• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(27) Life: Meeting

I was sitting on the couch closest to the kitchen, farthest from the front door. While Celestia was wandering around looking at the place. Light was currently putting his hand in the fire. To see if it burned maybe?

“Eclipse… I understand you have been under a lot of stress… I also recently discovered you have been in a coma for the past few days. While I had wondered why you haven’t activated your cube, I was more worried about twilight’s letter saying that the leechwood may have begun affecting your mind. I ask that you explain the situation as best you can, try not to leave out any important details.” She climbed onto the couch opposite me as Light stood from his fire-poking.

“I could frighten her. Maybe throw something at her head. It could be fun.” He was staring at her. To be honest I kinda wanted to let him. But I shook my head. He sighed and walked into the kitchen.

“Okay…Let’s see. First things first, the leechwood, well. Light, is affecting my mind, in a manner of speaking. He is as much his own person as I am…Honestly, I’m pretty sure that in a way, we are the same person. He has drawn knowledge and power from me. But he’s also gotten a few of my quirks as well. At least, I’m pretty sure he has. I’m pretty sure he can’t lie. Well, it’s not that we can’t lie; it’s just that the more we lie in general the more it hurts. So we don’t. Ever. He also is a little pissed at you because you walked in all high-and-mighty. I am too, but I’ve forgiven you because you’re just worried. He loves Luna; I do too, so not a surprise there. And he seems like a pretty decent guy.” At this a glass of water levitated its way into my hand.

“Thanks light.” Celestia just stared wide eyed.

“When did you develop Telekinesis?” I laughed.

“As I said, not me. He is his own person. If I could let you meet him I would.” At this Light looked at me

“She can meet me. You allow me temporary control, I could talk to the princess for you.” Celestia looked… awed.

“So wait, you want to talk to the princess using my body?” he nodded.

“Of course I understand if you decline, it’s a bit of a stretch on the trusting scale.” Was…That a joke?

“Yea, it is but ya know what? That’s the sun princess; I doubt you could touch her if you tried.” He laughed.

“Yes indeed. I would be but an insect, however let’s be honest. I wouldn’t try anything to hurt your body.” I nodded. At least he didn’t lick his lips…*Shudder*

“Fine. How do we do it?” at this he walked over to me. I felt his hand pass into the back of my neck. And then I was outside my body.

“Whoa…” I saw me stand up place my glass of water down and stretch.

“Oh my… I must say Eclipse; bodies are very different when they have weight...” Oh now that you mention it. I felt light…Really light. Celestia was just waiting. She hadn’t said anything yet. She just stared.

“Now hold on one freaking second. I’m not asleep!” I suddenly remembered last night’s conversation.

He looked at me. “No you are. I put you into a sort of induced coma for the duration of our talk, However it seems we…for the most part have simply switched bodies. Do I really look like that?”

I looked at my arms; they were covered in the same silver root. “Oh… yea. Although when you’re in the body the flesh is black. Pitch black.” He laughed.

“I simply must change that next time I am in control. Would you care if I used one of rarity’s suits as a base?” I shrugged. “Oh good.”

“So now hang on, you’re in me, that’s cool. So now, can I move stuff around?” His turn to shrug.

“Perhaps, you may try. However I wouldn’t get your hopes up.” I walked over to Celestia.

“Can you touch people?” He laughed. “Yes, I have the capability though I do not wish to offend them, why? Do you wish to poke the princess?” Celestia’s eyes widened. I laughed. Way to ruin a surprise.

I opened my hand and placed it on her side. She definitely felt me. She was staring at her side right where I was touching.

“Eclipse?” I laughed again as I rubbed a bit.

“How is this? What?” She was dumbstruck again, Light sat down. I took a seat in the middle.

“Now, Princess. I understand you wish to speak with me.” She looked at him and quickly regained her composure.

“Yes… You are…Light, correct?” he nodded. “Then yes, I wish to speak with you.” He laughed. Coming from me at least it WAS human, it still sounded…Off though.

“Very good. I will make you an offer then. One question to me. And one question to you. We shall trade answers.” She nodded “You first princess, you are the guest after all.” Wow…He really gets under her skin.

“Very well.” She said after a deep breath. “I suppose we shall start simple. Where is Eclipse.” He laughed and pointed to me.

“Right there, listening to us”. She stared at me for a while before nodding. “Very well. Your question?”

