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A side story to A New World, a New Way by zeusdemigod131

One is a panicky gossip, and knows more about the matters of other hearts than she should—if only she knew about her own as much.

One is a fiery flower mare who wilts lamentingly at the thought of her lucky little clover being picked by another—the luck in her own name only helps somewhat in that regard.

One is the hard-faced big sister, the strong stem that holds a family and a business all together—all the while hoping that she doesn't end up like her mother.

One is an alien, kidnapped and brought to a new world against her will, along with several others—though the heartache of losing her guide to the void of changes cuts much deeper.

Four ladies in a world flipped onto its head, each looking for something stable to hold, to see, to feel.

Proofread by MoldyShishkabob

Chapters (4)

Pinkie doesn't tell ponies about Pinkamena and Surprise. The doctors said that they were bad for her, that they were a disease, but she disagrees. Sure, Pinkamena's a bit of a grumpy-pants, but she's still a great friend! She's often the voice of reason to counter-act some of the other two's crazier ideas, after all. Surprise, on the other hand, is a great prank-player, and always up for some fun. She's more like Pinkie, only more hyper. Both are great fun to be around, and they get on well.

Thing is, she knows that if she told ponies about them, then they would be dragged back to the hospital. And then be 'treated' again. None of them want that. Because of this, not even her best not-in-head friends know about them. The three of them have, for years now, been careful enough to keep the existence of Pinkamena and Surprise secret.

This has, of course, gone out the window now that Twilight is hammering on the door after overhearing one third of a conversation, with no sign of anyone else talking.

Hints of F/F shipping inside. Nothing will actually come of it here, though. Maybe in a future story.

Cover art can be found here: http://killryde.deviantart.com/art/Smile-338206490

Chapters (21)

When a colt named "Bad Dude" storms into Celestia's personal study and declares himself as her latest arch enemy, the Princess can't help but nearly gush from the sight. As perhaps the cutest villain Celestia has ever encountered, she hurriedly calls for Luna to meet him as well.

But is there more to "Bad Dude" than his cute exterior would suggest?

No. No there is not.

Now with a youtube reading! HERE!

Chapters (2)

Sunset Shimmer wants nothing more than to be able to enjoy the holidays with her friends, but the festive season does nothing more than remind her of how alone and cold she's been for so many years. Is it possible for her to learn to love the holidays again?

Maybe with the help of some friends, she can.

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The law exists to protect Equestrian citizens, and must be enacted in a fair and even manner. Prince Blueblood knows this; he's accepted punishment for his numerous minor disturbances of the Equestrian legal system, without ever trying to slip out of it.

Fluttershy is in violation the law. Ergo, she must be brought to justice. That's just logic.

Now if only he can get the captain of the guard and his annoyingly lackidasial aunt to cooperate...

Made for the eighth FTP competition. Cover art by hwaho.

Chapters (1)

Ponyville's new 'code enforcement professional' has got it into her thick, monotonous head that Fluttershy has too great a density of pet animals, and she's set out to rectify that situation.

Twilight, though, has a problem with this, and she'll have to use her full authority as an alicorn princess to put a stop to it.

Audio reading by Crafty Arts | Dramatic reading by DRWolf

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Chapters (1)

MLP/Undertale crossover.
Not a PWNY-verse story.

Long ago, the Monsters and Humans fought a great war. The Monsters lost, and were sealed in the Underground. It would take the power of seven human souls to break the barrier that kept them imprisoned. They only had six. And so the Monsters waited and hoped, praying that another human would find their way to the Underground. Some thought the seventh soul would give their King the strength to break the barrier. Some dreamed of a human who would be their friend, and save them all...or had nightmares of one who would bring back the war.

...but nobody came.

...but somepony did.

Eons after the war, with no way to tell how much time had passed above, a tiny blue filly with wings and horn fell into the underground, calling for her Mama. None knew the poor creature's nature or origins...but her soul was powerful with magic, even more so than a human soul.

None can know what will come...of this little 'Woona'.

Cover art by Sanyo21

Chapters (69)

After the events of the Friendship Games, Twilight Sparkle decided to leave Crystal Prep to attend Canterlot High School. As she finishes packing up her things, she runs into five Shadowbolts that competed in the games with her. They decided to give her a few words before she leaves.

Chapters (1)

(Trigger Warning) This fiction contains parody (if only) of modern social problems (woops, "problems" is not PC enough...so....uh..."dilemmas?").

(Trigger Warning) This fiction does not contain a lesbian, pansexual, asexual, bi-sexual, trans, or sexualsexual Main Six (We apologize in advance for having reasonable headcanons).

(Trigger Warning) For Go...(can't say the word "God" so uhhh) For Celesti....She's off too!? Bloody Hell (I don't give a shi-)! Get on with it!!! Read the freakin' story!

Twilight and her friends have been summoned by the Cutie Map to a strange community where everypony seems to be offended by even the wind going through their manes. Can our heroes understand the reasoning behind this madness? Can anypony for that matter? Does the author have enough privilege points to write this type of fiction? Tune in next time on Dragon Bal- Oh...lost my place for a second.

Go ahead and prepare to be offended by this parody!

Chapters (46)

Why the heck does Vinyl Scratch have a car that can transform into a giant sound system thingy?

Written by request for Bookish Delight because chicks dig giant robots EQG Vinyl needed some more fandom love; continued by request because apparently everyone digs giant robots, :twilightoops:

Chapters (6)