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Lightning, a Tornado and Royal interference. How far can those who work hard be pushed before they Follow a lightning bolt?

A line is drawn and those who know hard work will do what they must, even if it means a banding their dreams and washing out.

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The only living Human in Equestria, Given Eternity by Harmony itself to fulfill a destiny of the future and a request. Betrayed by the very being he has fought and bled for, now finding his way back into the fold.

Harmony has deemed Balance, but can the Betrayed fulfill it, that...that is the question.

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One Thousand years ago, just past the The Great Nightmare Event a Kingdom now lies Insular and cut off from the rest of the world, long since forgotten but by one being now returned. That being, the one they Called The Lady of the Night has now sent a Pony to Represent them and bring them back to the light of the world while hiding them from the dangers of a changing world.

Hello all, I would like to present this new one-shot to you! It is a side story to a good friend of mines which you can find Here I hope you all like it and I urge you to go read his story (and the first one in it's series) and give it a thumbs up and a comment!

The Cover Art has a Source linked

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Betrayed by the ones he trusted, brought up on Crimes he didn't commit and with the Solar Diarch out for his head. The only Human in Equestria has little going for him, but save his plans and his allies he has made!

Can he get out of this with his life or is he doomed for the Hangman's Noose?

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