• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(26) Life: Party

“Oh Wow… You mean you all?” every single pony in town was here. Right here. In my front room. The front room THEY had purchased for me. Why would they do this?

“But…Why?” was all I could manage, I had hundreds of questions. And the one who spoke up was the last person I expected to speak. Big Macintosh. He stepped out of the crowd and offered me a hoof, his tale-tell weed shifting sides on his mouth. I bro-hoofed him as he explained.

“We all were tryin ta find sumthin special. Fer the one who took care `a our little town. So when we discovered it was the new guy. I had a thought. Why not git `im a house. So we had dash there spy on ya. She said ya really liked this here hill, so we thought; lits get the house up there. Then ya went and explained ya had friends who ya wanted ta care fer. So we thought, let’s make it a big house. Everypony in town chipped in, to make this here house nothing short o exactly what ya wanted. Hope yall will excuse me now. I’m not big on the feelings.” I was stunned, but I said fuck it.

What’s the worst that could happen? I hugged big mac. That’s right! I HUGGED FUCKING BIG MACINTOSH.

“Yea, I `preciate the thought, but my barn door don’t swing that way there Eclipse.” I laughed and dropped the hug.

“Nah man, Mine either. But I make exceptions when things are too good to be true. You deserved a hug, and I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna hug you when you need one.” He chuckled.

“Then ya shud git busy huggin them girls who thought ya were gunna die. And thanks Eclipse. Fer wakin up I mean.” I just nodded. Then we bro-hoofed again, bam instant friendship. This big guy reminded me of myself. He was a protector. He would do anything to make everyone happy if it was in his power. He was, to sum up. A good guy.
By the time the rounds were done, I knew every single pony in town by name. Not that it would matter, ten minutes later? Big mac and AJ started bringing in what AJ referred to as “Secret sauce” RIGHTTTT

Her secret sauce was hard apple cider with enough kick to make me remember why I hated alcohol. Thankfully Be is a notorious hard-ass and took on AJ in a drinking contest. Other competitors were, Fluttershy (I know right?!) Big Macintosh, Rainbow Dash, Thorn, a pony I dubbed Captain Peppermint (I was horrible with names), and a few other ponies I can’t honestly say will remember their night.

Not that many of these ponies would. They were all drinking but twilight Pinkie and myself. We just stuck with regular cider.
At the end of the night the results were as such. Now keep in mind, these were hard apple shots. Very hard stuff.
Be: 78
AJ: 78
FS: 69
BM: 67
RD: 30
Th: 25
And the rest fell out too early for a tally, but Bulls-eye and Applejack drank the most and were both so shit-faced they walked back to apple orchards (Poorly) singing. Big mac didn’t look like he was even tipsy. He actually guided the girl’s home, I carried Fluttershy back to her house, Rainbow Dash had to sleep in my bed, and Thorn was sent to her room because she kept trying to get Big Mac to do stuff with her.

Most of the ponies who weren’t involved in the drinking contests managed to get home pretty much unscathed. Though a few had to stay in my guest bedrooms while Pinkie Twilight and I cleaned house.

“That party was tons of fun Eclipse! Did we surprise you that time!? I bet we did your face was all ‘Ohhh’ and then it was all like smiley but still said ‘I hate surprises’ and” I tuned her out after she started being right. It freaked me out.

“Hey eclipse what’s this?” I looked over to see twilight holding my runic cube in her magic.

“Oh yea, my cubey thing!” I walked over and she dropped it into my palm. I looked at it a moment and then heard pinkie yell

“DONE!” What? We just started.

I looked around to find that everything was perfect; I think she even lit the fireplace. Weird. After that we all went to our own respective bedrooms, meaning the girls left me to deal with a drunken dash in my bed. I’ve had wor…No I haven’t.

I ended up getting into bed, and having dash immediately place ,two of her legs over me and two under while I’m almost positive she was trying to dry hump the air. I quickly left the room for my new balcony, and OH MY GOD there’s a hammock! I laid there staring at the stars overhead. Today was a weird day, and not just because all of Ponyville would have a hangover tomorrow.

“Light?” I could almost feel him shift into existence.

“Dark.” Surprise.

“Its night time, Of course it’s dark. I wanted to talk to you.” He laughed.

“Of course Eclipse. Anytime you wish to talk to me, I’m here.” Yea...

“That’s one of the things I want to talk to you about actually.”


“Yea, Can you control me?” That laugh….

“In a manner of speaking, I have…Limited control if you no longer possess the ability to function.”

“So, if I’m asleep?” He shook his head. “No. Not deep enough.” I nodded. Makes sense.

“So in a coma or similar you are given a general form of control over my body.” He moved into my vision. Now I could see AND feel his actions.

“Yes... that is fairly accurate. Though as I grow so too will my control never while you are awake of course, that is your territory. I am merely a visitor. I simply wish no Ill of this…Delicious body.” I shuddered.

