• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(85) Our life: Ho boy.

------Eclipse (11:26 AM) ------
Fear… There’s a certain level of it that everypony inevitably feels when stepping into places like doctors’ offices or dentists. Because your expectations of how horrible it will be allow your imagination to screw with your head! Sitting in Celestia’s workshop was one such place. I was afraid. Not because of the room itself, or the fact that Celestia was currently staring at me. But mostly because.

“Why do I need my shirt off if you’re testing clouds?” She looked at me and gave an innocent smile before floating out that same jar of chocolate milk.

“Because your shirt would block the flow, trust me eclipse, it is for your own good.” RIGHT.

“Celestia, you know I love you. And I respect the shit out of you. But there is a certain level of creepy I just won’t take… Sorry.” I jumped off the small podium and put back on my shirt and coat before she sighed and nodded.

“Very well, your flesh just has such a pretty color. You don’t see many ponies in that shade.” Surprise.
I hopped back onto the podium as she pulled the cloud out of the jar and looked at me. I sighed as another cotton candy cloud poured into existence. Discord was right, whatever the hell he was, maybe a manifestation of my spark in the dream world? No matter, he was right. This entire time I had been trying to manipulate the spark, when all I really needed to do was ask. And it’s not really even asking, it’s more like, you want something to manipulate, you think about it, and it happens. Or, I can envision the effect, and it happens. I always had wondered how he was able to focus on so many things in the episode.

Truth was, he didn’t need to. Once the spark creates or manipulates something, it actually manages everything itself. Until you want it to knock it off of course, it’s like light was. Constantly aware of what I wanted, but never seeking to overpower my consciousness. It thinks it’s a guest? I feel more like the guest…

“Very good, you have only been gone one day; this is quite a bit of progress.” Hmm…. Yea…

“Truth be told I had some help.” She looked at me a moment expectantly. I shook my head at her. Not like I would be able to tell her about discord visiting me in a dream which took a total of 10 seconds.

“Very well I will begin the magic extraction, please prepare and send a letter to spike; I want everypony to meet us in your home. Within the hour if possible.” I just nodded and jumped off the podium. It’s her workshop, she’s gonna have a quill and ink. Multiple flashing lights filled the room as she began, I just ignored them. Magic needs to be flashy. Otherwise what fun is it?

“Ah there’s the dumb thing.”

------Spike (11:32 AM) ------
I have burped up a lot of weird things. I mean, a LOT of weird things. Quills, ink, scrolls, tickets, I even burped up Philomena once. That was interesting. But one thing they always had in common was that I burped them up. So receiving a message from eclipse, which actually spawned in front of me? That was weird. No burp, just poof. I knew it was from eclipse because the paper had turned black. The ink on it had turned white. It’s like his written calling card! So weird.

“Twilight, we got a letter!” I called as I stepped down the library stairs, said scroll in tow. Twilight was over her writing podium working on that stupid red book. I got really curious after she brought it back from eclipse. But she put a lock spell on it. Now only ponies who know the password can get in it. I huffed as she looked up from the book. Her face had that weird red stuff on her cheeks as she coughed into her hoof. Then she levitated the message from my claw.

“Thank you spike.” She unrolled the letter and cringed a little. “His claw writing is… Horrible. But He wants us to gather the elements in his home. So spike, you want to get Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow dash?” I felt myself perk up at the mention of Rarity, I nodded way harder then I should have and felt myself get dizzy.

“Good, then I will get pinkie and applejack. He says to meet him there within the hour, I’ll go tell Aj.” Then her horn glowed and she disappeared. But her book was still on the podium.

“Why not?” I walked over and jumped onto my chair. I looked into the book. She had just started on a new page so there wasn’t much…

“As the bipedal creature drew breath, plunging his face back between her… Where?” That was all she had. I was really curious! But oh well, she would know if I touched it. Best to just forget it and head to rarity’s…

“Rarity…” My heart felt aflutter as I began stepping down from the chair.

-----Twilight (11:37) -----
I appeared just outside of sweet apple acre’s the cool breeze hitting my face was very welcoming. I had been working on eclipses story… I hadn’t seen him nude so I just had to work with what I knew about humans. It’s a lot harder than you would think! Thankfully his dexterous fingers and interesting face made it fairly easy to work around that. This is NOT the time to be thinking about this!
I shook my head and began walking to the farm. The only way to know for sure where applejack or big Macintosh was; was to listen for the cracking of their hooves! Thankfully it didn’t take long to hear the familiar noise and I began walking toward it. A few more minutes and I found Applejack and Bulls-eye were bucking trees together. I’m glad that they made up… I stepped into the little group and made my presence known.

“Hi girls! How are you today?” Applejack stopped bucking and turned to face me, Be kept bucking, but she didn’t stop looking at me.

“Not so bad Twi, how about you? Find a special someone?” Bull’s eye was always antagonizing…But she means well.

“Well howdy Twi, whatcha doin way out here Sugarcube? Did eclipse break something?” I smiled as she said that and shook my head.

“No no, he’s asked that we bearers all meet him in his house. Within the next 45 minutes if I have my times right.” Applejack sighed. Bulls-eye just went back to bucking.

“Ah swear, that boy has lost me more buckin time in the past month then ya ladies have the entire time we been the elements. Ah will be there. Just gonna go get a few more trees. Thanks for the message Twi.” I nodded and smiled as she went back to bucking. My horn glowed again and I was standing in front of Sugarcube corner. I took a moment to get my bearings and then stepped into the candy coated shop.

I was instantly assaulted by the smell of baked goods and the voices of ponies from all over town enjoying the goods they purchased. I walked over to the small counter and noted a rather delicious looking cream pie was on display. But my stomach would have to wait.

“Oh hello twilight, have you come to buy some food? Or are you here for pinkie, dear?” I smiled at Mrs. Cake; she was almost always cheery and smiling. But then, she did live with pinkie pie!

“Upstairs in her room dear, you know the way!” she said with a laugh before heading back to the kitchen. I just nodded and began walking upstairs. I had only visited pinkies room a few times before. But it was still interesting. The pink party pony always had some new contraption or party plan laid out. A lot of people thought she planned parties on the spot! But in reality she has pre-planned parties for pretty much every pony in Ponyville! Oh that’s a mouthful...

I stepped up to pinkies door and knocked, only to be tackled by her the moment her door opened.

“HI twilight! Are you here because you need a party?! Ohmigosh! Is it someponies birthday!? That would be so cool!” “Pinkie.” “Is it my birthday? No that’s silly!” “Pinkie…” “Is it eclipses birthday?! No you said that that’s not this month, but what about presents! What do humans.” “PINKIE!” “Even like for presents!” With the last of her sentence she stepped off of my chest and stood by me with a big smile. I got up and brushed myself off.

“Eclipse wants us to meet him at his house, would you like to walk with me?” She started to gasp but instead nodded her head really hard. It looked almost painful!

“Good… Okay, yes. That’s everypony… I think I’m gonna head there now.” I said as pinkie began walking down the stairs alongside me. I hadn’t noticed when she was attacking me, but gummy was attached to her ear. I would never tell pinkie, but gummy really freaked me out… Almost as much as snakes! *Shudder*

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