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It has been one of the closest guarded secrets of Canterlot's royalty. Deep in a specially constructed dungeon, surrounded by warding spells and powerful magic barriers, exists an enigma. Within a cage that could only be described as something out of a nightmare, it waits and watches all of Equestria. A creature that cannot age, is immune to disease, does not thirst nor hunger, and resists all injury. But, it also holds secrets and knowledge that could safeguard the kingdom. Its powers are frightening, but it is civil enough for debate when patience permits.

Princess Celestia has sought counsel with the creature before, enduring it making deal after deal for its services. The Princess walks a fine line when dealing with it, knowing full well anything could give it an advantage despite its imprisonment. She has had to go back on her word in these dealings, and from this a deep animosity between them has been born. It is a necessary evil as she is convinced this is a being capable of untold evil far and above anything Equestria has ever dreamed of. So long as it remains within the confines of its cell, her kingdom is made safe. So much magic has been woven to ensure that, there is little chance of escape.

So long as the magic holds, there is no danger. So long as the cage remains strong, the nameless creature stays enthralled in his cavernous dwelling. If that were to change--if the magic failed--not even the wisest could say. But one thing is assured, it does not bode well for Equestria.

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to Hard Reset

After the events of Hard Reset Twilight's life and mental well being are slowly returning to normal. Her recovery is cut short, though, when a letter arrives informing her that the time loop spell she cast is causing severe damage to space and time itself. In over her head, Twilight tries to summon anypony who will know how to fix it. The pony she gets is the last one she ever thought she would meet... and nothing like she expected him to be.

Available in Spanish thanks to dgs1993
Series TV Tropes page

Chapters (9)

Twilight isn't having a very good day. An experimental spell blew up in her face, an army of changelings is attacking Canterlot, and she just died. Yet somehow, it looks like it's going to keep going downhill from here.

Given the chance to correct what's gone wrong, Twilight swears she's going to fix all this even if it kills her. Which it will. Frequently.

Cover art by Pixel Prism
Spanish Translation
Series TV Tropes page

Chapters (6)

The fear of death is far greater than the death itself. But the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all.

Sunset Shimmer's actions for the school and for leaving her past behind are forgotten when an anonymous user begins to publish other people's secrets that make her solely responsible for such misdeed. Accused, alone, and abandoned by who are supposed to be her friends, Sunset feels there is nothing left for her in this world she adopted as her second home.

Then a supernatural force emerges. A darkness never before seen from the afterlife that will seek to avenge the shattered soul of the unicorn by unleashing a horror on the school, on those who dared to hurt her and upon the true culprits behind this infamy.

A legend begins. This is its story.

Chapters (2)

The world ended.

That, at least, is what it sounded like. Screaming, howling, and then deathly silence.

A month later, Cheerilee and Scootaloo emerge from their shelter in search of food. As they search among the dead bodies of their friends, only one question comes to mind:

Where are the unicorns?

Cover art by MirAmore on Twitter


Written for the Quills and Sofas Cheerilee contest.

Featured on May 18th, 2021!

Chapters (27)

NCR Ranger Veteran,
BoS Knight,
Lucky Bastard,
Courier Six,

Six, (Anti)Hero of the Mojave Wastes, has been called by many names. But no name rung truer at that moment than idiot. A random quest out to the West, and what does he have to show for it? A new body, and a new world.

1k views as of 4/20/2020
2k views as of 4/24/2021

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to If You Want To Go, I Won't Stop You. (2)

Sunset's funeral was four days ago. Seth jumped three days ago. School started two days ago. Almost 400 Missing Persons have been reported, and all fingers are pointed at Equestria, and World War 3 breaks out.

Chapters (9)

Far, far away from the Equiss system, the queen of blades is readying the launch of her newest weapon. A ship designed to infest an entire planet in secret, readying it for the eventual zerg invasion and softening up even the hardest target, Korhal. Unfortunately for the queen of blades, the untested zerg biotechnology is more difficult to master then she thought and the infestation ship vanishes after launch.

Untold eons later Twilight Sparkle is preparing for her entrance exam for Celestia's school for gifted unicorns only to stop when she sees a star fall into her new treehouse. The young pony sets out in the middle of a storm, intent on seeing this fallen star for herself.

What she finds inside will change not only her destiny but the destiny of all on Equiss prime.

Make sure to check out the sister story to this one.
Trigger warning, parasites. Starcraft Crossover!
Updates twice a month!
The story so far!

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Anon is the only human in Equestria.

It can be hard to feel alone, despite having come to know a few ponies he can call his friends. Humans are so different from ponies, and it can be hard suddenly losing so much that you thought made you the person you are.

But, is this a final goodbye..?

Short Story.

Chapters (1)

Six, a young man from Canterlot, learns to cope with his special talent, and even makes some friends along the way. May contain some images not safe for everyone and some rather dark themes.

[This seems out of left field from my other work, but I got inspired and thought I'd give it a try.]

Chapters (28)