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(Trigger Warning) This fiction contains parody (if only) of modern social problems (woops, "problems" is not PC enough...so....uh..."dilemmas?").

(Trigger Warning) This fiction does not contain a lesbian, pansexual, asexual, bi-sexual, trans, or sexualsexual Main Six (We apologize in advance for having reasonable headcanons).

(Trigger Warning) For Go...(can't say the word "God" so uhhh) For Celesti....She's off too!? Bloody Hell (I don't give a shi-)! Get on with it!!! Read the freakin' story!

Twilight and her friends have been summoned by the Cutie Map to a strange community where everypony seems to be offended by even the wind going through their manes. Can our heroes understand the reasoning behind this madness? Can anypony for that matter? Does the author have enough privilege points to write this type of fiction? Tune in next time on Dragon Bal- Oh...lost my place for a second.

Go ahead and prepare to be offended by this parody!

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This is one of those stories that is a joy to read, because of how well it's written :pinkiehappy: ...but is also rather painful to go through because of how accurately it depicts the topic it is written around. :ajsleepy:

As a whole, great job my friend. You managed to nail both sides of the coin.

Pffff. It's so accurate that it's scary.

The sight of an incomplete tag makes me smile.

This story triggers me
Check your fucking privilege, shitlord.

Oh dear god... THIS is something I could see happen if a sjw built a town and had one hundred percent control over it :rainbowhuh: should I be afraid your giving them ideas :derpyderp2:

You know, reading something like this early in the morning was probably not a good idea. I nearly woke the entire house with laughter with how funny this story is. It is also frighteningly accurate for some people today on how they think we all need to act.

I have no idea what just happened, and I love it.

SJW are fuckin' crazy, webms at eleven. :derpytongue2:

6700362 That's just in case you guys want more. But, you can think of it complete.

6700186 This was based on the Mizzou protests. My bro is a student there, so I got pretty close to this PC life style. That may be why it's so accurate.


6700505 I'm not PC enough to give them ideas. A SJW wouldn't listen to me ever.

6700734 Glad I made your day!

6700784 But unicorns can't love it. That would be racist.

6700876 11 is NOT a PC number, bigot.

6700940 ok you got a point lol plus they army smart enough to build a town without being offended by the wood

If Rarity can't come in, was Double Diamond in the village? :duck:
Starlight was really hypocritical bye

6700948 "How dare you call that birch "mahogany!" You insensitive jerk!"

6700962 Double Diamond was allowed in because:

He is an earth pony and does not have unicorn privilege.

He is sexually ambiguous (because reasons)

He makes sure that his stallion tendencies have limits (which means he never disagrees with a mare)

6700986 fine than lol they can call bit my hard wood then magic horn the big fall symbol pun :derpytongue2:

Using double quotes inside of double quotes isn't very PC of you. :trixieshiftleft:

I find myself desiring massive amounts of MOAR!

6701158 Of course you do you greedy, privileged imbecile!!!

like, living out in the countryside, i meet a lot of older people who think political correctness has gone too far.

it's usually dudes in their mid-forties or older, they have bad breath and they stare too long and they have Opinions about Israel/Palestine, and basically they're all bunched up because political correctness means that they can't write racial abuse in excrement on someones car, health and safety laws mean they can't exercise their natural freedom to stick their dick in a pasta maker on the clock, and feminism has ruined their lives because someone called them a creep for loudly complimenting the 'tasty arse' of a sixteen year old girl. these cantankerous old shits are everywhere and i'm just like how? where do these dipshits come from? what makes them like this?

here we see the larval form of That Guy: a fourteen-year old writing edgelord 'satire' on fimfiction

6701936 oh...oh I'm so hurt. I'm a Latino who lives on a campus university. I am so racially insensitive! What have I done????

You are the exact kind of people this parody is meant for.


i'm only trying to save you from yourself. i know it's tempting to retreat back into your safe spaces of south park and jeff dunham standup, but if you try to expand your mind a little, you can stop yourself from becoming that weird older guy who causes the Awkward Silence

6702039 Sorry mate. I guess my enjoyment of MLP and being so manly I won't watch anything girly will make me a lonely guy. Because since I don't view the world like you, I obviously have a sad life. I'm part of the problem because I have opinions!

