• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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Scroll Seven: Preperation

When I awoke in the morning, the sun was already in high noon, I had slept way more than planned, which made sense. Sleep deprivation and all that. Sitting up slowly I held my head, Felt like my skull was going to split, after sitting a moment I figured out why, Nearby a VERY loud snore escaped someone I didn't remember seeing in my bed last night. "Uh....The hell?"

After a few minutes of trying to wake her and some talking about why she was in my bed, Thorn had left. And I felt like shit! Turns out her family lived in Manehattan, She sent most of her money to them to help them live, she slept in the garden on most nights, and a night like yesterday? It was cold. I now understood why she was trying to get the apple, And from that day forward I had a cuddle buddy, Thankfully neither of us would go beyond that, She was what she explained as a "Filly fooler" I’ll call her a lesbian for my own sanity. Too many ponies make me sad. It was nice having someone to talk to about...Shit, everything. At the end of the day. And that relation continued for almost two months. (I had a second bed moved into the room. We never slept in the same bed after those first two nights. She was an ear, I needed to keep sane. And she provided tips on most of the staff.) But either way, you want to know when Luna came in right? Turns out she already had.

I found Luna in the library furiously staring down a book on "Dreams and their many uses for spying" I made a mental note to check it when I could read. (Still haven't checked it. It went missing....) "Uh, Luna?" I said, in English mind you. A lot of ponies in the room were watching Luna like she was about to explode. "Luna are you okay?" I asked stepping closer to her. She looked up at me "I'm fine. How was your friend?" She asked (In English thankfully. Looking back, I didn't realize she was into me this early... hmm.) "Thorn? She was cold, so I let her stay in my room. Which I wanted to talk to you about. Is there a way to get a second bed into the rooms?" I was SO clueless back then! She stared at me angrily a moment before she stood "We have things to do, are you ready?" I was, but she was so mad! It was making me worried really. "Almost, I need to talk to Celestia about something. You know where she is?" Again, she stared. "Throne room, I will meet you at the gate out of the castle when you’re ready." She was almost pouting on her way out of the door. I hated myself. I couldn't figure out the problem!

After a quick jaunt to the "throne room" I approached Celestia with her sister’s predicament. Thankfully the conversation was in English, so the guard ponies were missing the juicy details. Gossipy guards... After the explanation Celestia laughed. "Oh my dear eclipse, you aren't versed well with relationships are you?" I immediately hopped on the Defense bandwagon. "What, of course I am! I’ve had plenty of girlfriends!" I was puffing up my chest and acting way more bad ass then I could ever pull off at this point. Celestia just gave that little "I know" Smile and laughed...Hate that smile. "Eclipse, its simple, introduce her to your friend, Thorn was it? And explain the situation; we will get another bed into the room as soon as possible. Although I fear it may not be till tomorrow." I was okay with that so I tried to find thorn.

Who was again trying to get some apples off the tree, what’s with that? I walked up behind her, plucking a few juicy ones and setting them down. "Hey thorn." I said, switching to equestrian. "Hello...Uh...Human." She tried to say my name at least. "Eclipse is my new name. You can call me that." She smiled at this and kept munching, I joined her, I had a feeling éclairs were out of the question. After a few minutes of munching quietly I looked to thorn. "Can you do me a favor and stay here a moment? I need you to explain something to someone for me." She smiled "I’ll try my best!" So bubbly after eating...

A few minutes and a lot of coaxing on my part and Luna was in the gardens staring at thorn, who was pretty much shaking out of her skin. "Okay. Good, now. Thorn. You are a filly fooler yes?" I said, coaxing her out of her shell, and revealing a secret like that in front of a "Princess" was the way to do it. She went ape shit explaining how... Ya know, I’ll just try and quote a segment. "Eclipse you are a selfish foal who would gladly reveal secrets best left to lie, I can’t believe I told you that in confidence and you betrayed my trust" yada yada, You ever notice how pony's say Foal instead of Fool. Took me a few times before I picked up on it. But the desired effect took place. Luna figured it out while I was backing away slowly from the rampaging filly. Thankfully Luna stopped her and explained the situation. I was unable to hear most of it because of them whispering but Thorn turned redder then the apples we just ate so. Good times. At this point we had wasted another hour and so by the time Luna and I got to the tailors they would have my suit by "Tomorrow at the earliest." thankfully, the baths were open...

And awkward. These baths were wide, I asked if they had a shower, to which most just said something about "An uncouth alien" So after taking a, quote here for good times. "Simply luxurious" Bath. Bah. And being relatively clean (I was separated from Luna, and the ponies by request. I have some standards... although I’m pretty sure they gave me the wrong soap, I smelled like strawberry, not a bad smell. But... Ugh. Human standards. Don't matter sorry about that.) We ended up leaving and I learned about... Oh two new words. Mostly being "Luxurious" And "Standards" That was a fun conversation.

By the time Luna and I Actually made it home we had stopped at a cafe, For a Latte, which was interesting. They have COFFEE in Equestria! I was happy, Luna ended up buying three more cups, It was her first ever latte. Kodak moments, I'm telling you. All in all we killed a good four hours between everything that happened. From the measuring in the tailors, to the bath, to Luna's coffee binge. Thankfully no accidents though ponies were beginning to ignore me now. And starting to crowd Luna. This made me a bit worried since she didn’t like the constant praise and attention. But she toughed it out till we made it to the castle. The two of us said our goodbyes, and separated. Her to raise the moon, me to bug Celestia.

Who I found in the throne room, "Hello Celestia." I said walking down the center of the path. Guards along the side walls all tensed up as I walked down this carpet. This made me wonder. Why did they all look alike? Do they paint their fur? Question for another day I fear. Celestia looked at me from her throne-thing. "Well hello eclipse, nice night is it not? My sister always did have a knack at making them so beautiful. I never could." she stated looking up out a large roof-window thing. What are those called? Anyway, she was looking at the stars. "Uh. Celestia I’m actually here about that necklace, I know that the bracelet only took a day, but how long do you think for the necklace to be done?" I asked her this in the hopes it was already done mind you. But here is where my pessimism kicks in. I knew it wasn’t. I just, knew. "Well, I feel I must apologize Eclipse. Your necklace will not be configured for at least another few months. The metals it is made out of are much harder than equestrian metal, as well as much heavier." well there's a thought. Maybe I wasn’t stronger; maybe everything was just lighter, softer and less...Earthy.

"A...Few months?" I asked for at least the fifth time. To which, like clockwork. Celestia nodded. "At least two to three months yes, we wish to allow your necklace to retain its shape and durability, I feel since it came through with you, It may be the only thing capable of backing up your strength to a decent degree." She sighed "The bracelet earlier was made of some of the strongest equestrian metals. And was unable to contain your power." I laughed. I couldn't help it. Strongest metals my ass.
A few months. I can handle that. I still needed to learn to read and write anyway. "Very well. Thank you princess. I think I’ll be going to bed now." I began walking to my room when about half way out of the room I heard Celestia call "I believe your friend is already there. Good night eclipse." Why me?

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