“Simple my dear. Where is Luna?” Celestia looked back at the couch. “She is indisposed.” That freaky laugh! Oh my god!

“Seriously, calm the fuck down Light. Your laugh is creepy as hell.” He stopped laughing and just nodded.

“I apologize; I did not realize my laughter was…Creepy. I shall try and keep it to a minimum.” I nodded as Celestia stared at where she thought I was. I was there, but still. She didn’t know for sure.

“Can Eclipse hear me?” “Yes.” “Tell him Luna did not come because she feared he was mad at her” *Sigh.* Women… “He sighed and said women, in a frustrated tone.” I did not!

“And now he knows why I keep my thoughts guarded while I am in spirit mode. The host can read the thoughts. Not the guest. Surly you had heard me before my supposed reveal.” I thought back to the times I kept hearing voices… I guess I wasn’t schizo…

“Oh no, you are certainly crazy.” *Sigh.*

“So, you can read his thoughts? But not the other way around?” he wanted to nod. But the answer deserved more.

“No, The body. The body can hear the thoughts of the guest in the Spirit. I spent much time learning to hide my thoughts from him; it is difficult to focus when in control of two separate thought processes.” Celestia nodded.

“So you protect him by not letting him know the truth?” He smiled.

“Most apt description, I suppose that is correct to a point. There are no lies between us.” She was eyeing…Well. The other me. Like she wanted to maim him. And to be honest she probably did.

“Fine, I suppose I’ve asked two questions. Your turn.” Creepy laugh activate...

“Well shoot, I was hoping to rack up a few more. Oh well, I suppose playing mind games with an immortal while I am still so young is quite silly. Very well. My first question, and mind you, I want complete honesty. If I feel you are lying? This game is over.” Wow, he’s pushing demands on the princess. Please GOD don’t banish me.

“The question is, do you love him.” What? Celestia nodded.

“Of course. He means just as much if not more to me then all of my little ponies.” Light stared at her for a moment.

“Very well. Question two, why have you come here?” Seriously?

“Well, I was worried of course. That is a silly and pointless question.” It was nice to know she cared though.

“Pointless to you perhaps. To others, it serves to lift the spirit. Your turn princess.” She thought for a moment.

“What are you?” Seriously? That’s the best you’ve got?

“Do you mean physically or spiritually?”

“A question, answered with a question, that means we both lost a turn would it not? Spiritually, I understand you are the leechwood in Eclipses chest. I want to know WHAT you are.” He wanted to laugh again. This whole thing was a game to him.

“Very well, I am a parasite. I have attached myself to Eclipses soul, feeding off of his spark. It is a unique and ever filling meal. As such it has given me much room to grow. However, I understand that this is Eclipses body. So I attempt to have as little influence as possible. If his spirit is broken, or he dies? My meal will be cut short. For now? I am merely a booster. His natural ability’s as a human will be greater, He will grow faster, and if he bothered to try I’ve given his eyes some interesting abilities. However, he is a human, they are happy with what they are given unless it irritates them.” Wow. Long winded.
“Yes, I’m not used to breathing very much quite yet.” Asshole. “That’s rude.”

“Fine. I believe I have one final question.” Light turned to Celestia. “And it is?”

“Does he trust you?” Light looked at me. What was I going to say? Yes? And have him live in me forever? No? Have him ripped from my mind? Maybe? Walk around indecisive forever? I didn’t know. I couldn’t decide!!

“I believe this is a question he must answer.” Light stood and walked over to me, placing his hand in my neck. I felt an unfamiliar shift as I stood now staring at light, with my hand placed along his spine. I looked at Celestia. She smiled a little.

“Welcome back!” She was happy, that’s good.

“I...” there goes the smile. “I can’t decide right now princess. To trust him or not? That’s… A tough question. I’m gonna need more time to get to know him I think. He’s a posh smart ass. But… I like to think he’s pretty cool anyway.” Celestia nodded.

“Very well eclipse. When you are ready, come visit me in the castle. And use the cube you silly foal! I’ll send a letter to twilight telling her not to worry about all this. Perhaps research a way to make a being like light visible and audible to all as well.” I nodded. That WOULD be nice.

“Good bye Eclipse.” I smiled.

“Buh bye princess. It was good seeing you again.” She smiled and disappeared in a flash.

“Drama queen.” Fucking Light.

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