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One night in the changeling hive, a soldier attempts to sleep, and forget the failed Canterlot invasion. Something is intent on keeping him up.

Written for Equestria Daily's Memorial Day weekend flash fiction event.

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Canterlot has had a few peaceful weeks of nothing happening, no chaos, no monsters attacking no nothing. that is until a changeling wonders into the kingdom and changes it forever.

'this was made quickly and just as a random story not meant to be taken seriously at all and was made mostly due to random dreams'
cover by the great Lomeo

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I was living a comfortable life. Had a loving wife and son, money was absolutely no issue, everything was swell.

Next thing I know, I'm hearing voices, I can't move, I can't talk, I can't even breathe. Yet, I know I'm alive, though I don't entirely feel like myself anymore.

Then I end up being the last of survivor of my new race.

I'm not even human anymore...


-A HiE fic as a changeling in an alternate universe where MLP was never aired on Earth.
-Starts shortly before the end of Season 2.
***Slow updates! You've been warned!***
-Current cover image is a placeholder. Trying to find a more appropriate one...
-Comments below contain spoilers!
-The [Tragedy] tag is there mainly because I can't put up the [Sad] tag, due to conflicts with the [Comedy] tag.

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The Changeling General, war hero, driven to win at any cost. The Moon Princess, Equestria's guiding light, seeking to protect her ponies from an unseen threat.
Between these two, a secret war was waged. Between these two, stood a young changeling princess: Chrysalis
Born of a different color from her mother's hive, Chrysalis finds herself being drawn towards the center of the conflict. With those she holds dear backing her, she'll march into the heart of this war, changing the fate of her race. For better, or worse...

Set in the Trio-verse, an AU where Celestia was banished, instead of Luna. No prior reading required.
Want to give my most sincere thanks to Seiya, Llyrisviel, and docontra for their help editing this tale.

Chapters (29)

At the assault on Canterlot, she was a medic, but not for the Equestrians.
After the assault is concluded, a new struggle for the Changelings begins as those who survive must still find food and shelter.
Will the Equestrians simply forgive the Changelings for their assault on their capitol, and if so how bumpy a road is this going to become?

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This is the story of a brony, who inserted into Equestria.
But instead of a pony, he became the enemy of Celestia.

Would he decide to do what’s right, to love and tolerate
Or would his evil changeling nature make it hard to integrate

Then there is the question of the duty that is his natural birthright
Tasked by the changeling Queen, he was to murder Princess Twilight

So, here’s my attempt at a SI with a bit of a twist that others have done before. Go to Equestria, end up on the wrong side of the tracks, and have to deal with it. Enjoy!

Art provided by SoukiTsubasa

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Did you ever wish your dog or cat could understand you? Chrysalis has. Chrysalis has wished for so long for her changelings to understand anything other than "Bark!", "Hiss!", or "Head to the area exactly 3.7 miles north and 2 miles east of me and attack anypony that moves."

Well, after gathering enough love from Canterlot, she finally got her wish. But these newly awakened intelligences had to come from somewhere.

Cancelled. I'm now working on stuff for money. If you want to take over this fic, please message me with a link to your best work.

An intercultural comedy adventure.

Preread and edited by: Canary In The Coal Mine, LateBronyWriter, 7th Outpost,Todtaure, and
Vibrant Lies

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The changeling army invades Canterlot. Again.
This time however, they have a foolproof plan. Just like last time.
They know how to extract everypony’s love, be that foal, mare or stallion.
This summer, changelings come.

Cover art done by the amazing Fantos
Rated Teen for possible future swearing. This story has nothing in common with my other one.

Chapters (3)

Novel Tale is an author that's been living in Canterlot for about ten years now. That's a pretty good track record for a changeling. He's even included a changeling character in his latest book, and his fans have been loving his take on such an obscure mythological creature, especially his biggest fan, Twilight Sparkle. Things are looking up!

Then an army of changelings from another hive attacks Canterlot.

Now all of ponykind knows that changelings are real, and his readers are sure to realize that the changeling in his book was too similar to the real thing to have just been based on a myth...

earlier chapters have been revised as of 7/19/13 to be more inline quality wise with the later chapters.

Featured on EQD 10/5/13!

Let it be known that there will be extensive changeling world building in the chapters to come.

cover image courtesy of ackdari.

Much thanks to Nyerguds for proofreading and to all my fellow tropers on the TvTropes pony fanfiction thread for helping me develop this from a vague idea into an actual story.

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While out on a cutie mark crusade, the Crusaders happen upon a lone changeling on the edges of the Everfree Forest. After a scuffle the changeling finds itself injured and trapped in Ponyville. Seeing an opportunity to earn their cutie marks the girls take the changeling in, planning to teach it about Equestria.

However what they don't know is the changeling is actually the Commander to the Changeling Empire, and he has his own plans in mind.

But soon events play out for the four as they endure the aftermath of the Canterlot Invasion, and perhaps toughest of all: Each other. Lessons are learned and stories are shared between one another, leading the changeling to question its motives, and itself. Leading it to ask the biggest question of all:

"Can creatures that's special talent is to change its appearance, change in other ways...?"

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