else in the house?” I tried to think I could barely hear Lights thoughts in the back of my head.

“I…Cannot think of anyone…” We heard another door close.

“I’m going up.” I started moving quietly to the stairway moving purposefully up the stairs when I heard a toilet flush and thorn step out of the bathroom.

“It was Thorn?” I heard light say from beside me. I let out a sigh of relief as she saw me waved and then lost balance. I carried her downstairs and got her a cup of coffee. Almost out now…Damn.
“Oh…Thanks Eclipse… Uh… Should I ask what I did last night? I remember Applejack bringing in some really delicious cider…And that’s about it...” I laughed…Poor Thorn.
“You got wasted, hit on Big mac, who’s almost as big as me by the way, and then we sent you to you room. You passed out shortly after.” She nodded. Then stopped.

“As big as you!?” caught on quick didn’t she.

“Well okay he’s more about… Oh...” I stood and placed my hand a little ways under my chin. “Here Roughly 5 foot, pure stallion. Hard worker, Lives and breathes the apple family way.” She looked like she was hyperventilating.
“Please tell me Bulls-eye wasn’t mad! Oh if anything happened!” at this. I laughed. Hard. My ribs felt like they were on fire by the time I stopped and Thorn just looked at me like I was the worst thing since…Ever. “Well fine! I guess it’s safe to assume nothing happened! Oh look at this place… it’s a mess. I suppose I can get to work.” Oh right. Maid…Oh. OH DUDE!
“Oh my god! I just realized Thorn; you’re a maid!” She looked at me like I was crazy and let out a little “Duh”

“Wait wait…An idea is forming…. Clean the house and I’ll pay you!” I put on the stupidest grin ever. She smiled walked over hugged me, called me special and explained that even if I wasn’t paying that it is what she would do.
“Right. Okay… So I had a small moment there. It’s cool… Wow. I feel stupid.” She smiled and started carrying things out of the living room while Light, Who had been leaning against the stair way laughed and said
“Is that truly a new feeling for you?” Oh man, this guy was too much me for his own good.

“You’re a dick!” He started to say something but then just nodded his head in agreement.
“Oh, Actually. About that cube thing, what has princess Celestia so worked up about it?” He was referring to the rune cube thing I had. But I still didn’t know what it did. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at it.
“Well...” I said standing. “Let’s find out.” I headed up the stairs, to the end of the far hallway and into the room which I thought was an observatory… I was right. Kind of. There was no telescope. But the roof was made of glass, entirely. All around the room were things that I had gathered or purchased to decorate my room in the castle. How did they get here though?
I walked to a small shelf and picked up a miniature “Luna” doll. I bought it because I thought it was adorable while Luna and I were out one day. She told me I only bought it because it was “Ironically cool.” It still ended up being with me every time I was in the room, which wasn’t often. It was enchanted to follow you while in a certain room. So that was pretty cool, I had it disabled at the moment so it just looked like the princess was “Rearing majestically” according to the package.
All sorts of random crap. There’s a few of my favorite books, there’s a picture of me and vinyl. There a fridge…Wait… A fridge? I walked over to the black fridge; it had a white trim, like almost everything in the room. It was enough to be nice, not over-bearing or ugly. And being Eclipse I was happy.
I opened the fridge to one of the most welcome sights EVER. Three perfect temperature Eclipse specials. Oh my god I almost cried from happiness. Downstairs I heard Light yell “Knock it off you pansy they aren’t that good!” I didn’t care; I immediately set upon one like some form of ravenous dog.

After my “Coffee break” I decided that this observatory was supposed to be my room. As if the giant glass roof wasn’t a dead giveaway. I could see the sun in the sky through the glass. It didn’t look bright; in fact it was like the glass dampened the light until it was just right. And it was. Either way, I moved to the bed which was a canopy like those in the castle; except this one had the top removed. I get to sleep in a bed, under the stars. Someone was definitely thinking of me… Twilight? No...Rainbow? No… Ergh… “I don’t want to think right now….” I said face palming. Okay… Hold the cube... Holding. Now……..Shit. “Light?” I felt him phase in

“What I was watching Thorn dust.” ….Creeppyyyy.

“Okay, wait what? Why?” I was seriously curious and I turned to find him blushing.

“I just…Wanted too. I can’t explain it. Stupid feeling things you have are going to be the death of me.” See…That’s cool. But were they erotic? I don’t want to think of Thorn that way...

“Uh...This is going to sound weird but, those feelings you got, did anything….Never mind. You remember what I was supposed to say to activate this thing?” He looked at the cube then back at me he cracked his neck.
“Okay, Repeat memory delve...One moment...” I saw his image flicker until he looked like me... Was I really growing a beard? I reached up…Well shit. Guess I’m gonna need a razor. I guess I didn’t think of things like this.
He was sitting, the ground under him had turned to grass and he was about two feet off the actual floor, it was like a hologram. The holo-me took out the cube and the note, placing the cube down after a few failed attempts at opening it. Then he opened the scroll shrugged his shoulders. Then he spoke.

“Dear eclipse, this is your princess speaking. Ahaha, oh god? I’m sorry I can’t do that over a letter. Its Celestia dear, I know you cannot hear me but I am wishing you well. How is life in Ponyville? Should I come visit? You are my favorite human after all. Anyway, I’m sure your more interested in the box I sent you, and knowing you, you already tried forcing it open.” I chuckled at this too. “However, as I’m sure you have gathered that did not work. No; for it to work hold it in your hand and say ‘Canterlot Castle’ Then place the box on the ground, when it finishes building feel free to use it, if you wish to move it, touch the symbol that looks like an English R and say ‘Seal’ then you may move it after it finishes resealing. However, and I cannot stress this enough. Be careful, this is still highly experimental. We do not know if anything will happen, but better safe than sorry. Hugs and kisses, Celestia.” He put down the scroll and then the image flickered.