“Okay, new rule. No creepy references to me being delicious. I understand your feeding on me, but fuck dude. Really.” He laughed again, this time it sounded…Almost human.

“Very well, I will respect your rules; I am but a guest after all.”

“You’re also a guest that I need in order to survive.” I pointed out.

“Yes, and you are a host I need to survive.” He pointed out. We both were quiet a moment.

“How do I know I can trust you Light? And don’t bring up the whole; I’m in your chest thing, that’s obvious. I want to know what you offer and why I shouldn’t try and get one of the girls to purge you from my mind.” At this he sat down like he was thinking. No… I know that look. He WAS thinking.

“I…Cannot answer that. Your soul is unfortunately engraved into mine, so I cannot lie. However, there is no simple answer to that question. If you trust me? I could offer power, magic, the ability to accesses your spark, as well as never needing to worry about dying. I will keep you alive forever if need be.” Creepy. But Immortality? Magic? Never ending physical endurance? Tempting.

“And If I don’t?” He looked at the stars.

“Then we will not have many more conversations. I will allow you to continue living, Immortality will be yours. However, I will NOT give you back your spark.” We both looked at the sky.

“Nice night out though.” I said.

“Yes. I am more of a day creature. But with eyes like yours… I see now why you love the night. It is…Beautiful. Much like that princess. Luna was it? I often enjoyed being with her. She made me warm, even when the sun was nowhere to be found.” I laughed.

“Yea… I loved her too.” After that the two me`s simply stared at the sky. Until light fell asleep. I followed shortly after. But not before I thought. “Was that tree sleeping?”

I woke in the morning staring at the blue sky. “Light?” No response. Still asleep? I got out of the hammock and opened the small door leading into my room; I looked at the bed to find the sheets missing and a strange smell in the air. “Great. So it wasn’t dry.”

I sighed and looked around the room; simple desk in the left corner of the room, bed in the center, the door to the balcony was next to a window on the right. On the opposite walls there was a dresser and two doors, one leading to a bathroom the other to the upstairs hallway.

Next to the dresser there were two identical mannequins, both dressed in the same outfit I had on; minus they were of different colors. Rarity went overboard. Not to mention the combination one was different, awesome. But different.

The whites and blacks contrasted each other beautifully, and the coat almost hung on the ground. It was a trench coat, like those old fashioned movies. I got giddy looking at it. I always wanted a coat like that.

I grabbed the clothes off the mannequin and headed to the bathroom to shower, it already had my (Oh god) favorite strawberry soap. It sure is a shame they don’t have any other types, I suppose I could use banana… Eh.

I bathed and put on my new clothes, the jacket came down to just under my knees I left the front unbuttoned. I thought I looked badass, the white, the black, they just…Fit. Ying and yang, Chaos, Order. OH man I was loving it. When I finished I picked up the other clothes I brought in and put them in a little hamper.

This town couldn’t have made this place better for a human. I stepped out to see dash trying to put on new sheets as fast as she could. I walked up and helped her since she didn’t quite have the reach. She just blushed.

“Uhmm…Sorry.” I laughed.

“About trying to hump my arm? Or having a good time? I’m not too sad about either.” Again she blushed.

“That is SO wrong Eclipse.” I just smiled and looked at her. “You love it.”

She helped fix the rest of the bed and we headed downstairs to find an already primped and proper rarity. Who immediately started glowing when she saw me in her new outfit. Rainbow flew into the kitchen, leaving me with rarity in the living room.

“Oh do you like it!? Please don’t hold back, Let me know exactly what you think!”

“Exactly what I think?” She nodded and smiled.

“Are you SURE you want to know?” The smile faded and she nodded a bit slower.

“I mean, really sure? I don’t want to hurt your feelings…” She sighed. “Yes, please.”

I walked over and hugged her. “The jacket is too light.” That was it.

She gawked at me before giving an indignant little puff I laughed and headed into the kitchen where Rainbow was already cooking eggs.
“Wait. You eat eggs?” She laughed.

“Well DUH. We aren’t entirely vegetarians, eggs are very healthy. Besides, what else are chicken eggs good for?” I prodded my chin as if in thought.

“Well, you could throw them at people’s houses and make a mess.” She laughed and declined the offer, though she did give me a plate of (Only sort of burnt) eggs and told me to go talk to rarity. Considering I had made twilight pancakes, I guess I shouldent be surprised that they eat eggs straight as well.

I smiled and headed back out to the living room where a seriously hung over AJ and BE were leaning against each other falling asleep. Rarity looked at me and smiled.

“So the jacket is too light?” I nodded.

“Yea, Jackets like these are supposed to be able to block some heavy weather. If you could make one more of these in a heavy fabric for like, the winter seasons? It would be great. Aside from that? It is perfect... Only thing that’s missing is a cuppa joe.” Rarity practically swooned at the offer of coffee and Aj and Be both tried asking, though it came out more like

“Ughhhhcoffee….” I knew what they meant though. I finished my eggs and went back into the kitchen to find dash eating hers.

