• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(60) Our life: Eye see you

Luna and I hadn’t had any time together in a while, so I was a little sad that the first time we get to talk is over my head being beaten, though I guess I did learn I can change my eye color… That sounds so much cooler if it didn’t suck, I mean, changing eye colors? Woo!

“So, me doing just that little bit of magic made that entire buildup go poof?” She laughed while I just smiled and pet mist.

“No eclipse, it is still very backed up in your system. I believe your spark has been pouring out magic that you did not want, it’s tough to say exactly what happened, but the buildup is no longer enough to affect your mind the way it had, so that’s something.” Something indeed Luna.

“So, I need to change my eye color every couple hours or some shit? That seems weird.” She just shook her head and smiled.

“No, you know how we split your spark eclipse? As I said you were given the magical half. So, in a way. I guess you can say you’re a unicorn yourself, albeit only through extreme focus. Most spells come to a unicorn as a sort of second nature, you will really have to concentrate on what it is you want” Pfft. I’ll just keep changing my eye color and forget this fucking thing exists.

“Thanks Luna, that’s what? Twice now you saved my ass? I really need to save somepony else.” She laughed and walked over to me; she nuzzled my head a bit and turned to leave.

“Just like that? No long goodbye, heartfelt sighs of relief? Tears over losing me? Nothing?” she continued laughing and left the room. What a hater.
Well at least I have mist… Wonder what happens if you play with her horn while she’s asleep…

UGH SCHOOL IS BORING. Ring you dang bell! Do it! Come on…

“Well class, since most of you are staring at the clock waiting for the bell to ring, why not go ahead and go a bit early? Just drop your papers off up here.” I LOVE YOU BREW.
I ran to the front desk and threw my test into the air; she caught it in magic and floated it down into a neat pile as I ran out into the playground. Now just to wait for the crusaders!

“Who ya waiting fer? Ya got a mare friend?” I turned to find all three of the crusaders behind me

“How do you girls DO that?!” They just laughed as we started the long walk back to the crusader clubhouse. The, CMCCH? The names are a bit weird…

“So light, you do anything interesting with your dad lately? I mean, he is the only human here, so that must be interesting!” Scootaloo always liked knowing about things dad did, I didn’t mind talking about him, but it was always a bit weird.

“Not really Scootaloo. Sorry, he’s been kinda…Normal the past few days.” Weird how I expect him not to be!

“Ah think it’s nice that yall can have normal days! Why, every time ahm near granny smith! She makes me do the weirdest things!”

“Well I can’t really say if your granny is weird or not bloom, but I’m sure she’s a pretty cool old lady. And she wouldn’t ask you to do weird things if she didn’t love you.” At least, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t!

The crusaders and I ended up talking about stuff all the way up to the clubhouse, once we got there though…

“Guys, I hate to do this to you. But I really want to find rainbow dash! I’m hoping today Equestria’s greatest flyer can give me lessons!” She started trying to fly around, but mostly ended up galloping while her wings made a funny buzzing noise.

“I sorta wanted to help my sister today, if she lets me I mean.” Poor sweetie belle, she just wants to help!

“Ahll be honest, ah was hoping to try mah hooves at apple buckin again, can’t get an apple buckin cutie mark without apple buckin getting done!”

“Okay, you girls can go on; I’ll go visit somepony I guess.” This SUCKS! I’m all alone!

I watched as the three started walking into different directions. It took me a few moments, but I eventually stood and started the trek back to Ponyville. Maybe I could convince pinkie pie to let me help her bake!

According to my watch, it was now 5:40. We had been in the castle since early morning, and mist just slept…I figured I would never use my power again, but when you’re sitting in a castle, you can't help but be bored. So I ended up fiddling with it, and I learned I can apply a sort of filter over my eyes, and I can set it to show me certain things, not the past or future mind you, I was sad about that. But I was able to check up on light, when I saw him, he and the crusaders were walking, to their clubhouse most likely.
Another fun one I developed, and the one I was currently using, showed me a sort of “Soul orb” I could see the soul of ponies within a certain distance. Even through walls. Of course, I did all of this while I played with mists horn, who can blame me. She’s adorable.
When she finally did wake up I had been just sitting there for a few minutes. Her reaction was amazing though. She slowly opened her eyes, and then they shot open as she wiggled her flank before looking at me.

“I am SO sorry, I didn’t realize my dream was that intense, I didn’t mean to…” I just kissed her. She doesn’t need to talk.

“I was playing with your horn, you still moan in your sleep.” Suddenly her blue coat was red. Adorable.

“That’s not nice at all eclipse… what if somepony walked in?” I just laughed.

