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A side story to A New World, a New Way by zeusdemigod131

One is a panicky gossip, and knows more about the matters of other hearts than she should—if only she knew about her own as much.

One is a fiery flower mare who wilts lamentingly at the thought of her lucky little clover being picked by another—the luck in her own name only helps somewhat in that regard.

One is the hard-faced big sister, the strong stem that holds a family and a business all together—all the while hoping that she doesn't end up like her mother.

One is an alien, kidnapped and brought to a new world against her will, along with several others—though the heartache of losing her guide to the void of changes cuts much deeper.

Four ladies in a world flipped onto its head, each looking for something stable to hold, to see, to feel.

Proofread by MoldyShishkabob

Chapters (4)

Broken and beaten after the failed Canterlot invasion, Chrysalis desperately searches for a way to save her hive. The answer comes to her in the form of an ancient spell that allows travel to other worlds. Starving, feeling left with little choice in a world that despises and fears them, Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings pack their metaphorical saddlebags and ship off into the unknown.

The world they discover is unlike any other. Strange and powerful creatures inhabit the land; not only that, but they also find themselves imbued with new powers. Even better—love is abundant and easy to obtain: all they have to do is fight for their lives in arena-style tournaments, enter beauty pageants, musicals, and other demeaning activities.

As Chrysalis and her ’lings adapt to this new world, they must also be careful. This new paradise comes with its fair share of dangers: other monsters competing for affection, unkind masters, and even an organisation that would seek to enslave and experiment on them.

Finally, why does someone named ‘Arceus’ keep sending Chrysalis Legendary Pokémon Application forms?

Edited and proof-read by the amazingly talented Cerulean Voice Blame him for this awesomeness~

Edit: Featured on the 25/03/2015. Thanks so much everyone.
Featured on EQD on 17/04/2015.

I'd like to thank Pascoite for being my Pre-reader. You are a legend and a master of your craft. Thanks again bro.

Chapters (7)

Victini accidentally ends up in the magical world of Equestria after a small bout between Dialga and Palkia began causing temporal disturbances throughout the world. Now, stuck in a new world, he attempts to get used to his new surroundings. Unfortunately, after using his powers to help a certain pink pony win a bake off, it appears that Victini has become the center of attention for both the forces of good and evil.

Now it's become a race to see who can convince Victini to join them so that they can never lose again. But all Victini really wants is to play with Pinkie and enjoy some macarons without constantly being pestered by everyone else.

Hopefully no one ends up being badly burned by the end of this tale.

>I understand that most if not all legendary pokemon are genderless. But for simplicity sake I will be referring to Victini as a male. But if you like you can swap all of the he with she and the him with her. It doesn't change much.
>Set after the Victini Reshiram/Zekrom movie

Chapters (29)

Tyler, Amy, and Emily were three regular trainers dragged into the third battle against the evil group Cipher and their Shadow Pokemon. And they were able to defeat them... At a high price. With one of his Pokemon partially corrupted by a new type of Shadow Energy, and the sting of betrayal fresh on his mind, Tyler wasn't in the greatest of positions. And then Arceus decided to enact a mass exodus... Now in an unknown world and an unknown body, they must learn to live with these ponies and find a cure to the shadows within.

Side story to zeusdemigod131's A New World, A New Way. This story will be using concepts and characters from Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, including Wes, Rui, Michael, Shadow Pokemon, Cipher, and Snag Machines. Links here and here.

Chapters (3)

Ethan Summers was a Pokémon caretaker. He strived to help and rehabilitate those Pokémon that needed it or could not take care of themselves. Though his intentions were noble, his means of achieving those intentions were not always so. After hiding from the law for several years, he now finds himself in a new world, a new body, and a situation where he can’t run from his problems anymore.

Side story of "A New World, a New Way" Its not needed to read to understand this story, but it is still a good story and I recommend that you check it out.
Proofread by: MoldyShishkabob

Chapters (57)

Dearest brother, where have you gone? Your orb keeps the city safe, and yet I feel drawn so to stay. It appeared above the city, and I felt you through it. Was it wrong to want you so? Was I wrong for being unable to resist the ache in my chest? Now I search this unknown sky, unable to go back.

I miss you brother.

Aka: Latias goes through a blue portal into the mlp universe.

Chapters (3)

Allen was a skilled Pokemon Trainer who who had traveled much of the world, wanting to see it's wonders and maybe one day find a place to call home. But then, Arceus was freed from his prison and Allen was swept away to a strange new world.

Now Allen has to find his team to be sure their safe and discover what in the world has happened to the Human Race.

An expansion of zeusdemigod131 story

A New World, A New Way
Edited by SilverWolfFTW
Cover art by: No one at the moment
Rated Teen for mild language.

Chapters (27)

This story is a sequel to A New World, a New Story

Lea lived in her home in Johto with her family of pokemon. Just when something was going wrong, everyone seemed to fall asleep, and Lea soon followed.
Waking up, Lea found herself an Umbreon, but no one she knew was around. Instead, a winged Ponyta and small Rapidash find her and make her miserable. But after her eventual escape, the former human has a lot more to run from.

This is a side story to: A New World, a New Way
If you like this, check out the original story, or some of the other side stories. If you want to create your own side story, read the original first to get the full story.

Big thanks to Zeusdemigod131 for pre-reading the some of the chapters from the story, and helping a little with it.
editors are Arcticbrony, Goggari, Archeo_Lumiere, and (shoot i need to find them again)

Chapters (53)

Steven Stone is an adventurer, a researcher, a hero, a scientist, a Pokémon right activist, a millionaire, and overall, a Pokémon lover. He has worked several years to make Earth a better world, to get rid of all the evil and the corruption that has tormented it for years. He has seen the rise of heroes and the fall of villains. And when his world seemed to be changing for the best, he left his title as Hoenn's regional champion, and left to explore the world and solve its mysteries.

Unfortunately, his look of reality was far from true. In the eyes of their own God, humanity was a plague, they had to be judged, and punished for their actions.

Earth was abandoned, and those deemed worthy were transported to a magical planet in a completely different universe, Equus.

Steven now finds himself with his trusty, yet cold and soulless companion; a pony thief in the search for adventure and a tendency to attract problems; a sarcastic, negative, disrespectful and almost-suicidal Sylveon; and far many other unusual characters he'd never thought he'd befriend. He'll travel far and wide in search for answers, as he also tries to convince a stubborn almighty being from changing his mind. Just another Tuesday for the former Champion

(Contains swearing and sex references)

A side story of "A New World, a New Way" by Zeusdemigod131. Look for it if you want to give it a read, it's awesome!

Oh and by the way. English isn't my main language, so if I make any mistakes, or if I could replace some words or phrase to make it look better, then put it on the comments and I´ll see if I can fix it.

Huge thanks to Madacon for the cover pic. He's an amazing artist and such a great guy!

Chapters (10)

Prince Solaris planned to spend his day off drinking his tea in peace

He did not expect a rather attractive goddess show up in his room.

Part of the Masterverse

Edited by Zaleros

Chapters (2)