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Alright, do you want some advice?
Don't go evil if you don't want to have heroes trying to kill you repeatedly. I know, sometimes you have to do things that are morally questionable, but at others, just be a good guy. Wait in line rather than summon a horde of undead to tear the throats out of everybody except the barista. Or just freeze everybody in place. That's at least funny in a conventional sense.
I'm (sort of) reformed now.
Unfortunately, there're these six mares and their ruler who are making this VERY DIFFICULT.

EDIT: After four days, the Featured streak has ended. It was a good run.
EDIT: Featured again on 10 May? Aw, stahp it guys. Stahp.

EDIT: New coverart courtesy of Leila Drake. Go to her and commission stuff.

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This story is a sequel to Headless, not Heartless

Okay, taking it from the top.
Hi, I'm Auric Fulcrum, also known as Frank DeFontaine. For about 1,500 years, I wasn't alive. I instead inhabited my Dullahan costume as a spirit because of my sword, which also brought me to Equestria. Once I got here, after a few years of back and forth, Sunbutt imprisoned me because of a minor misunderstanding.
I heard that!
You were meant to!
Anyways, once I got out, I learned that the Wise One was coming to this reality, so I did what came natural to me.
I sought out the power of the Golden Sun and used it to defeat him so utterly I would never have to worry about him again.
Problem was, the energies that bound me together and the power of the Sun conflicted, so my armor fell apart. And without the armor, I was unbound, unfocused.
I came to a week later in the same basement I had been imprisoned, in my old body, but with a few...upgrades. Like Alchemy being a Thing I can Do.
Now that I'm alive again, my to-do list is radically different, but no less daunting.
For starters, how am I supposed to stop a mountain from sinking into the earth?!

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I was known as Frank DeFontaine. I was going to a Halloween party. I was a pretty intelligent kid, starting my first college term, and decided a little dress-up couldn't hurt.
My buddy Richard got involved, though. And like everything, he took it a bit too far. This time, I didn't say no, though. I really should have.
Next thing I know, we're going all-out on making my Dullahan costume. Because he's my favorite optional boss, and all.
Really shoulda known something was up when that guy behind the counter just so happened to have a sword that fit our specifications perfectly.
Next thing I know, I'm in Equestria. And I'm missing a head.
Sakes, I could use a drink. And a neck.
Featured on 2/19/2014.
I'd like to leave it at "Holy mother of-!" but that doesn't capture what I'm feeling!

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It's the wrestling-mania event of the century! Everything is at stake! Two muscled titans enter the ring, vying for the Equestrian Belt, but only one will leave!

Will it be the Mad Minotaur of Minos, Iron Will?

Or the True Terror of Tartarus, Tirek?

Let's get ready to rumble!

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Filthy Rich has a problem. His daughter, Diamond Tiara, keeps breaking her promises to treat her classmates with more respect. In fact, she doesn't even seem to really understand what a promise is. Since punishing her does not seem to have much effect, Mr Rich is forced to consider a more creative parenting method. But how can he make such a spoiled, materialistic little filly as Diamond Tiara see the value of a promise?

With money, of course!

Now has a dramatic reading on Youtube! Kudos to DRWolf.

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One day you were with a friend, talking about MLP and how amazing it is. But then you start talking about how most of the stuff, not just Pinkie Pie, but most of the stuff in the place makes no sense worth a damn. Then you keep questioning things until you find yourself forced through some magic portal to see a bunch of angry ponies and princesses(and a very happy Discord) and have a feeling that your going to have to explain a lot of things...but mainly question and down right say that some things make no sense.

This is my first one shot, so any comments will be accepted. This is based on my conversations with family and friends about most things in FIM that makes no sense worth the life of me. So...if you don't want to see everypony rage at someone telling them 'this doesn't make any sense' then don't read this. But this is not a troll fic, I just needed to do this and frankly, why would I do something silly like that?

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Turned into a Pokemon, John, a International Police officer, find himself in a world of Ponies.
However none of his skills will prepare him for what he has to face. For a darkness looms all around the Crystal Empire, and it is up to him to both save Pokemon from this new world... and to save the world from this Darkness.
This story is a spin off to the "A New World, A New Way" by zeusdemigod131

Please leave a like if you enjoyed my story. It really helps my progress.

Chapter 1 to 11 Pre-read by: Dragaen

Chapters (22)

This story is a sequel to A Changeling Queen Under the Griffon's Crown

"It's like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy?[...] A new day will come."—Samwise Gamgee

Alan Williams Goldenhoof has been there and back again. He saved Equestria, saved an Empire, and even walked up to Death's door, shook his hoof, and then went on his merry way. He is loved in Ponyville, famous in Caterlot, and is considered to be a hero.

And now his heroics are about to end. Perhaps permanently.

With a shadow of arcane evil lurking in the back of his mind, and an old foe on a new battlefield, he has met his match. But no matter what they say, he knows the truth. He knows this guy cannot be trusted.

No matter what they say.

Book 3 of the Harmony for All Trilogy

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"Fate has its own method to get you to do what it wants you to do. Either by nudging, pushing or punching. Just wish you get one of the first two."

Hello, my name is Tenebre and I am what humans call an Umbreon. Naturally, to separate me from the countless members of my specie, my trainer gave me my own appellation.

Yet, I am not here to narrate my own tragic past as there is another tale waiting for its time to shine. This tale involves both separation and reunion as my trainer and I are sent to another universe by an unknown being and forced to survive teams of vicious trappers on our path to find our lost friends and a safe place to call home.

Sorry to break the fourth wall here, but, as you might have noticed by reading this description, this is a spin-off of ZeusDemiGod's wonderful fanfiction "A New World, A New Way". Thus, it contains both elements of My Little Pony, Fourth Generation and Pokemon.

I do not own any rights regarding the characters, by the way. In case anybody thought I was actually member of either Game Freaks, Nintendo or Hasbro. Also, the universe is 'owned' by ZeusDemiGod and the cover is by Komodo23 and I.

Finally, for people who thinks that I'm just another bandwagon jumper writing another spin-off after many others, please refer to this blog post that came out when there was only two spin-off, proving that the development of this fic was made early on and that the only reason it is uploaded late is because of finals and the fact that I wanted it to be long, top-notch (in my opinion) and to have additional chapters prepared.

This description is getting long, so leave any constructive criticism in the comments and I hope you all enjoy.

Edit : It seems that I was added to the official trope page for 'A New World, A New Way'. I have to say... thank you to some of the other authors for adding me in their group. If you are a... tropist? troper?... guy who finds tropes and find one that wasn't recorded, please tell me and I'll add it.

Rated teen - gore for dangerous fighting and some scene of ponies being a bit heartless (and Pokemons sometime).

Thanks to :
ZeusDemiGod131 for his help into making this fic into a reality.
V-Oblivion for helping me writing new chapters.
Komodo23 for his drawing help, awesome cover and tips for my characters.

29th of November. I was staring at a Trauma Center video made by two dumb person named 'The Game Grumps' when I saw this story featured on the front page on Fimfiction. I don't know the algorithm behind it, but it's still awesome.

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A normal day was all it took.
A simple failed prototype, a missed experiment.
There was an explosion, and I woke up. I don't really know what happened between those two events, but I'm fairly certain I shouldn't have awoken in a small, dark box.

I'm scared.

Cover art by the amazing Avatar of Madness!

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