• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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I woke to find myself still wrapped around vinyl who was just snoring softly. Snoring. I always found it so annoying, But from her? It didn’t matter; it was one of the best sounds in the world. I don’t know what did it. Or why it did it. I was happy, neigh! I was amazing! Horse puns didn’t even leave a bad taste! I felt AMAZING and I had no clue why! I wanted to get up and get started on my day, I needed to stop by the mayors, do my work. Stop by rarity and try to get something, white and blue. Something that made vinyl and I match. That would be fun. I wanted to talk to light, ask him about how he is. How his legs are faring, and all that. See if he’s really okay with everything. But you know what? Fuck all that. It can wait till my scratch is not so damn cute.

Waking up is interesting, I had never slept before a few days ago. My dreams were plagued with memories, Most of them weren’t mine. But I understood. And I knew what was going to happen.
I had a lot of time to think yesterday… And I figured it out. My body won’t be the only thing to revert.
I’m going to become a child. Entirely. Like when I was around those girls. Eventually my mind will reset. And I know when it happens I won’t even know it has. I’ll just be stuck. Wondering why the man taking care of me is some form of gorilla. I don’t want to reset but I suppose it was going to happen anyway.
I had more or less accepted it at this point. Nothing I can do. At least I still have the spark…Part of it.
I’m going to miss being able to manipulate the mind like that. Hopefully Eclipse doesn’t realize that my control of him was through the spark. *Sigh* If he knew what that stupid thing could do. Worst power ever.

One you don’t even realize you have unless you need it. But nothing interesting EVER happens. I was able to get around that while eclipse was unconscious by making the spark think I was protecting his body. Can’t even do that anymore. My life is so weird. I went from being a stupid tree in some weird creature’s chest, and then I became a friend of the only human in Equestria by playing with his mind, now I’m a pony and thinking how my life is weird. So many weird things today. Even tomorrow will be a new day, with new adventures into the boring. At least when eclipse was there I could kind of make my own fun by insulting people. I never had to deal with the consequences. I didn’t care, I had no emotions. Then right at the end…It was like after eclipse yelled at me everything came crashing down. I didn’t want him mad at me; I wanted to be his friend. I wanted to be able to treat him not as food but as a friend.

He was weird for sure, one of a kind. But by the time I had reached his mind all his human memories were fogged over, so I never could find too much about just how unique he is. Are all humans like he is? Or is he one of a kind there too? I wanted answers. But in a few days…It wouldn’t matter. I wonder if the crusaders would like me as a friend while I’m small. I sure hope so. They do make me happy...
“Heh…Happy.” That’s new….

-------Bulls eye--------
Well SHIT. Up all night drinking with AJ and thorn and now I can’t find the door! Stupid light “Ow!” What the, is that a table? Where that hell are we? Is…Oh GOD this is Ajs barn! Aj didn’t… Oh god! Thorn got her threesome!? I wish I could remember. I’m sure AJ was a blast… Hmmm… she does have a really nice flank….I think it’s cool if I just. Watch her sleep a bit. Nothing creepy about worrying about her health...

I wonder how the body the leechwood got is holding. It should be able to move now at the least. I do hope eclipse was not angry. I fear the repercussions if his sparks ever resonated. It may simply reattach itself to the Primary soul, or it could kill them both. I should have stayed there. The chances of resonation are low, but still. This is eclipse. He tends to over think things a little….a lot. *Sigh* I must put this out of my mind…Focus on the task ahead of you.
“Next petition please…” I hate my job.


“ZzzzzzZzzz…..Stupid human…Zzzzz….my muffin…”


“I’m sorry ma’am, but there is just no way that you’re over eighteen. Eight maybe, but I can’t hire a teacher that is the same size of the students.” All it would take is a little magic and I could make his world a living hell. Just a little….Just….A littllleeeee...*Sigh* Why do I care what eclipse thinks of me. I could hurt this bigot and go home but eclipse might get mad…
“Okay… I understand. Thank you for at least trying to see me.” I’m used to rejection. Only reason I got the coffee shop job was because my mom knows the manager. Maybe I could get a recommendation from Celestia? That would be cool. Then I could get my job. Whatever. I’m going home, I wonder if thorns awake yet.

