• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(71) Our life: Explanations

------Eclipse (10:27) ------
I was sitting on the ground next to the still unconscious storm. I had his wing still in my hands. I was simply stretching it out and folding it in. the base of it was frozen, but seeing it move was entertaining. Little Luna joined me. I don’t think she understood what it was when she walked onto it to lay down. I just held it open and to the sun as she bathed on the now dismembered wing. Did I think it was enough? No. He deserved much more. He deserved pain. Death was too good even. This… Thing. Did not deserve this world. I’ve had pretty much nothing but happy memories. I guess it was about time a reality check happened. Silent storm… Current owner of the “weather factory” where all the weather of Equestria was produced. But of course, He happened to be something else in the night. Disgusting…
I watched as twilight and rainbow ran toward me. Spike was on twilights back. With my black and white scroll… Good kid. Once they got close enough to see me properly, and could make out what I was holding. Rainbow….Tried, to throw up. She grimaced. Looked extremely sick. And then turned around. Twilight ran up and looked me and the pony over once before noticing the wing.

“Eclipse…Did you?” She left the question hang.

“Yes.” And I would do it again. She looked at me with pity, not anger.

“Why?” I laughed and plucked little Luna from his wing, Standing I chucked it onto his body.

“Why? Twilight, he’s a bad pony. He is a monster. He’s raped and almost killed fourteen ponies, has he been caught? No. Because he can hide it. Bribe them, make them fear him enough, it doesn’t matter. He’s done this for over eight years. EIGHT YEARS. He has raped, and wounded his own employees, just because he could. He was a monster, so I stopped him. Even if that means I become one myself.” I placed Luna back in my pocket. I was trying to keep my voice level. Chances are they were both frightened.

“Did he feel it?” I looked at twilight. She was looking at his wing.

“Yes.” She nodded and began to carry him and his wing in her levitation. She didn’t say anything as she began to carry him to the hospital. I walked over to dash and patted her head. She jerked away from my touch.

“I don’t know who you are, but you’re not eclipse.” I laughed. It was sad though.

“Nope… I’m just a human.” I began the walk into town. I needed to see mist. Tell her what happened.
Here’s hoping she doesn’t hate me.

------Twilight (10:46) ------
Eclipse was so… calm. Like what he did was just something that needed to be done. I’ve never seen so much cruelty. Especially not from a friend. Eclipse is terrible. But beautiful. He held me as I cried over him twice, he’s done nothing but try and make ponies happy, and he’s done nothing but love us unconditionally. So why is it that this pony, this Pegasus? Deserved his wrath? He had said he raped fourteen ponies. But… That’s impossible. No pony is that bad. Right?
I stepped into the hospital and was immediately surrounded by nurses who were taking the pony from my possession, asking me what happened, and questions I couldn’t answer. It bothered me. When they finally asked who did this… I couldn’t...

“I… Eclipse did.” The nurses all stopped at once and looked at me.

“You mean the human? Eclipse? One of the nicest colts in town?” I looked at the pink mane pony and nodded.

“But…Why?” I wish I knew.

“He said something about this pony being a horrible creature… Something about rape… I can’t remember… My head hurts…” They all looked at me and went back to work. One of them escorted me to a room and gave me an ice pack… Spike followed me into the room.

“Twilight, what are we going to tell them? Or the princesses? What do we do?” Spike was pacing back and forth in the room. He still had the black and white scroll.

“You can put that away spike. We know eclipse isn’t dangerous like that. This… Must be a misunderstanding.” I…Can’t wrap my thoughts around what happened… I need to think… Think…

------Eclipse (10:52AM) ------
Misty is beautiful. She always was. When I made it to the store she beamed at me. I tried to smile back, but I think my mood infected her.
“Eclipse? Are you okay?” She said as her smile faded into a worried frown, I stepped further into the shop, setting Luna on the counter.

“I’m going to lay some things out on the table. After I’ve explained. I’m gonna need you to decide. I hate to do this to you, because I do love you. But I will respect your decision.” She started to frown.

“Eclipse…What are you talking about?” I sighed.

“I beat a pony half to death because he raped a few young ladies.” There, Simplest explanation, and judging by the fright, I’d say it hit home.

“You’re…joking right? This is some funny joke you and Be assembled?” I shook my head.

“I electrocuted him, and then while he was stunned, I froze and ripped his wing from his body.” She stared at me for the longest time. And to be honest, I expected to be kicked out, and never hear from her again.

“You said, he raped some ponies?” I nodded.

“And you know this for a fact?” again.

“Then I don’t blame you. I don’t exactly feel you should have taken things into your own hands, but perhaps it is best he can’t do it anymore.” Can’t do it...

“Fuck, I should have gelded him.” Wrong choice of words.

“Okay, eclipse. No. Seriously. No. No more gelding talk, that’s nasty. I said I’m not angry for you disabling him, but that’s going too far.” I nodded again and scooted further onto the table.

