• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(43) Life: Dolls and mist

A shared ice cream (I didn’t get much, but it was cool) and a quick talk with pinkie pie, and I was back outside while she went back to work. I had always thought that pinkie pie just worked in Sugarcube corner, but as it turns out she really did live upstairs, it was pretty cool learning about the coolest party pony ever. Even if some things she said were a little hard to understand. Thankfully by the time I was out it was almost dark walking around and talking to ponies I haven’t seen very often takes more time than I thought. And the weirdest thing is I hadn’t seen any of the cutie mark crusaders since the hospital incident. Or I suppose, since light took over, but that’s kinda weird to think about like that. Oh well.
I started walking home, no reason not to, most of the shops were closing people were going home, everyone was ready for bed. And to be honest so was I, I hadn’t been so tired in a pretty long time.
It was amazing just how much energy Light was feeding into me off the spark, which I suppose I could still feed off of it, if I could make the damn thing work. What does “Physical portion of the spark” mean anyway!? WHY CANT I STOP THINKING!!

“F M L….” I sighed and kept walking until I reached Twi's library. The trail to my house starts a little way behind it so I was always kind of. Used to seeing the tree. My god, used to seeing twilights Library. I’m a shameful excuse of a creature. It’s a god damn library built into a tree; this should never start being normal.

“Man…I have serious issues...” And now I’m talking to myself. Fucking peachy.

“You going to stand out there Eclipse?” Spike was talking to me from the door of the library, it was cool seeing him, I didn’t spend near as much time with these ponies as I should have…Or dragons, as I should have.

“Can you stop staring at me? It’s kinda creeping me out...” I blinked.

“Sorry Spike, I’m just a little…Out of it.” He nodded.

“It’s cool; Twilight gets like that all the time. Oh, hang on she wanted me…” With that he turned and ran into the house. I could hear things being rummaged about in and I was curious what he was talking about so I waited. A few minutes later he ran out with a small red book, it had no title and was only so big, but it had a lot of pages.

“What’s this?” I asked flipping through some pages but never really stopping.

“I dunno, Twilight never let me read it, she said it was between you and her. And I respect my friend’s privacy.” I laughed.

“That’s cool lil`man, thanks, I’ll be sure to peruse it in bed tonight.” He nodded and went inside. I started walking up the hill book tucked under my arm. Was twilight home? I figured she would have said hello if she were… Anyway, god I need to stop thinking.
I opened my door and stepped inside. The whole place was lit up like a Christmas tree. I hated when lights were on and nopony was using them.

“Hello?” I called, no one answered. I went around turning off the downstairs lights and started heading up. I could hear familiar noises from the master bedroom, No clue how they got so loud… walking down to my room I saw light poke his head out of his room, he had shrunk a good two more inches.

“Hey eclipse.” WOW, he sounds…Young!

“Wow, this thing really is turning you….Young.” he just nodded.

“Wanna talk about it?” he laughed.

“Talk, not really. I figure the more I can hate everyone the easier it will be to let go when my mind does shatter.” Emmmooooo. Well, he’s emo I’m a drama queen, according to the girls anyway.

“So…No?” he smiled at me. It was a sad smile.

“No…Thanks eclipse.”

“Anytime, I’m right across the hall.” He smiled again and backed into his room, door shutting behind him.

“Anytime Light…” *Sigh* I went into my room and saw that one of the girls had put a mannequin on the teleporter, I picked it up and moved it. Then something poked me in the ear. I looked to find my “Enchanted” Luna doll was flying by my ear. I loved this thing. If I had toys like this at home, I…Do have toys like this at home… hah! Oh man, Fucking Equestria! I love it!
I went and sat on the bed the little Luna following as it landed on the bed walking up to where I was.
It was amazing that this toy knew the room the way it did. I put the book down on the little shelf and picked up the toy. It did look almost exactly like Luna, a few little differences here and there, but I doubt you would notice unless you washed the real princess. Weird train of thought. I laid in bed and placed the doll near my shoulder, I picked up twilights book and opened it.

“Once upon a time in Canterlot castle…”

Few hours later.

“The guard suddenly tensed as his…” Wow,

“They fell atop each other panting heavily. Then swordwind whispered into her ear ‘I love you’ as they passed into unconsciousness.” Holy shit….
I closed the little red book. I don’t think spike was supposed to give me this, It was a collection of about three seriously steamy fictions, one of which had princess Celestia in it and I’m not gonna lie, they were pretty good. I’m not big on “Book” porn but if I was then these would be some serious stress relievers.

“Oh god. How can I even think that.” The little Luna doll huffed into my neck. The only thing this doll didn’t do was offer philosophical advice and eat. It could breath, bathe, everything. Hell, it slept! Maybe I should just start carrying little Luna in my pocket. It might be weird since the enchantment was specifically crafted for me, so everyone would be all “Oh my god honey he shrunk the princess” and shit. But honestly I didn’t care. I put the book back on the table and patted little Luna with a finger. She sat up and looked at me. “night.” She huffed and laid back down. So life like!

