• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(16) Life: Rude awakening.

I woke up feeling much better. Though that's not the best choice of words. I felt better physically. But I couldn't stop thinking about Brew, Be and Thorn. They were some of my only friends here, and I just up and left them. I know the princesses will take care of them... But it still hurts.

I began standing to find Luna actually asleep next to me. I stretched and stroked her mane. "Luna, hey time to get up." Just as Luna started to wake I heard a voice from above. "Get away from our princess you freak!" Just then I looked to the sky to see a rainbow maned Pegasus smash into my chest at full speed. I was flung over Luna and ended up bouncing at least one time before hitting a tree. The Pegasus landed in front of me but seemed to be standing on the roof, no wait. I'm upside down.

"You don't go near our princess! You! You monster!" What made her so angry? Wait a moment. "Rainbow dash?" I ended up coughing up a bit of blood but I stunned her long enough for Luna to comprehend what happened. "Rainbow! Stop! This is NOT a monster! Didn't Twilight tell you six?" She trotted over and helped me off the tree. I couldn't feel anything... "OW..." Rainbow dash looked at me then at Luna and her Eyes shot wide "Ohmygosh! I am so sorry! I thought you were a monster attacking the princess!" She started trying to get me to my feet. I ended up having to do most of the work, Dash was strong but with all the muscle I had put on since this root engraved itself to my chest I was getting pretty beefy. I loved it. "Gotta say dash" I coughed up a little more blood, I really hope it’s just temporary. "It’s understandable why your one of the best flyers from Couldsdale. That was impressive, even if I wasn’t an enemy." She smiled as I said best flyer, then sank as I told her I wasn’t an enemy. Luna was waving her horn over my chest. "Diagnosis Dr.Luna?" She laughed at that. "Nothing permanent should be good in a few minutes." Oh good.

Rainbow dash was sitting there as if she was waiting for something. Her eyes were on the ground and she was acting like I was going to yell at her. She kept mumbling too couldn't hear what. "You alright there hun?" She looked at me "Hun?" I laughed, it hurt. "I call everyone hun, it’s not personal." she started kicking the ground all shy, cute as hell. "I’m ready...” Luna and I looked at her. "You can... Yell at me." I gawked. I didn't mean too. She was acting like I wanted to beat her. And to be honest that just served to irritate me! "What? Rainbow dash I don't blame you, you’re not in trouble." She looked at me and it was honest shock present on her face. "What really?!" Now she gets all excited... "Yes really, your fine. I have no hard feelings." She smiled at me. Walked over to my side and sat down. She leaned over with her wing and wrapped it around me.

Very soft, I still preferred Luna's though. "Thank you." I laughed. I did. "There is nothing to be sorry for dash; you protected Luna, shit if I saw something weird near her I woulda done just what you did!" Her eyes brightened and she muttered another thanks before taking off. When Luna and I were alone I turned to her "She acts a lot different in the show."
Luna nodded "That’s because this is real Eclipse, your expectations may not hold true." Hmm. "You wanna spoil it for me? Or am I just gonna have to meet them?" She laughed. "No spoilers" She rubbed her hoof on my nose.

After a few minutes more feeling returned to my legs. "Alright, let’s see my bruise." I lifted by shirt to see that dash had struck the Leechwood; a small indentation was the only proof of that. I walked into the sunlight to see it better, but the leechwood just let out a "Pop" and the indent was gone. "Cheeky bastard." I could almost feel it wiggle in response. "Alright Luna you ready?" I put down my shirt as she walked up next to me. "Where to first Eclipse? I can take you to any of the "Mane six" As they were known." I laughed "Let’s go to...Hmm. I never thought about it really... Let’s go see Twilight Sparkle I guess. I want to woo her with my freaky knowledge of your language." Luna laughed. "She already knows." Damn. There goes that.

I followed Luna closely, not because I was scared but because the ponies were, I figured the more "In control" of the situation she appeared the less scared they would be. It sorta worked... We eventually made our way to Twilights house. "Wow. It looks almost exactly the same..." I was kinda disappointed. But this world was a lot brighter than earth. "Let’s knock." I walked forward and rapped on the door a few times. "Come in!" I smiled. Opened the door and let Luna go first. "Princess Luna! Your here! Oh wonderful you said you were bringing a friend?" I stepped in behind Luna, oh man, the look on twilight's face? Priceless. "Well hello twilight, pleasure to see you again." She fainted.

Spike came down the stairs "Oh hey princess!" He stopped when he looked at me. "Howdy." He also fainted. "Wow, I’m gonna start saying hello to people I hate...” Luna laughed "They will come to understand, let us move them to the beds." Alright. "Which one d`you want?" She stepped over twilight and began levitating spike "Seriously?" I sighed. Walking over to twilight I picked her up. Its STUPID how light these ponies are. She couldn't have weighed anything over 60 pounds, It was...Just no.

I carried her upstairs and placed her in the bed. "They look really peaceful when they are asleep." I muttered to no one while stepping back downstairs Luna of course was perusing Twi's library. When suddenly the door burst open and a really excited rainbow dash flew in yelling "Twilight! You’ll never guess what I saw today!" I waved at her and she landed "I knew I shouldn’t have taken that nap..." I laughed. “Its cool dash, she fainted when I said hello." Dash started laughing. Luna dash and I took a few minutes to ourselves and just talked until twilight stumbled back downstairs.

"Mornin sleepy head." I greeted her. She stared a moment then sat down and started rubbing her face "Yea, doesn’t work, my ugly is too strong." Dash and Luna laughed but twilight just stared, so I figured what the hell, I got off the couch and sat at ground floor so we could see eye to eye. We just stared at each other until she blinked I stood up shouting "I won! She blinked! Victory for Eclipse!" I sat back on the couch and turned to twilight.

"You know you can stare at me in a lot more comfort if you take a seat...” At that dash jumped up from next to me "Yea Twi come on he’s really nice!" I smiled. "Don't believe anything she says, I brain washed her." My saying that made dash laugh but Luna frown. "Eclipse! You know that that is crossing the line!" I laughed again, this was awesome. Twi just kept staring. "Alright, Time to solve this the only way I know how!" I stood and walked over to twilight and stood as menacing as possible. She was so tiny! I knelt to the ground and hugged her... "What?" I heard dash say "It’s just the way Humans work. He feels hugs can solve most problems. And to be honest it’s true. His hugs are very nice." Thank you Luna! Twilight snapped out of her haze and pushed away as I smiled. "There, hugs solve everything."

The three of us laughed while Twi started freaking out. "But how?! You were...Not! Just! OHHH!" she began prancing around the room talking to herself. While Luna and dash began talking about various wonder bolt related things. I stood and dug through my pocket for my Vinyl-pod and put the specially made ear-buds in, Turning it on I listened to Hoof your color by "Dj-Pon3" Then I sat back closed my eyes and waited. Eventually I paused my music to see if everyone was calm, they were. And they were talking about me...

"What if he wakes up?" Dash...
"Then there is nothing we could do." Luna.
"We could try doing something else, but he’s new in town dash. Who knows how ponies will react when they see him!" Ever the voice of reason. Twi.
"Probably a lot like you Twi." Antagonistic and beautiful dash.
"Girls, this isn’t helping. We need to decide if it’s going to happen or not." Ever glorious Luna.
There was a moment of silence. Why did the nicknames get titles?
"I vote yes!" Rainbow. "Well...ugh fine!" Twi. "I am unsure if this is wise. But it will be fun." Luna.

Doesn't matter, I pressed play and fell asleep.

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