• Published 30th Jan 2012
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The nature of the beast. - Kintra

The adventures of a sarcastic pessimist who visits a world full of creatures who love and tolerate.

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(73) Our life: Begining the hunt

------Eclipse (12:09) ------
“Rainbow… Come on!” Ugh! Fuck this is hard!
I laid back on the grass why is she taking this so hard anyway!? It’s not like I beat her! I came to say apologies, kicked her bosses ass and now she’s all angry! What the hell!

“I don’t get you! Why are you angry at me?” I rested my head on my arms and continued staring at her house… This is stupid…

“You really rip the wing off a Pegasus?” bulls-eye walked up next to me and hovered her face over mine.

“Yea why?” She looked sorta scared a moment and then shook her head.

“Nothing just makes me surprised that you’re surprised that dash won’t speak to you.” What? Seriously!

“You may have to explain this to me, I got nothing.” She sat on the grass; I turned my head to face her.

“Okay, think of it this way, what makes you special as a human?” I thought about that.

“Well, I suppose humans are special for their dexterous fingers and ingenuity.” She nodded.

“So what would it be like if somepony cut off your fingers?” I turned back to rainbows house and stretched my left hand in front of my face.

“Well… I suppose that would suck.” She reached over and grabbed my hand. I let her have it as she pressed her face into it.

“Yup. It would suck. Now imagine that your fingers were a special trait to only certain groups of humanity. Then imagine losing them.” It took me a moment.

“So, what you’re saying is that she’s frightened because I took a ponies wings and made him NOT special?” She just nodded.

“Jesus… Of course, I learn I can pull nifty fucking fire-bending avatar stunts and the first thing I do is scare a friend shitless.” Be continued to lean into my hand, I at this point had just locked my arm into position and she was leaning against it. Her horn between my middle and index finger.

“So… What are you doing here?” She laughed at that.

“Loving on my human before I take off into the woods again. A pack of wolves that big, but there were no children. This means there’s a den nearby. We need to get rid of it here soon, otherwise…” Yea…

“How long does it take a child timber wolf to reach maturity?” She thought about that.

“About...four days? And they can birth over a dozen a week. Per female.” Jesus...

“So…A plague then.” She nodded into my hand again.

“You know I’m coming with you right?” She laughed.

“I figured as much. Aj told me you were being “Stubborn as ah mule” when she talked to you about it.” Damn straight.

“You kidding? I put mules to shame. Plus I can use the forest to practice my power more, recently I was able to place an electrical proxy mine onto a tree, I want to know what else I can do.”

“Proxy mine?” Oh right, derp.

“Uh, proximity based trap, like, if something gets too close to it, it will trigger.” She thought about that.

“And you can place these anywhere?” I nodded. At least, if there’s a surface…What about air mines? Hmm.

“Can you like, select who it explodes on?” Pfft! Hahahaha!

“Uh… Minus the serious innuendo, yea, I can. I think… One second.” I focused as a small lightning trap burst into existence. It just sat there. Sparking uncontrollably, it was like a sphere of electricity. It was pretty cool to look at!

“Wow, that’s neat, and it won’t hurt me?” I shook my head.

“The power on it is turned down so low, you won’t feel a thing.” Well, minus a bit of static, maybe a quick jolt of electricity. Nothing lasting though.

“So, now you can do that… Okay, but can you manipulate objects? Like… telekinesis?” Wow, I never even thought of that…

“Well, One second Ill test it.” I then reach into my pocket taking out an angry little Luna. Placing her on my chest.

“You sure you want to try it on her? What if something happens, What if she breaks?” Oh… Good point…

“Yea, your right, you see any rocks nearby?” she stood a moment, taking her head from my hand. Walking away as I followed her with my eyes. Eventually she came back with a rock in her mouth, one of a decent size thankfully. Little Luna had already retreated back to my pocket with a huff.

“Okay, that can work just uh… Here I’ll take it.” I held out my hand as she dropped it and sat down.

“I’m sort of excited; I remember when your hand was all, Fwoosh!” It was pretty cool.

“Yes, good thing there was a Fwoosh.” I stated as I focused on the small rock. I sat there staring at it for a while before sighing.

“Don’t think I can, I can’t MAKE the rock move.” Maybe…

“Actually hold on.” I focused on the area around the rock and watched as it began to lift.

“Well hang on now, I see no magic. Where’s the aura?” I laughed. This was too badass!

“I’m not moving the rock! I’m altering gravity!” She stared at me.

“You’re kidding. There’s a string or something. I know it.” I just laughed as I fiddled with physics.

“Who needs wings when gravity is your bitch?” I had a seriously stupid smile. Then Be poked the rock and watched as it floated away.

“Yes… Control may be an issue though…” hmm… Yea…

“Ready to hunt?” I nodded and stood. There’s nothing I can do here.

