• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(74) Our life: The hunt?

------Eclipse (12:45) ------
“Seriously… This forest Is a lot of the same thing.” I said while stepping over a branch that be had squeezed under. I was still following her, It was extremely boring. We hadn’t been here long, but still it’s tough to be entertained. Especially when following a tiny pony… WOW! I’m way too used to this shit!

“Eclipse, you could just like… I don’t know; stare at my flank if it makes you feel better.” I had been.

“Tried that, just makes me feel guilty. I could try screwing with gravity some more… No no... I suppose… Shit man… I’m so bored!” She just laughed at me.

“I have to admit, we have only been out here a little under an hour, and this is by far the most entertaining scout trip I have ever been a part of. Most times we would be in groups of four or five and the only talking would be to report weather or not something is nearby.” Ew…

“And there would be a good reason why I can’t be a very good scout. I like to talk too much not to.” I could swear she rolled her eyes while she was laughing.

“Oh eclipse, you are just too cute. You didn’t even say goodbye to anypony did you?” … Well shit!

“I did not even think about that… This isn’t a month long scouting trip is it?” I never said goodbye! Shit!

“Hardly, this is just a dry run; consider it a taste of real scouting. We aren’t supplied nor are we capable of surviving out here for an extended time. This is just a general walk about, When I get back to town I’m going to make a map.” Map making… right.

“So, you can make maps?” I ducked under a rather low branch and walked behind Be, she was swinging her tail now. Like it was funny to her, hater.

“Yes eclipse, we didn’t go to scout school just to learn to shoot a bow I happen to be a very good cartographer, shit, I was good at everything I did when it came to scouting. Only thing I failed at was ‘pushing’. Lance was a great pusher.” Lance, right. Her impaled brother. WOW I’m a dick!

“Yea, sorry about lance.” She laughed.

“No worries, where ever he may be he’s smiling at me. And most likely encouraging me to hit on more fillies. He was one of the smartest out of the boys, and he had a heart of gold. He used to love watching me talk to girls, he was always too ashamed to do it himself. So I used to hook him up with girls I thought were nice. Most of them would always leave really happy, but never… Used? I guess. To be honest I think he would talk to them. Make them open their hearts and then help them out. Kinda like you to be honest. Though, bless his heart. I still think he may have been gay.” Ouch.

“Well, aside from the possibility of him hitting on me, he sounds like a pretty cool guy.” She chuckled at that.

“Cool guy… Yea, he was a sweet heart. Mom always said someone was going to end up killing themselves protecting him. He was always getting into fights because of friends, but every pony always backed him up. He could rally ponies together like noponies business. I never guessed that the pony to almost die protecting him would be you. I gotta say, seeing you charge out of those bushes the way you did, I was scared shitless, some creepy pink bear coming out of nowhere, and punching a manticore.” She started laughing. “Those kinds of things you never forget! You were psycho! The way you climbed up its leg. Ah man. Now that I think about it, you ripped off the manticores wing too. Got a thing for wings?” She ducked under a branch getting her bow caught. I just lifted the branch, a quick thanks and we were back on the way.

“To be honest, with the manticore, It was more me trying to prevent its escape. For storm? I… I just had to hurt him. Ponies like him don’t deserve anything given to them. Not even life.” She just shook her head.

“I understand Celestia’s rule on horrid crimes mean death and all that, but let’s be honest here, isn’t all life sacred? We all deserve second chances.” My turn to shake my head, I knew she couldn’t see it. But I did it anyway.

“Nope, A tainted soul is one that needs to be snuffed. I agree one hundred percent with Celestia, If a crime is committed that is not truly horrible, then prison, If a pony rapes? Murders? Then I say they need to die themselves. Personally I would see to it that they suffer as much as possible first.” We pulled into another clearing and decided it would be a good place to rest a while. Be has been outta the game a while.

“I don’t know eclipse. I don’t think I can agree with that, what if say, a pony murders another while in self-defense? Does that pony need to die?” Oh dear god…

“Well, not really, if it’s in self-defense then that would imply a ‘tainted’ soul is after them, if the tainted soul is killed by the pure victim, then I see no reason why the pure should be punished.” She nodded.

“So what if the tainted killed the pure and said it was self-defense, making them look pure?” I looked at her a moment.

“Then we come full circle to what silent storm was. A murderer, and a rapist, who managed to do what he did because nopony wanted to stand against him. This is all shit I never expected to discuss here, especially not with you.” She laughed.

“Here as in the woods? Or here as in Equestria?”

“Equestria. I always thought this place was pure, untouched by things like wrath or envy, Those just seem like…Human emotions. They just don’t belong in the faces of my little ponies.” She snorted as I said my little ponies.

“I just don’t get you eclipse. You’re a mystery. You really are. Everything you say is just… Right, but wrong. You’re impossible to understand.” Yea… Impossible… Things like that, here? That is impossible.

“Yea… I suppose I am pretty confusing, ready to go?” she nodded and stood. Then she froze.