“You know, It amazes me, aside from a bit of a wet dream you don’t seem to have a hangover at all.” She blushed again, she seriously was going to get used to me eventually.

“Uh, yea, I don’t really get hangovers. But I don’t drink often either. To be honest I’ve never seen anypony hold as much liquor as AJ, but since you were the one keeping score, I’d say it fair to say her and Be are a lot alike.” I laughed and looked at the piece of paper labeled “Who messed up the worst” on the fridge.

“Did Fluttershy really compete?” They have a coffee maker in the kitchen! No instant shit! YES! I wub wuu ponies! I coughed and started laughing.

“What? Was she that good?” I just… I had to do it. I walked over to dash.

“Hold still a moment.” I pushed in her face till she did the “Wub woo” And I couldn’t help it I laughed and hugged her. When I went back to making coffee she just looked confused.

“Yea, Fluttershy competed, she’s a loud drunk.” Very loud...

“Oh…I’m sorry.” I smiled and turned to see the little yellow Pegasus bowing her head.

“I didn’t know there would be alcohol… I have trouble controlling my voice.” I finished making coffee and went and picked her up her squeed and I just carried her around. I didn’t care; she was like... 30 pounds?
She didn’t mind it either she kept nuzzling my neck and I found it freaking adorable.

Though I think rainbow was kinda jealous. That’s not good… After a short time we all migrated to the living room where the newly arrived pinkie pie held an interesting cupcake/cake mix. Which it was really a big cupcake. And had it placed on a table in the center of the room, there were four couches facing toward the fireplace and since the table was a rectangle, it fit perfectly.

I brought in coffee cups and served everyone our favorite caffeinated beverage. (Not mine, I preferred mountain dew.)
After that we all gathered around pinkies…Cake. That looked like an Eclipse. She kept begging me to try it first so I did. I cut into it and noticed the first quarter inch was chocolate; the next was vanilla, wait…

“Pinkie, is this a layer cake? “ She suddenly beamed as I said that, “how in Equestria did you know I was a layer cake lover?” She held out a small book I read the title aloud.

“Secrets of Eclipse and his various actions?” I had a book!? She giggled.

“Can I read it?” she offered it to me and went about talking to various girls about stuff.

I searched through the book. And eventually caught myself reading aloud.

“Eclipse: age 19, birthday summer 14. Favorite color: Prefers shades of black and white. Favorite pastime: Stargazing and thinking about ways to make his friends happy. Favorite snack: Éclairs and blueberry pie. Orders apple for better nutrition and to fund the Apple family. Favorite quotes: Corrupting the innocent one taco at a time. And, Death becomes me. Favorite imaginary friends: Light” Light? How did she even?

“Pinkie what the hell is this? This is disturbing!” She laughed.

“Silly Willie! That’s why I don’t show people their journals! But you asked for it!” Ugh!

“So, fine okay. I asked for it, what do you know about light?” She laughed again.

“You’re really super scared of becoming him and you think he’s going to betray you, But you also feel like he may be one of the only people who could offer you the power you want to be able to protect your friends!” I stared into space as everypony in the room started to turn and look at me.

“Pinkie…..Have you seen him?” She giggled.

“No silly! He’s your friend!” Oh thank god.

“Eclipse, are ya really `fraid o yer own imaginary friend?” Wow, coffee really helped her catch up...

“Well guys, I think it’s time for a fun lesson... I would ask Light to assist me by moving shit in the room around, but I think he’s asleep. So for the time being, let’s just tell you all why I fell into a coma…” After a short time explaining my recently discovered symbiotic partner everypony looked really concerned. Twilight left the moment I added that the root grew into my brain. Everypony else was just…Scared.

After I finished the explanation I sat there a few moments. The cake was almost gone, my story couldn’t stop pinkie from being…Well. Pinkie.

“Ya know Sugarcube, ah`m not really the one who’s good at these things, but you may want ta tell one a the princesses.” I laughed.

“Don’t worry about that, it’s being taken care of. Anyone see Twilight?” they all looked around and rainbow started hovering

“She totally abandoned you!” Was she angry? I was sitting next to her so it wasn’t hard to grab dash and hold her on my lap; she still wanted to go after twilight though.

“She didn’t abandon me; she’s worried so she went to tell the princesses. And if I’m not mistaken they should be arriving in a few minutes. So you all may want to leave. I don’t know how this is all going to play out.” I felt a familiar tug to see light on the other side of the room, looking out the window.

“It’s about time you got here.” I started talking too him before the girls even left. He grabbed a plate in passing. Which to the girls must have been interesting. He handed it to me.

“Eat eclipse. You need your energy.” He sounded tired. HA! Oh…Now I feel bad.

“I seriously don’t get you Light.” He laughed as I saw the girls shuffle out the door. The last one out was rainbow. She was really concerned. Then a flash filled the room. Celestia stood in the corner.

“Eclipse…What is this I hear about your Leechwood affecting your mind?” Ahah…here we go…

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