“You sure you aren’t angry?” she smiled and laid her head on my leg.

“Not even a little.” I love this girl…

------Celestia (10:53) ------
“Ah oh course, Sir.Hoofulet. How may I be of assistance this fine day?” This idiot. Every day, the same complaint.
“The Montanieghs are at it again princess! They have stolen our family!” I resisted sighing. My patience with these families was growing thin. The young foals went and left each other’s houses for one another. I needed a distraction.
Just like that, a message from twilight! I watched as the smoke and flame coalesced into a single scroll I quickly grabbed it in my magic.

“Uh yes, of course allow me one moment however, this may be important you see.” The hoofulet just nodded.

“Now…Eclipse did what?” I felt my self-control slipping. I managed to retain it.

“Guards, please find my sister, inform her that eclipse is an idiot, she will understand.” With that final farewell I teleported from the chambers.

------Eclipse (10:59) ------
My mare friend is both amazing, and extremely horny…Fate is funny that way, But always seems to lean in my direction.

“Please? Just a little rubbing come on!” I smiled, and shook my head.

“Tonight maybe, we can go all night. But right now? I need to go to the hospital… Check on twilight… Maybe dash I f I can find her… I know for fact twilight has summoned Celestia or Luna, that’s just what she does.” Mist set her head on the counter and started giving me puppy dog eyes. She even managed the little lip wiggle!

“D`awww. But no. I gotta go.” I kissed her on the head and grabbed little Luna, placing her in my pocket I left and started heading for the hospital…
Word travels quickly in a small town. I was getting a lot of funny looks. Some of them were fear. Others, I would go as far as to say respect. Most of the respect looks were from non-pegasi. Eventually I settled into a decent walking pace and focused on the hospital. “Jesus, this would be so much quicker if I could telep” I was cut short as a bright flash enveloped me depositing me in front of the hospital, where I proceeded to lose what contents I had in my stomach.

“Okay… No more teleport… Oh god…” I was dry heaving for a good few minutes before I finished.
I sat staring at what used to be my lunch a few more moments before I stood. I took another few moments to wipe my mouth and regain my composure before stepping into the hospital. Redheart saw me and instantly got wide eyed. I walked over to her.

“You don’t need to freak out; I’m just here for twilight, if I know her, and I do, she most likely can’t think straight right now and has a killer headache. Where is she?” Redheart stared at me a moment before calming down.

“Room… Room two; did you really do that to the Pegasus?” I stood up and looked at her.

“Yes, I did.” She is now afraid again. I headed back to room two; Twilight was there with an ice pack. She saw me come in and close the door.

“Uh… Hi… Eclipse.” I just nodded and pulled up a chair.

“You already summon the princesses?” She tried coming up with an excuse. But all’s that came out was a very tiny
“Yes…” I just nodded.

“Well. I’m assuming they are on the way, so I’ll just kick it here.” She stared at me.

“Aren’t you scared?! You almost killed a pony!” I laughed.

“Almost isn’t good enough. Not for him.” She tried piercing my head with eye daggers.

“Who are you?”

“I am me. I will always be me, and I am always ready to face consequences for my actions. I know what I did was bad, Even If I didn’t stop to rip off the other wing. Which mind you, I REALLY wanted too. He deserves to suffer. Speaking of which. Be right back.” I stood and walked back out to nurse red heart. She eyed me suspiciously again.

“Do you have a ‘Strawberry breeze’ registered here? Weather pegasi? Just turned fourteen a few months back?” She looked at me like I was reading personnel files.

“I work in the mayor’s office; I pretty much sort your paper work for you.” Now she nodded.

“Fine yes, she is actually also in room two, on the bed next to your friend. Good news is she woke up this morning.” Oh did she?

“Thank you much. I’ll be going back to room two then” I re-entered the room and this time did a head count, There were two full beds. One had a strawberry pink filly who eyed me with interest, the other had twilight next to spike. The strawberry filly was cute too; she had light blue hair and a bright pink coat. Her cutie mark was one of (Surprise) a strawberry in the breeze. No clue HOW that can be a talent, but it’s cool. I walked up next to her and pulled the curtain between beds so now twilight could see her as well. It’s interesting to see ponies sit like humans, I see Lyra around town every now and again, but strawberry sitting like that was adorable.

“Strawberry breeze?” She looked at me a moment. She had some big yellow eyes.

“Yes…” Her voice was barely a squeak. I wanted to hug her and cry!

“Can I ask you about what happened?” her once bright eyes darkened and she looked down.

“I’d rather not.” I nodded.

“It’s okay; I don’t need you to say anything. I already kicked the shit out of the pony that did this.” She shot back up.

“You got storm!?” I didn’t need anything else. I looked at twilight.

“He didn’t get near as much as he deserved.” She started to cry. Just as two bright flashes deposited the princesses.

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