“I would know about them before they got here, been playing with my eyes, I can now see ponies through walls. It’s pretty cool.” She just stared at me and I showed her my left eye

“You see anything in there? Like, I don’t know sparkles?” she just smiled.

“Sparkles? The only difference is that now your pupil is blue. Now stop that. It’s creepy.” I sighed and blinked as my vision faded to normal. It still took some time to put on and take off filters, but it would be worth it… I think.
I picked up my beautiful mare, eliciting a few giggles and a nuzzle from her as I stood and walked back to the teleporter. A few words on my part and we were back home.

“Eclipse, tonight… Your mine. I won’t take no for an answer.” Hehehehe.

“Tonight? Alright, ill clear my busy schedule. I just hope you will be gentle.” I drop her on the bed as she laughs at me. A quick kiss on her head and I leave the room. It was barely six o’clock. Starting something right now would just cause problems.

“Okay, now the cocoa?” I had been in Sugarcube corner for a little under an hour. Pinkie was nice enough to teach me how to bake; it was weird though she said that it was something I talked to her about. Something called “Brownies” I don’t remember it, so I figure it was from before the pop. It didn’t really matter, I guess I had asked her to help me make them before I did, I even wrote down the recipe! But the weird thing about all this was that she was being…Calm. Her hair wasn’t as poofie as it was yesterday.

“Yep, you just put the cocoa in next. Just like that.” I wasn’t used to pinkie being…Not pinkie. We hadn’t talked much yet, so I guess its okay. Still kinda creeps me out, she’s supposed to be the happy party pony. So why is she so…Not?

“Pinkie are you okay? I don’t remember anypony saying you were ever sad.” Pinkie just shook her head.

“I’m sorry, I’m not normally sad like this… Let’s just say that somepony I could have loved, doesn’t even remember me.” I don’t get it…

“Was he nice?” She smiled a little.

“Yes. He was a big strong pony. We only knew each other for a few days. But he started trying to be mean, to make me not like him. Eventually we met again, and I acted like I didn’t know him, just to not hurt his feelings. You just remind me of him a little…BUT! Enough about that! Those are MY problems! Next add the eggs!” Her hair poofed back up… But why do I feel like I know the pony she’s talking about?
And why am I starting to feel sad…

“Hate, hate, hate!” Hitting your head against a marble pillar while uttering words of pain may seem like a good idea when you think of it. It really isn’t. Especially while your sister is sitting on her bed patiently waiting for you to vent your anger.
“I cannot BELIVE he did not tell me. Did he think I would not understand!?” It is ALL that idiots fault! How dare he!

“Luna dear, you did tell him you did not want a romantic relationship.” Why must she bring these things up now!?

“`Tia! You’re supposed to be on MY side! And even so, I do not want a romantic relationship! I simply want…Eclipse back…” I sighed. Celestia wouldn’t understand. I do not want him as a lover… He was more like…A son, or a really close friend…

“You loved him platonically then? And you assumed he did not tell you to spare your feelings? Not him simply not remembering? Or perhaps the fact that you never visit? You cannot hold his hand forever dear.” Why does she have to make so much sense?

“Celestia, I… I’m sorry. I’m over reacting. Your right, he must have simply forgotten to tell me… Or perhaps was too busy… oh Celestia, what if that pony is not good enough for him? What if he is not good enough for her?!” I hit my head against the wall a few more times, Celestia just sighed.

Gah, this design was a horrible idea… It’s a good thing eclipse is not here. He may have made me focus on designing instead of sewing… I need to FEEL my dresses to know if they are truly GORGEOUS!

“Rarity! Can I pulleeeeseeeee help?!” Oh sweetie belle…

“I’m sorry dear, but you’re simply not experienced enough. If you wish to practice then eclipse left the practice kits down over there.” I turned to get back to my work as sweetie belle huffed into my leg and walked to eclipse’s regular spot. I do hope the poor dear is in good health today. It’s not like him to be late…

“You mean she found a potion that can turn eclipse into a pony?” I nodded and continued reshelving books. Every Friday, my own little calming ritual.
“But it will only turn him temporarily, I don’t know if that means ten minutes or twelve years. You know how zecora is.” Spike just nodded as he went around picking up the ink and quills from around my desk.

“Yea she always talks in those creepy rhymes, most of the time they make no sense at all.” They make perfect sense sometimes…

“So when is eclipses birthday anyway?”

“Next season, right near the end! July, if I have Luna’s lessons right, the fourteenth!” Spike just shrugged.

“Sounds like a month, there’s a book on months right over there. June, July. Written by some crazy pony who thought he saw ‘other worlds’ in his sleep Pfft.” Crazy pony… Well, what could it hurt to look anyway?

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