• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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Scroll Fourteen: Jump

I’m sure you’re all asking "Jump? Does that mean he’s skipping all two months till he writes the story?" And yea, pretty much. This chapter will be used as a general filler, just to catch you up. On the important things of course. So, for the sake of reference I entered Equestria on January eighteenth. To be honest, I can’t remember the year. It was twenty something.

Anyway, as I was saying I entered on the second, I spent one day in Ponyville, another in...Ya know, Ill skip the boring math. January in Equestria is just called "Winter." They don't have months, just seasons. So currently we are in "spring" but by my count, I’ve been here about three months. It’s a simple system but still effective, none the less. Let’s get started on my jumping shall we?

The first event took place about a week after Brew was fired. The setting, as per usual was myself and Luna in the gardens. I was used to staying up late now. But unfortunately that meant I almost always slept through the day. In this specific instance Luna had just raised the moon. It was roughly eight PM.

"You ever wonder what Thorn does around the castle?" It as a normal conversation. Nothing special.
"I can not say I have no. I always just assumed the servants felt they had to make themselves look busy." we laughed, I thought so too. It was about this time that we heard Brew come out into the garden we waited for her to find us. When she did she walked up to me put her hooves on my shoulder and started pushing me.

"Brew? What’s the issue?" She started crying. "Something’s wrong with miss bulls eye...” Nothing else needed to be said, I was off the ground and running to my room in a heartbeat. Thankfully I was a lot more fit now, I managed to make it and only be partly out of breath I pushed open the door to find thorn next to her bed curled up in the corner between the wall and her bed.

It sounded like she was crying. And when I got closer she popped up and yelled "Surprise!" The lights came on and illuminated most of the servants and staff had thrown me a party even Celestia was there. Be sat up in bed and wiped some nasty gunk off her face. "I'm almost positive this mask was not necessary Thorn." we all laughed, Brew and Luna got to the room eventually, and when Brew saw me she got the biggest cheesy smile ever on her face. I walked over and picked her up hugging her

"Don't do that! You guys coulda just invited me, you all scared me." They all laughed until Luna nudged me back into the room. I put down brew who went to mingle (And probably get wasted. So weird she’s old enough.) It was a pretty good time. And I’m sure you’re wondering "Why is you getting a surprise party important!?" the answer? It made me happy. What more importance could you need?

The next jump is about four days later, on this day I was just wandering around town; my shirt was on since Luna wasn’t with me. But I ended up bumping into a pony I immediately recognized. "Vinyl scratch?" I asked as she walked by me, her shades reflected the sun pretty well. But she really did have crimson eyes. She had stopped and looked me up and down. "Yea... Why? Aliens like music too?" I laughed.

"Wub wub is the best." She smiled at that, the both of us being bass junkies we ended up spending the day together. She turned out to be a really nice girl, very outspoken. Which was nice, she told me that I looked stupid, I agreed and now we meet up every couple of days to just talk. She’s a real cool pony. I had asked her if she knew Octavia, but I don't think she did.

I know I was saddened by that. She had also hooked me up with an MP3 player of sorts, powered by gems infused with magic. It was pretty bad ass. Another not so important thing that happened. To tell the truth, my months in the castle, they weren't interesting. I was just kinda....There. After the manticore thing.

Let’s see here, after that the next thing is...Oh... damn, Almost the full month. This puts us about two weeks from present day.
Luna and I were in the library, I was finally advancing at a decent pace with my studies Brew just had to be in the room, it was pretty cool.

But when Celestia had entered the room she sounded PISSED when she yelled "Eclipse! Come to my room right now! Luna, you join him!" She then teleported away. Luna and I looked at each other. "Well shit."
Luna and I hadn’t wasted any time getting to her chamber we didn't want to keep her waiting. It was... Not smart... "Ready?" I asked Luna my eyes locking on hers. "No...” Heh. Yea, me either.

I pushed open the door to find a small journal in her possession I'm pretty sure it was her rants. She still looked pissed. Luna and I walked in and the door closed. We both stood silently at the end of Celestia's bed. (Acting like troubled children. Oh man, Celestia has a lot of control.) The moment the door clicked shut Celestia busted out laughing.

I threw my arms up in the air and started to leave. "No no, Wait eclipse. I did not mean to act angry at you; I just could not help myself!" She was still laughing but Luna was now sitting staring at her sister. "That is so Argh!' She stomped her hoof. She does that a lot. But still we waited till Celestia calmed down and levitated something over my neck, I recognized it immediately; it was my necklace, although now there was a single opal in the middle, I kinda liked it. "So what press the opal and my powers activate?" Celestia nodded.

"Not all the time though, it is also a detector, if your spark wants to activate the opal will glow, pressing it in this state will activate it. And begin your countdown." Countdown? I turned the necklace over. "1:24:32?" I asked her staring at the numbers on the back. "That is how long you will live. If you activate it." Oh... That’s. Depressing.

"So, one hour of super strength before my soul gets devoured?" she nodded again. One hour? That's not a whole lot of time. "Ah well, this thing won’t go off without me pressing it right?" Again with the nods! "Right, thank you Celestia. I’m very happy you were able to do this for Me." she laughed.

"My dear Eclipse. You have changed a lot since you’re coming here." changed... I guess I have. I nodded and began to head for the door "Ah eclipse, continue your studies with Brew, I will be with you shortly." Luna being Luna I guess.
That’s the end of that one.

The final "Important thing" That happened was two days ago. I had literally just finished my study's, I was now a proper equestrian. At least, literature wise. I was leaning back in my chair in the library, I mean my chair too, and it was actually custom built for me. Pretty cool that these ponies care for me this much. I took the opportunity to stretch and sigh "Ugh, finally done! I am now smart!" I laughed as Luna and brew looked at me with smiles on their faces.

"Very good Eclipse. You can now read, Write and speak equestrian. But before you go I have a request." Luna's smile had faded half way through her sentence and I immediately thought "Oh god oh god were all gonna die" Thankfully she caught on to my emotions and quickly corrected herself "Its noting too bad, I just wanted you to document your stay here, at the castle. Everything that had happened you know. Like. Everything."

I smiled, that's much better than dying. "Oh, Okay sure. That should take...What a day, maybe two?" She laughed. "Yes, one to two days and then I will personally escort you to meet the elements of harmony. And apologizing to spike of course." This of course was when it hit me. "I didn't hurt him did I." her smile faded.

"You said I hurt twilight and her assistant, you were just guessing though weren't you. I’ve grown a lot these few months Luna. One thing I’ve been able to do is question things as they are. And I’m almost positive I didn't hurt spike." She sighed

"No, He dropped a book on his head while moving you into the basement with twilight; they weren't sure what to do with you. So they assumed you might be dangerous. You merely startled spike. Which is why you got burned, He had never seen you before." I nodded and smiled. "Well good." Both Brew and Luna now stared at me open mouthed.

"What?" I said looking from on to the other. "IF I didn't hurt him then that means I may still be accepted. This is a good thing!" I laughed and gathered my scrolls and things, if I was going to start writing, why not start now. Let’s try and make it worthwhile.

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