I felt a pinch in my skull and Light was back.
“You get what you need? I kinda want to go watch Thorn more.” I stared at him a moment.

“I…Uh…Yea, fine. Go.” He smiled and walked through the door…Literally. Just phased through it. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but... Still. “Okay!” I turned back to the bed and held the cube “Canterlot Castle.” The cube started to shake, I set it on the ground as a blue light burst from it taking in the room then I heard brews voice.

“Hello Eclipse. Good to see you again, or well. I suppose not see quite yet. Right now the cube is beginning the assembly, I recorded this message to tell you that when it’s done, DON’T TOUCH IT!” Wow. Angry. “I’m serious Eclipse! Do not touch it! I know Celestia thinks it’s safe but seriously. Not till I run tests. My Pad is active and synched. When your pad glows, then it is ready to transmit. Knowing you you’re going to touch it and try it anyway, “I smiled at this. “So when it’s ready place something in the middle. Then say Canterlot castle again. Seriously. I know I don’t have to say it but please, for the love of Celestia don’t put anything fleshy in the teleporter till we have run tests. See you soon.”

The cube stopped emitting light and began to unfold. Somehow this cube seemed to compress matter because when it unfolded it became twice, No three times, Fuck… It’s almost as big as a bath. Then the shaking stopped the cube folded and flattened leaving a small circle that was raised about two feet of the ground. It was just big enough for a pony like Thorn or myself. But no way Celestia could get on it. After a moment the ruins glowed. And it said in an almost robotic voice “Pad synched awaiting transmission.” I expected the pads would be done quick but Celestia had said a month, Not a week after I left and here it is.

“Hey Light!? I figured out what the cube was!” I was looking at my own personal teleporter, between my bedroom here in Ponyville and Canterlot castle. I smiled pretty wide.

I ran to the fridge and grabbed one of the coffees carrying it back I placed it on the center of the teleporter; the middle sank in and a locking sound broke the silence. I frowned. Was it supposed to do that? I took a few steps away.
“Canterlot castle.” The platform glowed. “One object detected. No life signs. Proceed with transmit?”
I smiled. Warnings. That’s fun. “Uh…Confirm?” A bright flash filled the room and I heard stone against stone as the center platform raised to its previous location.
“Object sent. Estimated arrival, Complete. Awaiting removal of object.” Wow. This thing was pretty cool...
Suddenly the platforms gentle blue light turned green and the voice sounded out again. “Receiving, one object. Incoming in. now.” A flash filled the room and I saw a piece of paper in the center. I walked over and picked it up. I read the note scrawled across it.


Thanks for the coffee. I told you not to touch it.

I smiled. This is gonna be cool. Brew and I sent multiple notes back in forth eventually leading to her calling me immature and me saying she’s angry and should go with what she feels, Followed by me saying I’m gonna go check on the girls.

After that fun conversation I set the platform to “Auto” As brew explained it and headed downstairs to find Light staring right at Thorns flank. “Wow… Seriously?” Thorn looked at me questioningly while Light just laughed.
“It’s a good show.” I rubbed my face a little.

“Thorn, I’m going to go check on the others, I rushed them out of here pretty quick and I want to make sure they are all...Well. Okay.” She just nodded. I walked out into Ponyville it was a good day. Though why have a room based for me; but put my clothes in the master bedroom? I am so…Confused.
After a short (ten minutes woo!) walk I was at twilight's library. I knocked to have rainbow answer. I could see the rest of the girls behind her. And then I fucked up somewhere.

Rainbow kissed me.

I was…Shocked. I tried to get her off but I didn’t want to hurt her, so I ended up more just flailing around till she stopped.
“R-R-Rainbow!?” She blushed and walked back into the library. Fuck. Time for the opposite birds and the bees…Dammit!

A few minutes of settling in and awkward silence. I was sitting on the couch and the rest of the girls were in various spot of twis library. Rainbow was looking down on me from the little overhang.

“Okay…Can all you girls hear me?” They all said their piece minus Be who just said “I know what this is about” And left. Aj wanted to go but I stopped her. This needed to be said.

“OK! You can all hear me and were all here. There’s something I need to discuss with you girls, especially twilight and rainbow because of certain outside influences boosting certain feelings.” I heard Rarity and Applejack sigh, they knew what this was. Fluttershy looked genuinely curious Twi and dash looked uncomfortable. Pinkie looked….Pinkie.

“Alright…*Sigh* Lets just get this out of the way, Any feelings I have for you girls are currently arrested, On hold right about the ‘ I love you like a friend’ stage, I’ve already explained to Be, but the world I came from is very….Against a relationship between a..” I couldn’t call them animals… I had to think quickly, thankfully I’m not horrible. “Quadruped and a bipedal creature. I know, you’re thinking ‘why does the number of legs count if they are in love’ well to be honest it doesn’t.” I licked my lips I was thirsty but to be honest I still tasted rainbow… I liked it but dammit it just made me feel guiltier. “So...While no matter what I may do, or may say… I need you all to know that until I’ve pretty much explicitly said otherwise in the company of everypony here, I consider you my family. And no…” there was an awkward pause. I was trying to explain but losing my cool…”Sexual relationships can come about… Not yet, I mean don’t get me wrong I’m attracted to you all, Quite a lot. But Oh god…” I started to blush and felt a cold hand suddenly I was outside my own body. I saw me stand and stretch. Then I sat down again. I was in spirit.

“Ladies….” Fuck….

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