-------- Twilight--------
“As eclipse stepped from…. No….Oh…. Darn. It’s so hard to write these when I don’t know what I’m working with….” Twilight set down the quill and shredded the paper. She wanted to write a story for Eclipse an adult one, she had written dozens but never told anyone, and then he comes along and knows instantly! It was disconcerting at first. But he seemed honestly interested. She wanted to impress him with the gift of steamy romance and naked bodies, but she had never seen him! She doesn’t want to make the wrong impression…She could use Light, but that would be creepy what with him becoming a child soon. Why was she even writing THAT for him?! She suddenly felt a little disgusted at herself as she walked down the stairs for a glass of water.

“This suit is going to be simply Fabulous!” she believed Light would love it! The poor dear, it’s a good thing she’s making it small! Oh but she does hope the proportions are right… but what if Eclipse tries to pay again… it had Irritated her for a bit after she found the money and the note. But that’s just Eclipse. And besides, she made him two more suits while he was asleep! Bahahaha! Take that you silly human! You can’t out generosity me! “I am truly the most generous pony, ever!” She smiled to herself as she continued the suit.

---------Pinkie pie---------
“Cupcakes! All’s you gotta do is take a cup of flour! Add it to th”~

Fluttershy slowly wheeled the rabbit out to her garden. “Now do your best not to get caught any more okay?” the bunny nodded and quickly retreated from the yellow Pegasus. “Oh, such a dear.” She smiled and went about her day.

----------Rainbow dash-------
Waiting waiting waiting….”UGH! When is he going to wake up! I want to talk to him!” Rainbow rolled over on her cloud. Her tail falling off the side as she lazily stared at the sky.
“Stupid human and his….Human...ness. Stupid Vinyl…*Sigh* I just had to be a good friend…I could have had him…” All she could think about was eclipse. Her work was suffering for it too. She hadn’t done any actual training in a few days’ time. She wanted so badly to tell him to dump vinyl and be hers. But all she could do is wait. Wait until it happened naturally. She knew it would. Vinyl looked like the type of pony who wouldn’t be able to stay in one place for too long. All she had to do was wait….”Ugh….”

“What in tarnation did ah do last night…” applejack sat up her head was pounding but she hadn’t felt this good in a long time. She looked about to see she was in her barn, next to her was a tall sleeping green filly who looked like she had a good time, and at her legs was a very short very happy be. “Hi aj…” she took a moment to wrap her head around the situation.
“Ah consarn it.”

----------Vinyl Scratch-------
She woke to find eclipse resting his head on hers, stroking her mane, she didn’t want to move. It might make him stop. She loved being touched like this. She wanted to enjoy it while she could. She was already getting restless. This world moved too fast. She didn’t want to be slowed down. But she didn’t want to hurt Eclipse either. She knew he would wait if she wanted him too. But that’s the opposite of what she wanted. She wanted to be happy with him until she earned enough money to get to Manehattan. She wouldn’t ask him. He had the money, he had plenty of money. She could in all honesty, live happily with him and never have any concerns…But she couldn’t. She wanted to be out, taking in the night life. She wanted Dj-P0N3; she wanted the excitement. But was she really willing to break his heart for it all?


You never realize just how much you know about a pony you love until you can read them by their actions…I knew the signs. I knew what was happening the moment Vinyl started to cry. She was stir crazy. This life isn’t for her, there is no adrenalin, no heart pumping music and doubled bass doubled fun.
She needed the night life. It’s who she was. I would love her forever. But I suppose even if it just came to pass…I have to let it pass…I cried for the first time in a while that morning. I just hoped I could do what needed to be done.

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