Just me being on this site disproves all your insults about me. I have a great life because even though I'm a minority in my state and country, I know that being the same is not right.

You can have your view and I can have mine. Because of this, parody or jokes about either one are fine. Go ahead, make a parody about the extreme conservatives, I'd probably love it. This parody is not supposed to hurt anyone, but show the silliness of radical PC culture. Like I said, if you want to parody the other side, go ahead.


i tried to read this comment but then

I'm a Latino who lives on a campus university

Carlos Mencia, is that you?

This fic is great, but I'm so far more impressed that no actual SJW has come into the comments and expressed genuine offense.

Before I start reading, I'm afraid that I have a very serious issue with this fic.

That issue is the font. More specifically, the colour and type of the font. It's all black, all the way through, and it's all in Times New Roman. As a white male who identifies as Helvetica, I don't think you realise how triggering and distressing this is for me. Please make more of an effort to accommodate minorities like me in the future.

6702172 Closes thing is Chuck below you, but he's aight I guess. Extreme generalization is best response to Political Incorrectness, no?

Though you could argue that the dislikes are SJWs because I'm not sure of my grammatical errors. But it could also be just that using ponies as some sort of mouthpiece may seem dumb, which I can see totally.

6702186 I'm sorry mister/missus/mixed, I never thought it would. I will revoke this immediately and replace all the fonts with every color of the rainbow (and more for colors who associate as different shades of hue).

This was fucking hysterical!!! :rainbowlaugh: Oh no... I used a word that might be offensive :rainbowderp: and I assumed that you wanted me to give you a compliment! #iamtheworstpersonever


6702226 Yes "fucking" is a politically incorrect word as it depicts...oh who am I kidding? That's a PC favorite!

And yes, because I have suffered through microaggressions and generalizing, I deserve compliments. #youareworstpersonever

I'm offensive and I find this a story :flutterrage:

Wait..... :rainbowderp:

In all seriousness, this was quite hilarious.

So... in summary, the Mane Six go to Tumblr? That's what I got from this anyway...

6702934 Or any place that cares too much about being offended.

6700998 6700962 Don't forget, in Equestria, mares are privileged and stallions are an Official Oppressed Minority!

So of course Double Diamond can live in Our Safe Space Town!

Can the next chapter be Starlight becoming a sovereign citizen?

Just reading through some of the comments here, what the heck is an SJW?

SJW = social justice warrior.

6703766 Of course! I've heard that term before, just not the initialization. Should have thought of it though.

Thank you for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. As soon as I read the summary I knew this story was right up my alley.

It's accurate, and I appreciate seeing any and all snark against SJWs, but no pony is straight in this show, that's just silly.

6705746 You're right, they aren't straight, they are cissexual. :derpytongue2:

It did not take long for the remaining five to see just how "equal" are the ponies were. They were all basically the same. They are lived in the same style homes, had the same Cutie Marks, and even the same personalities.

The first "are" shouldn't be there. The second, should be replaced with "all".

At the end of the village, they entered Starlight's cabin which was taller than the rest. It was odd and out of place, but none of the mares did not risk upsetting the equal ponies again.

That should be replaced with "risked".

Also, have a like and a fave! Everypony who's ever had to deal with an SJW should read this!

And now you're making assumptions and generalisations about someone on the internet based on their pony parody fanfiction. Please go and stay go.


sorry for intruding on your 'safe space'

I'm only trying to save you from your own hypocrisy buddy.

6707135 I have a bad habit of writing different words with similar sounds. I read aloud as I write, so often I put "are" instead of "all" and "her" instead of "your."

Thanks mate!

In Tumblrtown, in Tumblrtown
We don't comprehend
Life is oh so simple
If all you do is vent.

Join in our utopia
You'll see what triggers you
Is literally everything
Someone else can do!

6700505 There is such a place. It's called Sweden.

And University.

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