I was woken in the morning by my door slamming open and me jumping awake causing little Luna to scramble and fall down the pillow. I looked to the door to find a wide eyed twilight

“Twi!?” She charged into the room and jumped on my bed pushing me back down to the mattress I manage to keep my back arched, I didn’t want to squish lil Luna!

“Where is it!?” What?

“Where’s what?!” she sighed she looked seriously frustrated.

“The book!” Oh, duh.

“Oh god, don’t scare me like that twilight!” she lost her cool

“Oh my gosh you read it didn’t you oh no no no no.” Oh yes yes yes. It was quite enjoyable.

“Yes I did read it; spike must have mistaken you trying to keep it a secret as you wanting to give it to me.
I read the whole thing last night. All three stories, my favorite is ‘Dusk to Dawn’ by the way.” I picked up the book and held it out to her. She was now sitting with tears in her eyes.

“What? Oh come on now, I said they were good, you think I’m gonna tell somepony because your writing is actually good?” she brightened a bit as her horn and the book glowed. Then disappeared. God I wish I could do that. I sat up and caught her. Since she was on my chest, an angry Luna doll flew out from under me and landed on the table shaking off. I loved that thing.

“You mean…You liked them?” I laughed and set twilight back on the bed.

“I’d be lying if I said I liked stories that are focused on sex, but yea there was enough story to make it enjoyable for me.” She smiled. It was surprisingly easy to make her happy.

“Thanks eclipse, I guess I may have overreacted. I just, Thought you wouldn’t like me anymore if you read these.” …

“Seriously? Those were tame compared to shit where I’m from, granted I’m a bit disappointed I’m not in one yet.” I poked her in the side and she giggled.

“But really Twi, Never think I’m not going to be your friend over something like that. It would take a lot to make me even kinda dislike you.” She just nodded and started to head out

“Goodbye eclipse, Sorry about, waking you…And stuff.” Helping the pony folks. Maybe I can get Aj to say that.

“Yea, talk to you later twilight.” She nodded again and left. I of course immediately fell back on my bed. After a moment of lying there little Luna jumped back onto the bed and walked onto my chest, where she just sat and stared at me.

“What?” it was like the doll was judging me!

“Stop it...” That evil stare!

“Seriously I’m gonna turn you off if you don’t stop staring at me like that.” She huffed and jumped back onto the table.

“Thank you.” I stood and stretched, I’m already up and from the looks of things it’s still pretty early. Think…Stuff to do…

“Dammit! I need another job! Guess I can start looking, what was it rainbow said? Blacksmith? No. That would be stupid. Let’s see, something that doesn’t suck horribly.” I took a shower and put on my Black suit, I kept the jacket from my combination though the thing was just too awesome. As a final step in preparing for the day I went and got little Luna placing her in my front jacket pocket. She would keep nuzzling my finger while we were walking, I loved this freaking doll.

Walking through the streets with a tiny Luna in my jacket got me surprisingly fewer questions then I thought. Now, me walking down main street singing mad world, THAT got me a few looks and a few questions about my mental health. Either way I eventually came to a stop in a store I had never entered.

“Misty`s magical trinkets and arcana” I had never seen this store before, at least not inside. I had passed it many a time on my walk to and from the mayor’s office, I always just figured “It’s a unicorn store no reason to enter.” And, I was right.
As I walked into the store a light blue unicorn mare with a black mane and a single large bubble as a cutie mark welcomed me

“Hello, welcome to misty`s magical shop, feel free to look around and ask quest…” Oh, guess she noticed I was a human.

“Uh... Hi.”

“Yes…hello. You here to buy something for a friend human?” I had never seen this mare before. But she irritated me.

“Uh, no. I was.” She sighed, loudly. “Then why are you here?” WOW, seriously!?

“Ok… I was going to browse, but it seems like you’re in a bad mood.” Herp. She sighed again and placed her head in her hooves.

“Yes, I’m sorry... I…*Sigh* I’ve just been having a really bad day…Eclipse right?” I nodded and walked to the counter. This poor mare looked exhausted. Her violet eyes lost that, shine that most ponies had.

“It’s been almost four weeks and I have only had four costumers. All four of them purchased horn polish and left, “Horn polish? “ At this rate my store is going to go out of business. And I’m unfortunately having difficulties finding ways to boost business.” Boost business in a magic shop?

“You offer any services to non-unicorns?” she laughed.

“No, I’m afraid I don’t. I know plenty of spells, and I’m a pretty quick learner, but I think… no... No services for non-unicorns.” I hopped up onto the counter and took little Luna out of my pocket placing her in front of the down mare. She just stared at Luna until she shook and started walking back over to me.

“How? How does it move?” I laughed.

“I don’t know Princess Luna enchanted it saying she didn’t want me to be alone, and honestly this little doll is most likely one of my best friends. Not saying much. But hey.” She watched as little Luna climbed her way back into my pocket and popped her head out.

“It’s so life like...” I smiled. See? This is good.

“So do you have a name?” she looked at me a moment.

“My name is moon mist. But you can call me misty, or moon if you want.” She gave me a heartfelt smile and I saw a little bit of the light return to her eyes. She needed someone to talk to. And I needed something to do.

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