“Yea, Lets uh… Yea.” I watched as she went to gather her equipment. I just turned to the slowly floating rock and focused. Then I watched as it impacted the ground like a ten ton hammer.

“Whoa. Uh…” Right… gravity dangerous. No fuckie wit da physics.

-----Bulls eye (12:15) -----
I finished strapping on my equipment as eclipse wandered up to join me. He was still staring at his hands. I knew he was curious but to be honest the power he had was…Frightening. Way I heard it, he didn’t just rip the wings from that Pegasus, Storm was it? He actually froze the base all the way through and then snapped it off. I’m not too sure what could cause eclipse to do something so… Awful, but whatever it was, if he did it, its right. One thing eclipse doesn’t do is make important or mean decisions if they aren’t right. Course I suppose I could just ask. He doesn’t like to lie.

“Eclipse?” I turned to him as he looked away from his hands.

“What’s up?” He had that little smile on his face. So weird, he’s always happy even when he’s sad. It’s hard to read his emotions, but you can always tell what he’s thinking.

“Why did you hurt that Pegasus?” he sighed and dropped his hands to his side. He doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He’s sick of explaining, makes sense.

“Dude was a monster, a rapist. I kicked his ass, end story. Can we go?” I’m most likely the only pony who won’t ask for more, He could have just said he was a monster, I wouldn’t have questioned it.

“Sure thing, oh by the way, your mare friend? Spend some time on her front hooves, right in the center, trust me.” If there’s one thing I can spot, it’s how to get a pony ready. I saw a smile break across his face.

“Hooves huh? Never thought about that.” I turned and laughed as I set the bow in its proper place.

“So Be, aside from walking through the forest and killing things, any other form of entertainment you have?” That’s a serious question?

“Yea, sex. Sometimes I also just masturbate, but that’s no fun.” I heard him laugh.

“You’re the only pony who can get me to blush like this. Dirty girl.” I just smiled, if there’s one thing him and I had in common, it was our personalities. And maybe our love of touching…And intimacy… And sex. Although I’m not too sure about that last one…

“Hey eclipse, you boned her yet?” I heard him cough but I kept pushing through the brush, we were starting to get near the first battle site.

“Uh... Wow, I keep forgetting you are…Well, you. Yes we have made love. And you wouldn’t ask that unless you were comparing something so yea, it was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to try again.” Aha! I knew it. That dirty boy!

“Seriously eclipse, sometimes I wonder about you, you’re REALLY open about your relationships.” No way is he getting out of this one.

“Yea? What’s applejacks favorite foreplay?”

“She loves it when I lick… Wait, hey!” He laughed as I blushed. Stupid dumb jerk.

We pushed through the last of the brush and found the site of the battle. There weren’t many signs of the fight, aside from a bit of dried blood in one spot. It was eclipses, Timberwolves don’t bleed. And they decay really fast.

“Wow. Fond memories.” I heard eclipse say as he stared at the bloody spot on the ground. He then took off his jacket hanging it off his right arm he rolled up his left sleeve, I could see huge scars in the flesh, his arm was well toned, but in certain places the flesh looked almost purple from the scars.

“That’s nasty eclipse.” He just nodded and rolled his sleeve down.

“Yea, but hey, you know what they say, a man with battle scars gets all da bitches.” I just shook my head as I searched the opening.

-----Eclipse (12:36) -----
I put my jacket back on as Be looked around the small area... It was almost like the trees just didn’t want to grow here. The entire place was a perfect circle; the only thing that broke it was a path opposite of us.
I loved being here with be, but this area was…Unsettling, to say the least. Being here just made my arm tingle, I know zecora’s brew was more than enough to heal me. But it was still interesting, seeing the gnarly scars on my arm. Whatever dog bit me, may have actually taken a chunk. I didn’t know for certain, at the time, I was occupied.
I watched be as she started stepping around and sniffing the air.

“You trying to track like a dog?” She laughed.

“First time scouting?” Well duh!

“Nope, done it plenty of times..” Worth it.

“Good, then you would know that I’m scenting the area, Timberwolves tend to have distinct smells, and you would also know that the smell tends to carry honey. And sometimes peppermint.” Really? I sniffed the air. Just smells like trees and grass.

“I got nothing.” She nodded and motioned for me to follow her.

“Me either, but keep a nose up and your head…As down as you can get it I guess. By Luna you’re big.” No, you’re small!

“Yea yea, anything in specific were hunting other than Timberwolves?” She nodded and motioned to a small print in the ground.

“A….Chocobo? If we find it can I have it?” She gave me a stupid look.

“No you idiot, a cockatrice. Looks to be pretty young, don’t look it in the eyes. It will turn you to stone.” Right.

“Like a basilisk, yea, got it.” She shook her head again.

“No, a basilisk is completely different; a basilisk is a giant lizard-snake that could swallow you whole.” Right.

“Different world, different rules I guess.” She sighed as we walked further down the path.

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