“Eclipse… smell the air.” Uh… okay, I smell… Pine… grass, maybe dew? Peppermint…

”Peppermint.” She looked at me and nodded. We were near the den.

------Moon mist (5:43 PM) ------
I closed up shop early. I had to spend a few minutes walking around the store before I fully closed, but It was worth it. Celestia herself paid me a visit, said to give eclipse a thank you and a kiss. From the princess, something about Bad eggs and taint, I don’t really know. She kind of just mumbled to herself after a while. I let her continue until she caught up and apologized over “Sometimes absent minded.” I live and date a creature which is just as likely to cry, cuddle, or point out a cat at any given time. I’m used to it. After she left, I did too. Nopony was coming in today anyway. As I headed home I wondered if eclipse ever made it to where ever he was going. I’m assuming he did I mean, Celestia did inform me to say thanks. So…

“Wow… That a fire in the everfree?” I looked over at a Pegasus stallion, not unusual. But I turned my head to where he was looking, and sure enough there was what looked like a huge blaze going on in the everfree. I looked at it a moment longer before the smoke died out. I suppose It really doesn’t matter anymore, maybe the princesses noticed it. It was almost dusk after all, I’m sure they were watching the horizon, went to put it out or what not… What am I gonna make for dinner?

“Hi mist!” Light walked up next to me, I smiled at him.

“Hello light how was your day?” He smiled and laughed.

“It was good! I really had a lot of fun with the girls. I like hanging out with them, it’s always a lot of fun. You know where dad is?” I just shook my head. That man is always disappearing.

-----Bulls eye (5:50 PM) ------
My sides hurt from laughing so much. Eclipse was rolling on the now frozen ground. The entire area of forest within twenty feet of him was frozen; You could ice skate on the ground.

“How the hell did you do that!” Was all I could say as I stood and marched into the epicenter of the ice. My hooves began getting cold but looking under the ice there were dozens of Timberwolves frozen some of them still had what looked like fire coming off of them.

“I have no idea!” He yelled as he rolled over and sat up, he was still holding his side. We had spent the last few hours hunting down the center of the creatures nests, we found them. But there were way too many. Eventually eclipse had this bright Idea to run into the center of them They all got pissed and charged him at once, then the area exploded in flames. That lasted about a minute, before it exploded again and was iced over, the ice itself actually extending almost four feet off the ground.

“By Celestia! That was awesome! I…Just wow! It would have taken months of camping and guerrilla tactics to get this nest down to size! Then you just come in here and POOF! Not cool!” He started laughing again. I hate to say just how much I fear eclipse. He’s one of the nicest colts I know. But… He is frightening. And the power he has really… shouldn’t exist. It’s like reality is just a play thing to him. It’s not right! But it’s so cool! Eventually he stopped laughing and stared at the ice.

“You know… this is gonna flood when it melts.” I looked around. We were essentially in a bowl, of ice. Eventually it would indeed melt. And most likely flood something.

“Yea, that’s true, where did the water come from anyway?” He just shrugged.

“I don’t know, some quantum anomaly, or some shit. I just blow things up; I don’t question where my ability to blow things up comes from… Though now that I think about it, I most likely shouldn’t do that anymore. This area is looking pretty…’ Sploded.” I just nodded. Most of the trees from the epicenter were bent outwards; the fires were quenched by the ice. But still.

“Yea, no more exploding. I don’t mind the timber wolves dying.” I tapped a wolf paw sticking out of the ice with a hoof. It shattered and fell. “But killing the trees as well is kinda a no no, we use those to live. And stuff.” I looked over to eclipse and noticed he was lying on the frozen surface with a smile. Just staring at the setting sun.

“You okay eclipse?” He laughed as I walked over and lay down on top of him. I don’t care, its cold he has clothes. My armor only protects the top.

“Yea… I think I am. I just… I almost feel like this power is too much. I mean, Look at what I did, that’s not just magic, this is… something else. And while I’m damned happy to have it… I just can’t help but feel like there’s something…Else about it. Like something is guiding me, I can’t explain it. Sorry.” I just nodded.

“Been reading ‘call of ponthulu’?” He looked at me.

“Reading what?” I smiled.

“Call of ponthulu, it’s a book series by a pony named lovecraft. They are very popular horror novels.” He suddenly had a stupid grin on his face. So I put my hooves on his cheeks and pushed. He just laughed.

“By lovecraft huh? That’s cool. The adventures of Ponthulu… Cuddlethulu may exist yet.” How does… never mind. I got off of him as he stood and brushed off.

“We may want to head to town; you can come out here and melt the ice tomorrow.” Don’t you dare say you won’t, you froze it.

“Yea, all right. Let’s head home be.” Good.

“So… Yea, I’m pretty scary huh.” I looked at him as he said that. He was turning circles, looking at the ice platform from all directions. I couldn’t lie.

“Yea eclipse… You are.” He laughed. It sounded hurt though.

“I love you Be, you’re a damn good friend.” I smiled as he picked me up into a hug. Stupid human.

“Let’s go home okay Be?” I just nodded and leaned my head onto his shoulder.

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